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  1. NeverNude

    The Divison Impressions

    Yes. It pegs my 3570k at 100% constant. I get great framerate but in groups the game can get a bit stuttery because of the CPU usage. Turning down Object detail is supposed to help so I am going to give that a go on my next session.
  2. NeverNude

    Steam Controller Poll

    I barely use mine. Personally I thought it was a bit underwhelming for my use-case. I thought it would replace a traditional controller for couch FPS -- but it's actually worse than a stick + aim assist combo (even when using gyro+trackball mode). It is absolutely terrible for platformers and third-person games like Dark Souls. That said I can see its potential in games like Civ5 from the couch,etc. Other than that I think the DS4 + DS4windows combo is still unbeatable on PC.
  3. NeverNude

    which gaming chair should i get

    Herman Miller make some of the best chairs in the world. The DXracer and maxnomic are garbage in comparison and are no where close to the chair listed by ShadowCaptain as far as quality. There is a reason no Fortune 500 company uses Dxracers/maxnomic in their offices (well they are also an eyesore) and co's such as Herman Miler, Steelcase, Humanscale, Knoll,etc., are staples of that environment. Employee health/working conditions are major concerns for most companies. Choosing the proper ergo seating is a huge component of pushing a healthier working environment. The bonus that chairs from HM,Steelcase,etc., also last a lifetime and have 10-20year warranties is also huge. Some of you need to do some research on the products you intend to buy. Getting seating advice from LinusTechtips may not be the best course of action, TBH.
  4. NeverNude

    Looking for a new 60% or 75% mech

    KBParadise V60 would be something I would look for, but they don't come with aluminum cases. The board is really good though. https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=882 They go in and out of stock regularly.
  5. NeverNude

    Best gaming chair

    Lol. I would compare a Leap vs Dxracer/Maxnomic as a 980ti vs a 750ti. I would take an open-box 980ti > 750ti. Especially with a 10 year warranty. Just sayin.
  6. NeverNude

    Best gaming chair

    Here is the V1 Leap for $250 open-box. Not only is it cheaper and much, much better than these Maxnomic,Dxracer chairs, it comes with a 10 year warranty. The V2 is the better chair but the v1 is still far better than this gamer Dxracer shit. http://www.madisonseating.com/basic-leap-chair-by-steelcase.html I haven't tried the embody, you could be right, but I have tested the Mirra, Zody Task, Aeron and a few Humanscale chairs and the Leap v2 was what I preferred. The problem with a number of ergonimic chairs like the Aeron are that they aren't nearly as comfortable when you change position in the chair and move out of an ergonomic seating position. The Leap is comfortable in all positions and is also great for tall people as well (i'm 6'4). The embody does look great though. But I wouldn't recommend it as I have never used one.
  7. NeverNude

    Best gaming chair

    Steelcase Leap V2 is what you want OP. Puts all these other gamer chairs to shame. I have it in in grey and black frame. Best chair I have ever used. Got one in 2011 and I still have 8 years left on a full warranty. Anything happens, any faults and Steelcase will send me the part to replace or get me a new chair, no questions asked.
  8. NeverNude

    G502 or Zowie EC2-A/FK2

    The G502 is a good mouse. The main drawbacks are the weight and shape (and IMO aesthetics. It's a hideous looking "gamer" mouse). Having to use Logitech's shitty software isn't great either. It can be just as buggy to use as Synapse; I use a G602 at my office. For gaming, especially fps, I find that anything over 100g is too much, YMMV.
  9. NeverNude

    G502 or Zowie EC2-A/FK2

    EC2A all the way. It's a better deathadder and much lighter than the G502. It also has a better cable IMO witch causes less drag. The Zowie mice are just so far ahead of everyone in the competitive mouse game right now. The only mouse close IMO is the G303 and Mionix Castor, depending on grip type of course. Edit: I think the Deathdder Chroma would def be in the conversation if Razer would a) change the braided cable to rubber, b) redesign the flair-ing "front" of the mouse. The sensor is amazing and very responsive it's just a few things that make it worse than say, an EC1A or Castor, etc.
  10. NeverNude

    New gaming chair?

    Someone should make a sticky on the shittyness that is "zomg gaming chairs" and how much better ergonomic task chairs are over crap like DXracer, etc.
  11. NeverNude

    Which mouse? G502, Naos 7000, Mionix Castor

    None of those mice are good for claw/finger grips. Check out the Zowie FK/ZA series or the G303.
  12. NeverNude

    Razer Hate

    Razer has some serious QC issues. The only products in their entire catalog I would recommend are the Deathadder and Naga.
  13. NeverNude

    Looking for mouse

    Zowie EC1a or Deathadder Chroma. Great for large hands and palm grip.
  14. NeverNude

    How do you deal with your mouse cord?

    Route it through my monitor stand a few times, done. There are so many DIY solutions for this issue it's redundant to buy a bungee or the like.
  15. NeverNude

    K70RGB keycaps melted

    Looks like someone raged and then tried to get a free keyboard. Good thing you didn't post this on Reddit.... the backfire would have been real. This is why we can't have nice things.