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  1. The Mystery deepens as it gets clearer. Now, upon further examination, when the picture went out from the TV I tried plugging the HDMI on my pc into the onboard HDMI out. Now, of course there was still no output on it, because I didn't actually set it up, but the TV went from "No cable plugged in" to "No signal". So I am dead certain the problem is on the PC side. I am guessing some kind of communication error where the graphics card suddenly stops detecting a cable that is plugged in. BUT, something really strange happened today. Again, I was playing a game, and the picture on my TV cut out, as it does. Again, my monitor, which is connected via DVI works fine still. And I had the idea, what if I just unplug them both and try plugging them back in. And as I did that I figured out that if only the HDMI cable is left connected, the TV gets a picture again. I tried plugging back the DVI, picture went away on TV, came on the monitor, plugged the DVI out again, TV picture comes back. Left it for a minute or two, plugged the DVI back in, now both work again. At this point I am suspecting either some driver shenanigans, or some windows level f*uckery, or an actual hardware problem, which is the worst because I won't be able to do anything about it. It is possible that somehow as the card heats up some connections get loose, something gets shorted, some connection problem arises that make sit impossible for both the cables to exist being plugged in, I highly doubt this however. I don't know which display device was number 1 and which was number 2, but right now it looks like the TV is the primary (I think it was secondary before), this MIGHT have fixed the problem for now, but I'll keep the post updated for reference to anyone suffering from this problem. If the problem persists I'll try a windows reinstall and see if that helps. Beyond that I can only deduce that it's a hardware failure of some kind.
  2. Welp, I updated the firmware from 1021 to 1042. Still no dice... The startup logo look different tho...
  3. Oh, I misunderstood you. I thought you got an auto update and had to roll it back. I'll try the update that I found online then. Mine is not a smart TV so it can't download the update on it's own.
  4. Thanks for the response. Can you tell me about how that worked? I mean, as I've said, in my case this setup has been working for years with no problem, I never updated anything by hand. I just searched for the model number of my TV and looked online, looks like I don't even have the newest firmware (actually, they say software, so I don't even know if it is in fact firmware just named for the average consumer to understand). The newest is 1028 and I have 1024. So I don't think the firmware changed at all since I got it. I have no idea what's going on. In other news, I had a hunch that if I power down my PC, like, shut down, and then cut the power, it would temporarily fix it, and it did. But I still have no idea what triggers the problem.
  5. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? I can't find any reference to a problem like this. It started happening more and more. I've had my PC hooked up to my Samsung TV via HDMI. It worked for the last, I don't even know, 3-4 years? A long time. Now it suddenly decided it's not going to work. Sometimes it fixes itself, and then it stops working again for no reason. Like, right now, I was playing a game (for about 5 minutes) and then the signal cuts out. Now here's the thing, I'm not new to troubleshooting, so I tried hooking it up with a different cable, since the old cable (that's the only one I have that is long enough) was damaged on it's shielding, still, it didn't affect the signal cables, so it's supposed to be fine. But alas, no good. I tried switching the HDMI input ports on the TV, no good. I tried it on a different TV, and it works. I tried both HDMI input ports with my PS4 and it works. So apparently my Samsung only doesn't like my PC, no matter what port I plug it into, and other TVs still like my PC... What the hell am I supposed to do with this information? I tried driver updates of course, didn't help. Anyone has any idea? My windows is old, so I'm thinking of a fresh install, but I doubt that would fix it. Also just tried resetting my TV's settings. No good. Also, I checked for my TV's specs, it's a Samsung UE40H5000 40” Full HD LED TV, bought 2014.12.29.
  6. All of the games! 99% of the time I play with a controller, unless it's a retro game or a strategy game. I don't understand why people are talking crap how playing shooters with a gamepad is bad. After a bit of practice it's really not that hard. Otherwise, if you're not ready to get into aiming with a stick, I recommend action games like Devil May Cry, or ones that are set in the medieval period/fantasy setting like The Witcher 3 (or 2). Survival horror games are great too, since the point is that aiming is supposed to be hard, I recommend RE4 (it's really fun, not that hard at all, and not really scary either, but it is exhilarating). I recently tried Duke Nukem 3D World Tour with a controller. It was the first time I played it with one (I don't know if this was the first time there was proper controller support, but regardless, I knew this one had it). It's pretty great in my opinion, playing on a big TV, blasting those damn aliens that shot up my ride!
