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  1. This is my first guide, and I am not a professional. So keep in mind that there could be mistakes in this, and if so, I would love it if you could correct me! This will feature gifs, so watch out if your device doesn't support this. If a tutorial like this has already been made, I don't mean to concurrent it, I'm doing this for fun! In this post, I'm going to explain as much things that matter for consumers, when it comes to CPU's. Essentials: these are the basics which are important, very important! CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is literally the processor. It processes all 0's and 1's, and all other stuff. Yet, it doesn't do anything graphically (that's the Graphics Card, or the GPU), which doesn't make it any less important! Something like a 1GHz processor that can do 2 Instructions Per Cycle will perform the same as a 2GHz processor at 1 Instructions per cycle. That was all the basics on a need to know basis. I will be following this topic, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! And if I forgot something, please notify me as fast as possible! I would love it if you guys gave me advice for the future, or to improve this guide! Usefull stuff: really useful, but not needed at all times! LGA 1150 (current generation Refresh Celeron, Pentium, i3, i5, i7, except the i7 Extreme Editions). LGA 1151 (next generation Celeron, Pentium, i3, i5, i7). LGA 2011-v3 (current generation Xeons and current generation i7 extreme gaming editions). (I'm just going to 100% quote @starcoaster here, I have no idea about AMD's sockets ) FM2/2+ (These sockets mainly feature amd's A-series APU's). AM3/3+ (This is the generic socket for AMD, featuring the FX-series processors on the 3+ platform). Well, you now know almost everything that you should know! But, here's a few important caution lines! Well, that was it! Hope you enjoyed this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope you enjoyed that! Excuse my sloppy work on the AMD chipsets, but I won't take the risk of misinformation and confusion. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them! Even regarding AMD chipsets, I'll do my best to find a way to help you out! So, what does that say us? Basically, Cache SRAM, which I believe is standing for Supersaiyan RAM by now. Even though SRAM cannot keep information permanently, just like DRAM, the performance is higher AND, it can keep information until it's overwritten with something else, or powered off. (Unlike DRAM, which needs to keep refreshing to remain functional!) The Cache is the CPU's own little superstorage. It stores the most important data for the CPU, right next to it. This way a lot of time can be saved! But because of the cost, it remains to only have a few megabytes currently. So that's the basics of the cache. A superior DRAM. But... how much do you need? I wish I could give you a clear answer on this, but I'll do my best. The best reference material I could find was this article, which is outdated. Results may vary with what is currently available, but normally, it should remain close. If anyone has any recent benchmarks, please send them to me! Gaming: Cache CAN make a difference, but don't bet on it. Winrar file compression: When you go from 1MB to 4MB, you get a 10 second difference. Quite a lot, but the price gap may not be worth it. 3D rendering: No difference in the benchmarks, at least for 3D Studio Max 8.0. Audio/Video conversions and transcoding: A few seconds difference, at best. Benchmarking things like 3DMark: at maximum: 200 points difference. But that's also from 1MB Cache too 4MB Cache. Conclusion: Cache is important, and more is definitely still better. But, don't spend 100 bucks on just 1-2MB extra cache. BUT, this conclusion is made from older benchmarks. So... Totally unbiased conclusion: Cache is like DRAM. More cannot hurt, but sometimes it's not always as beneficial and bang for the buck to have more. So, what I suggest, get more if you can, but don't empty your wallet for it. Hope you enjoyed that! Point out any mistakes and ask any questions. I'm eager to help! The More You Know: you don't really need this, but oh well. I made it anyway!
  2. LegacyStijncat

    Is MadOrc.com safe?

    Hello, and thanks for reading this already! MadOrc.com is holding a great deal, where you can get stuff discounted. I only wonder, is this website legit? Have you ever bought from them? Thanks in advance!
  3. LegacyStijncat

    All round budget headphones/headset?

    Hello, and thanks for reading this already! A friend of mine is looking for some headphones for gaming and multiple genres of music (he listens to basically anything), prefferably under a budget (€100 at an absolute maximum, lower is preffered). Open acoustics and microphone are preffered, yet not too much compromises on audio quality. Thanks in advance!
  4. LegacyStijncat

    Help out an idiot!

    What are you using your machine for? What motherboard do you own?
  5. LegacyStijncat

    ELI5: How to play Minecraft on pc with a controller

    I'm sorry for being that guy that isn't much of a help, but... playing Minecraft with a controller is about as nice as playing a racing game with your fucking feet
  6. LegacyStijncat

    All round budget headphones/headset?

    Yep! Prefferably headphones that sound good in whatever genre
  7. LegacyStijncat

    Experiences with Adafruit?

