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    Gigabyte am-sm1m
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    4gb crucial ballistix sport x2
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  1. This is a problem I left behind a while ago, and I've gotten a better GPU since, but if I can get it fixed then I can sell it for more. Also, the GPU was used when I purchased it so it could have died any minute to be fair, but I have been playing games with it for a year So I was in the middle of playing a game with my GTX 780, and the computer had just turned off and wouldn't boot back up. At first, I thought my motherboard had died again as it did recently at that time. However, after a day of swapping out parts, I came to the conclusion that it was the GPU. As the system boots without no GPU and then the system no longer boots with the GPU in. I tried the 780 in another working machine and that did the same thing. So there is something wrong with the card. Specs: i5-3570k ASUS P8H61-M 16GB of RAM GTX 780 then, GTX 1060 3gb now 600W EVGA 80+ PSU
  2. Ive decided that my issue is the motherboard. As replacing it with another. The PC boots up and gets to desktop. I dont know if the scratches are the cause but im now off to buy a new motherboard.
  3. I have troubleshooted some more things: Cleaned Socket and checked for Damage Test with spare Cpu Used a single stick of ram
  4. Here is the image, There is actually two scratches in this picture. :(. One scratch is a semi-circle around the CPU cooler hole. And the other is to the top right of the picture.
  5. alright ill get a picture later on today, ive got to take the cpu cooler off then
  6. Its behind the CPU cooler bracket on the back of the motherboard. I cant see it anymore however because of that bracket. It was a light scratch and it might have crossed over one of the tracks (i don't know the actual word).
  7. Specs: i5 3570k Cooler Master Seidon v120 GTX 780 EVGA 600w PSU Asrock H61M-VG4 16gb of ram 1 2TB Hard Drive 1 1TB Hard Drive 1 160GB Hard Drive
  8. Hiya, I have just replaced my air cooler with a new All in one Water Cooler. I took the motherboard out of the case and removed the old cooler. During that process I scratched the bottom of the motherboard a little bit (I hope that isn't the cause of my problem). A lot of cables had been taken out so i could do a bit of cable management. And then i placed everything back the way it was before everything went upside down, just with a new cpu cooler. With everything together I then start my Pc up and then for about 10 seconds all the fans are running and everything seems to be working apart from the monitors not responding. After those 10 seconds or so (rough estimate) the Pc shuts down. And so i thought great troubleshoot time. And the pc started up again all by itself, and then with another 10 seconds it turned off again. It justs goes through a cycle. What I have troubleshooted: Reset Cmos battery with both jumper and taking the battery out and putting it back in. Unpluged Graphics card, hard drives and Optical Drives Checked cables Reseated Ram
  9. Get a 1080 ti and sell the 1080 that way you get some money back.
  10. Current System: i5 2400 GTX 780 8GB Ram I would like to upgrade my i5 2400 since it has been bottlenecking my GPU. -I would like to purchase from the used market, mainly Ebay. -My budget is £120 -I would like to stay on the same socket if possible -My current lga 1155 motherboard is not a z77 board so i cant overclock Ive been interested in the i5 3570 since it fits my budget and is the best non k i5 on this socket How does this new CPU run Newer games? If you have any suggestions that fit the budget and are better feel free to answer.
  11. i would say exhaust, since you need the hot air leaving the case
  12. Have you updated your drivers for the game?
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EVGA-600-600W-Gaming-PC-PSU-Power-Supply-80-Plus-Rated-120mm-Fan-/222014160445?hash=item33b1133e3d:g:gv8AAOSwoydWsjtT Ive had this power supply for a while now and have recently upgraded to a gtx 780. And im a little concerned if im getting the 100% power it says. i5 2400 8gb ram gtx 780 Cooler master calculator says 480w odd
  14. not just fallout, that was more of an example
  15. i get the issue even when the cpu is not max