  7. Oh no! Is this game EVER going to end? I just finished my second playthrough and started the third. MAN! It feels like all of the time I spent was just a damn prologue! And it's already been 30 hours! HOLY BALLS! And it just keeps getting better! Finally the overall story is getting more and more interesting, it doesn't feel as disjointed as before. It feels like this is the real game now. This is so jarring. I'm not used to games taking this long. I mean, my playthrough of The Witcher 3 took 100+ hours, and I still haven't touched the expansions, but that was a different time. And here because of all the endings it really does feel like it's different games sown together. It reminds me of The Legacy of Kain series a bit in regards to story, except it's all in one game here. Also, now that I started on the third playthrough I can see why the first two were structured in a way they were. Although it does feel like the first one had waaay too little information compared to route B. But route B really brought me closer to 9S and made me care about him, which plays right into what route C is doing. It's pretty great writing, I have to say! I just wish this game didn't eat up all my free time...
  8. Granted, but you're allergic to it. I wish I was better at soldering.
  9. I got to the end of the route A. I have to say, it felt a bit anticlimactic. Or, howllow. It feels like there's a lot missing. Of course I know there are other routes that are different, I already started on route B and got VERY excited to see what this is going to be. Since I did say no spoilers I'll refrain from saying more, but those who played the game know what route B is. Or at least I hope the whole route is the same as the begining (I got to the bunker so far). I think this will be exciting to fill in the blanks and expand the story in a nice way. I have to say though that some of the bossfights felt really creative. I don't remember any other game I played where you fought a boss in a pitch black room, only seeing the red glow in it's eye. Or in the middle of a huge sandstorm, barely making out what your opponent is doing, or even where they are. And the "we shall become as gods" part was just striking! So so so interesting! [Spoilers here for route A]: Something that I'm struggling with. I tried out the Japanese VO. It's soooo much better! As expected. But this is really not the game to play with Japanese voices. There's a lot of story to be had and the subtitles are really hard to read because of the font and colors they use. And there are conversations mid-fight scenes. That makes it even worse, because if I want to amp up the difficulty then I have to concentrate on the fights. I can't just stop to read the subtitles. And I also read fairly slowly, so sometimes I don't get to the end of the subtitle before it changes. Even worse is that they seem to come on too late! Sometimes characters start talking and only seconds later comes the subtitle on! But it really is a lot better. As a reference I looked up the begining of route B on YT and I think the english falls short (Nii-chan). I might have to create a seperate save and play through in both english and japanese. Have you guys tried out the japanese VO? What do you think?
  10. Granted, but you can't change anything you see. I wish I had a dollar every time someone said "i wish".
  11. Granted, but they are burrying you with it at the same time. I wish I had a good fashion sense. Edit: sorry, that was a bit weak. How about this: Granted, but they are using YOU as a shovel.
  12. Granted, but it has the world's largest worm in it. I wish girls would fall at my feet.
  13. Granted, but it's for laptops. I wish sleeping would recover my energy twice as fast.
  14. Well, some games solve this with letterboxing when they take away player control. Or disable the HUD. I find that very effective and useful to signal whether the player has full control or not. I just meant that it's not like I hate modern games or anything. It's just that I feel like there's a disconnect when I play these games that come from a lack of definitive distinction of what is supposed to be what. Like, there were times when you could look at an in-game object and you knew instantly that that's breakable, or you can pick it up and throw it, or things like that. I dunno, maybe I'm just being stupid here. It's just a feeling I get that's hard to describe. As a counter example, take NieR Automata. It is a very structured game in terms of gameplay. Everything has it's place, and I feel like the graphics contribute to that. It doesn't look all that great in my opinion, but to me it looks like a game through and through, and that makes me feel comfortable, it feels familiar.
  15. Why not have eyeballs that make the world look better?