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  1. Also please feel free to give your opinion on whether or not to wait for the 300 series! Thanks!
  2. TechnicianBlade

    Best Laptop with dedicated graphics under or 500$

    It doesn't have to play on high or even medium settings I don't give a damn my friend! Just the best for the job at this price!
  3. So I'm looking for the best laptop for gaming under or 500$ I don't mean "Gaming Laptop" I mean the best laptop for 500$ For playing games on!
  4. Hey! My little sister loves Minecraft and she's moving away! And I want to get her a laptop that can run Minecraft with good fps and medium-high settings. I am an avid PC Builder myself but I have little knowledge of low-end cards and processors! So I turn to you fine people for help! I live in Canada and as I stated my price range is from 0.01$-500$ Thanks in advance! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! Also I have been looking keenly at the Z50...
  5. TechnicianBlade

    Looking for one plus invites (32Gb)

    Hey I know its a lot to ask for but I really want to get this phone, I can't afford any of the other flagships! So this is a really good alternative! Thank you in advance
  6. TechnicianBlade

    Is this the best laptop under 300?

    Because it's Acer the build quality probably isn't that good (owned 4) and is made very cheaply. I would look for an Asus for around 300$ over anything. This is just my opinion though.
  7. TechnicianBlade

    Z3 Or M8

    Hey Don't know which to buy my contract expires tomorrow and i am in need of an upgrade I'm leaning more towards the one M8 only because I absolutely hate Sonys UI. People keep telling me to just get CM on it and it will be fine but idk. What do you guys think?
  8. TechnicianBlade

    Need New Gaming laptop

    I have the Lenovo Y50 and i have to say it hasn't let me down yet. Of course the battery life is horrific 1:30h on high performance... But I have loved it nonetheless. gets the job done.
  9. TechnicianBlade

    Should I upgrade my GC?

    I don't want to spend more than 450$ and i meant 970 Sorry I always game 1080p but some games don't optimize well with my 670. Which is bugging me alot... aha
  10. TechnicianBlade

    Should I upgrade my GC?

    Hey heres my specs! I7 4770k overclocked to 4.7 GHz GTX 670 ​Motherboard unknown. Liquid cooled V850 Gold Cooler Master Power supply 16 Gigs of G Skill Ripjaws 4TB of Storage 128gb ssd Im wondering if i should upgrade my Graphics Card?? Y'know to maybe a 870 or 780Ti I just wanna know what you guys think!!! Thanks!!
  11. Hey as you can see by the title i'm in a bit of a dilemma. I'm looking for a good future proof phone to buy! my options include (only android ) -HTC One M8 -Xperia Z3 -Galaxy Alpha -Moto G/E -Nexus 5 -Note 3 -Galaxy S4 -Galaxy S5 (Not a huge fan lol) -LG G3 These are my options for where i am. And i want to know what you guys think is the best choice! Im thinking about the M8 or Z3 personally but i want to know the best out of these choices! Thanks for reading and answering!!!
  12. Hey! AS you can see by the title i am looking to see if the HTC One M8 is still a phone worth buying, or if it is a phone of the past! I am interested in buying a phone that is relatively future proof as my daily driver. now an 801 Snapdragon Qualcomm clocking 2.3 GHz to me seems like a fantastic processor! but people constantly tell me it will be abolished by the staple 805, and even 810 that will be coming out early-mid next year! But of course i am very skeptical! So I turn to you great people of the FORUMS! I should mention i live in the great land of canadia not boasting great carriers at all... I am with Rogers! So buying the Moto X is sadly not an option... I would like something that would be 0$ on contract! Thank you!