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  1. I didn't really see the point of SSDs for the most part. That was until I picked up the HP Stream 11. Even though it's only an MMC SSD, I actually found it's more useful then I thought, booting up in a fraction of the time that my desktop takes.
  2. At my TAFE it depends on the classroom. The main one I'm in most of the time has 2014 High end iMacs, with 4770Ks, 780M GPU, 32 gigs of RAM, and 256 gig SSDs. The other main room I've been in runs Core 2 Duo era 24" iMacs with about 4 gigs of RAM. There's also a number of Dell mini towers in the library, although not sure of the specs on them. I've also seen some older polycarbonate iMacs and iBooks, as well as a few macbook pros here and there.
  3. Yes. I just sent mine in yesterday for repair because instead of the purple tint in your picture, in bright light (especially when outside) it developed a horrible green tint. From what I've found online, it's related to a new sensor in some of the later models.
  4. Well, rest assured that if you send it in for repair it won't do the purple tint. Instead, it'll have a green tint.
  5. That is an interesting thing that I'd never thought about from the point of view of gender. I mean, I've thought about it from my point of view as a gaymer, but never thought, even though it's sorta obvious that women would want to play women in the same way I want to play gay guys.
  6. Well, that brings up a question. Why aren't more people egalitarians as opposed to feminists?
  7. I have to say, I've not really seen anything from Kotaku that's made me hate them, but seriously fuck their homophobic parent company Gawker.
  8. There is sort of a way. On the older pre-thunderbolt models, you could easily use a feature called Target Display Mode, which turns the iMac into basically an expensive monitor through mini displayport. On the newer ones, including yours, target display mode still exists, but you need to use thunderbolt, and as such I'm not sure if you can use it with a PC GPU (you'd defiantly need a thunderbolt port for one thing).
  9. I backup my internal drive, but all my other stuff isn't, because I'm a bad person. I've been meaning to pick up a NAS for a little while though, the only reason I haven't is due to the prices for the capacities I'd need.
  10. Ok, they used to black phones, but now they only sell the horrible space grey. As such, it'd be un-apple like to sell a black phone now.
  11. I don't see this being true. Look at that image, the phone's black, completely un-apple like.
  12. Well, given the monitor would cost well over $1000 helps make the price a fair bit better.
  13. It's probably like why someone like the prime minister isn't paid that much. They don't want people going to the job because it pays well, they want them going to the job because they'll be good at up holding the law, and because they'll be able to deal with the stuff they'd end up seeing.
  14. On the Linus Media Group's site's team page, it mentions that Tarran is the cheif editor of the LTT channel. In that case, what do Ed/Nick/Dennis do on a day to day basis. Do they edit stuff for the other channels, other stuff for LTT or do something else entirely?
  15. Sennheiser HD 280 Pros. A bit tight, but not too bad.
  16. I've gone from a Centrino based HP 6730b to a HP Stream 11, twice, part because of weight and size, but later the battery in the 6730b completely died on me. Otherwise not really.
  17. I feel you. For fun did a speed test on 4G (cause optus internet was down at the time), it was 24 down 5 up...
  18. Either a new monitor (probably a benq GL2450HT) or the more likely, new headphones (probably the Sennheiser HD 280s or Audio Technica ATH M50X or whatever they're called these days)
  19. Throughout my devices, I have windows 10 Pro twice, Windows 8.1, 7 (although that'll change soon), Fedora, El Capitan, iOS 6 and Android Lolipop.
  20. Easy solution to this - http://tetris.com/play-tetris/
  21. RPGs and story driven games, up until a certain point. If the game's less then 48 or so hours to play through I'll complete in a few days of getting it, as Dragon age Origins and Hacknet have proven for me. I suppose sims as well sometimes, but less often.
  22. Fun fact, The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 both came with some thing like that, a Map and book of basic info about the game for the witcher, and a poster of the perks for fallout.
  23. I've found listening to some instrumental music can help you concentrate pretty well. I used to use The Witcher games' soundtracks while studying and that seemed to work pretty well (although that doesn't help if you need to work with video/audio).
  24. I actually have an issue where I need to reinstall the sound drivers on my notebook every so often (although I suppose that may be related to the fact it's a vista era laptop)