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    Graphic Designer at University of Toronto Scarborough


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    Intel Core i7 7800X (planning on grabbing a 10940X)
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    Aorus x299 Gaming 9
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    64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 3000mhz CL15
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    Quadro P2000
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    Corsair Crystal 460
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    Intel 600P NVME SSD 500GB (boot) + Intel 600P NVME SSD 1TB (storage)
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    Asus ROG Thor 850W (fans off)
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    Wacom Cintiq 13HD and LG 27UK600-W Black (synced) as main monitors and LG 27MP75
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    Corsair Hydro X Custom loop
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    Corsair K65 Rapidfire Cherry MX Speed
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    Corsair Scimitar Pro Black
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    LG Soundbar (forgot model name)
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. I mean... you could do a big bclk overclock on that with an amazing motherboard and decent cooling system (on vrm as well). but at that point if you spend the money getting an unlocked version of the cpu, you'd easily overclock more. tl;dr - it's not worth the trouble.
  2. If I need to switch board, I'd just get Threadripper and use my current X299 for the programs that only supports intel....
  3. 1800X. tpyo my bad. here is easier example that anyone can try. Open Photoshop 120 inch by 100 inch 300 DPI setting for print. go to Typetool and set it to 5400px start typing sentence, enter it in then move around type again move type You'll see "rendering type" so often for editing literally a few letters and their position..... and this is on a blank cavas as well. when you make a large banner and if you can save a few seconds between each movement that'll easily add up to hours. More importantly, frustration when you need to wait a few seconds each click. Basically, in this case of Photoshop I felt that ram speed and single core speed mattered the most. My friend's 3600X was clearly better than my 7800X for photoshop and my 7800X was similar to 4790k. Look, if I'm a video editor I would go for Threadripper. But I work with multimedia and I need PCI-E Lanes, Single Core performance, Multi Core Performance and preferably AVX-512 (but this is less relevant now that Threadripper can make up for this with raw performance) as well as hardware maturity (stability). Yes and no. Applying effects 9900K Animation through puppet tool 10900X Imma guess that render speed is probably same. less core but faster core so there shouldn't be a huge difference. Any plug in that supports AVX 512 will just fly away with 10900X Anyway, we're going way off topic here, so I want to stop this senseless argument here. All I wanted was to see if anyone knew where I can get specifically 10920X and so many people just preach Ryzen... lol
  4. Benchmarks and actual performance is two completely different things. Here is an example that even supports AMD: After Effect all the benchmark revolves around rendering export. But this software has tendency where a lot of the effects only use 1 thread when you are applying some effects on a part of the clip.... Sometimes saving a minute per click adds up. In this situation yes, Ryzen 3rd gen is good (honestly better than intel) but if anyone looks at benchmark and say 2800X is better than coffee lake i5, they'd be wrong. Also I think Redshift is starting to work on AMD but even than I would not use something that was literally not supported a month ago. Give it a year or two to mature. I specifically stated i9-10920X. Literally a specific model of a CPU. yes, this. Gaming performance is the only performance for some people lol
  5. I literally edited in less than 2 minutes of posting and you caught it XD dang, that's quick haha. I am almost convinced to buy a 10900X at this point but I feel like 10920X will come out the moment I buy 10900X ...
  6. Ever since the "launch" on 2019 November, I've been keeping an eye on it but I can't find one. I've asked here a little more than a month ago just in case I missed something. So far the only site with listing is: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1507539-REG/intel_bx8069510920x_core_i9_10920x_3_5_ghz.html But even this website says "coming soon" since 4 months ago... ("soon" lmao) I would greatly appreciate it if any of you can find me a i9-10920X that is actaully on sale and ships to Canada.
  7. BF5 starts at 4:34 (or the link goes there) 1-8 fps difference for a whole 1000MHz difference. Also there are few seconds here and there where 2400 had more fps (withing margin of error). That's barely 5fps difference with RTX 2070. That's not the cause off OP's problem.
  8. I didn't personally run any test on those software, but it seems that Stenberg Cubase benefits from HEDT platform while Avid Protool might have been better with 9900K. But in this situation, I would for for HEDT as well. So I take back my HEDT for music comment. But a HEDT motherboard has A LOT of settings and you really need to know your settings to benefit from it. I use Aorus X299 Gaming 9 motherboard which is VERY similar to your board and it has tons of options. I suggest getting a cheap videocard like GTX 1650. His values comes from either gaming or video rendering. This video is irrelevant to this topic. Also he admitted later that he needs to correct this video. 10900X is a good CPU for budget PCI-E lane heavy computer. Furthermore, this video is in comparison to Ryzen. We don't even know if Stenberg Cubase and Avid Protool works well with Ryzen CPUs. Many professional software still don't scale well with Ryzen.
  9. It's intel... 2400MHz is totally fine for gaming. ^ Either this or check for virus / malware.
  10. You got an HEDT for music productions??? I don't even..... First of all, you do not have anything to process graphics. Slots on motherboard are irrelevant to having a graphics processor. These are done by GPU on a videocard or iGPU integrated on CPU. Intel HEDT does not come with an iGPU so you have no other option than buying a GPU. If you don't mind, what software do you use for music production? I feel like you might wanna invest in an audio card or other amp/dac.
  11. I don't know what your use case is so I can't really say "acceptable" or not. If this is a budget gaming system sure, it's good. But if you ask if this is acceptable for 3D animation rendering, no it's a horrible build. I feel like you are going for gaming build so I'll assume that for now but please correct me if I'm wrong. Those case fans are probably a bad option. Cheap fans don't really push air in that well. (also lack of filters are these cheap fans are bad idea) SSD is highly recommended in 2020. The price to storage just don't justify HDD unless you need a lot of storage. (Personally 5TB+) Assuming that your software support AMD (again, correct me if I'm wrong): Try to go Ryzen. Ryzen 5 1600AF is amazing but I heard that's nearly impossible to get it out of USA but even a 1300X or 1400 should be good and offers you a better upgrade path. But if you are not planning on upgrading and using this system until it dies, this is totally fine. You can probably skip AM4 and get another budget system that's much better by the time this system reaches it's lifepspan.
  12. My 7800X at 4.7 GHz(1.45v) under load doesn't even heat up that much. Something is probably wrong with your cooling system or the CPU. Try testing with some other cooler. IT's nice to have a spare cooler like Hyper 212 Evo for testing. It's super cheap and you get a nice temperature to compare against.
  13. I don't know why it labels some manufacturer. But, I have tried Dell Xeon on a random board and it worked before. (I think this was X99 or X79. LGA 2011)
  14. well, there are some GPUs coming out real soon and RTX 2060 price was cut in USA. I see that you are from Toronto (just like me) so I'm sure we won't get that sweet price cut for a while but just cross your finger and RTX 2060 price drops soon along with RTX 2060 super. I think 2060 Super is the most logical upgrade for you right now. I can't get into detail like motherboards because I don't really look into GPU as much but RTX 2060 super is basically GTX1080 performance with better driver support so I suggested it.