    Hello, and thanks for reading this already! I'm currently looking into Adafruits products, which seems to all look amazing. Yet, a lot of people are very critical about their customer support, warranty... which is important for me, since I live overseas. So what are your experiences? Thanks in advance!
  8. LegacyStijncat

    Hearthstone magic that just happened

    Not bad! In my opinion, C'Thun is a bit too RNG for me. I don't like putting my game in the hands of a single line of code that's being repeated. But of course, as in your case, it can end very infuriating for the other person. Nicely done!
  9. Hello, and thanks for reading this already! I'm looking for a proper way to convert videos to ogg / ogv (with video). Using most convertors, either the framerate our the quality drops massively. Is there no way to correctly do this? (Tried FFMPEG, Miro, and Any Video Converter) Thanks in advance!
  10. LegacyStijncat

    PC build

    (That was me) I was giving examples. There's a multitude of good models and brands out there. Do your research.
  11. LegacyStijncat

    PC build

    Oh boy Corsair is good for PSU's. If you give them enough money that is. Their cheaper models WORK, yet, their boundaries are way lower then others. Too much stress and bam, you're boned. On the other hand, in certain/most situations, you should be fine. Read the above for reference on Corsair's CX(M) series! If you plan to upgrade to i5, I would suggest to plainly wait. Skyrim is more CPU intensive iirc, and believe me, with my second generation mobile i5 (second generation), it's not a dream to run. At all. If you have the choice, save up for an i5. Also, do you plan to overclock your i5?
  12. LegacyStijncat

    PC build

    I suggest going with and AMD CPU if you're on this tight of a budget. And if you say "Intel Master Race", no. Unless you plan on upgrading to i5 or an i7 pretty soon (which will be easier with the i3's mobo), you should go AMD. I'm also going to be that guy and say watch out with cheap Corsair power supplies. See if there's more reliable stuff (EVGA, XFX...) avaiable at the same price range. Also, budget and build uses if you want better suggestions. (If gaming, tell us which is the heaviest game you want to run. A League Of Legends machine is not the same as a Crysis 3 machine)
  13. LegacyStijncat

    python lesson help

    I think they mean that you need to finish the comments, since they're not full sentences
  14. LegacyStijncat

    What happens if you over-voltage a fan?

    Hello, and thanks for reading this already! If you would connect, for example, a 15V fan controller to a 12V fan, would it hurt the fan letting the fan controller go full speed? Thanks in advance!
  15. LegacyStijncat

    Recommend a replacement headset

    For the headphones, if your genre is around the rock/classical range, the HD558's are worth a look. When it comes to microphones, the ModMic (though compatibility issues have been reported w/ the 558's iirc), the Samson Meteor is good for the more budget yet great quality range. For anything above the Meteor, Blue is a company that's worth a look.
  16. LegacyStijncat

    Recommend a replacement headset

    Personally, no headset. As you said, a seperate mic / mod mic + proper headphones are recommended. Personally, I love the Sennheisser HD 588. The clarity, comfort and sound quality are like no other. Do note that the bass is lacking for electronic music, so if you like that kind of stuff, stay away from them
  17. LegacyStijncat

    GTX960 or r9 380?

    OP, don't listen to bullcrap. Listen to the majority of us, most of us know their shit. Besides some people here. Basically, there is no card that can run Ark. Ark is worse then the optimizations of Warner Bros and Ubisoft. A 380 will probably run it flawlessly once it gets optimized. 960 isn't bad, yet not very good value when compared to the GTX 950 and R9 390
  18. LegacyStijncat

    McAfee AntiVirus Good or Bad?

    McAfee is worthless. For free I recommend Avast!, which works amazing and protected me so many times, even from malicious advertisements. For a paid antivirus I like Kaspersky a lot, since it really takes EVERYTHING into account, while leaving you a lot of freedom. There's even a gaming mode in Kaspersky, which allows you to turn of it's notifications during fullscreen gaming sessions.
  19. LegacyStijncat

    My Friggin Room Is Always Too Hot!

    Have you tried underclocking?
  20. LegacyStijncat

    What's your keyboard look like?

    A spaceship
  21. LegacyStijncat

    Sick names?

  22. LegacyStijncat

    which cpu is the best for gaming?

    Not meaning to be rude @jamesclarky, but proper formatting would be nice next time To answer your question: The i5-6500 will beat the i5-4460 slightly And the i5-4460 will beat the i3-6100 by far. So if the 6500 is reasonably priced, go for it. If it's giganticly more then the 4460, then the 4460 will suffice.