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  1. fatmanpeters

    new cpu time

    what I want is to be futureproof really
  2. fatmanpeters

    new cpu time

    is this ripped off from Linus latest vid by any chance lol i wont need the 1080 Ti as i just brought the gigabyte G1 gaming gtx 1080 nor the hdd as i got 4 hdds and 1ssd already nor the monitor as the one i got was xmas gift i have 850 xfx power supply would i need a new one and nor the case as i brought Corsair - 750D Airflow Edition its more M/B, CPU, RAM, CPU COOLER
  3. fatmanpeters

    new cpu time

    0% credit card so budget ant a problem
  4. fatmanpeters

    new cpu time

    I have Samsung s24D590L 1080p I just brought gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1080 video card I want to playing games watching videos play music Netflix I like to play with vm's photo editing bit home video editing because at the moment I have a Q6600 with 8gb ram and want to upgrade but make it futureproof as much as possible
  5. fatmanpeters

    new cpu time

    what CPU should I go for as I will need a whole new pc and I want to futureproof my self for good few years I was looking at i7-7700K then Threadripper came and now looking at them