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  1. The only thing Im worried about is the cooler. Is it really all that bad?
  2. Reference R( 290 on newegg for $200, Should I get it? I need to replace my dying 280x anyways.
  3. I picked up OEM cards from a friend, idk how he got them. Those warranties DO go through amd. The warrenties on my OTHER cards were properly registered. After I sent the card in, I got it back every single time with different excuses. I have tested my components on different platforms as they are all brand new. I have never had good luck with amd, and I think the factory OCing of the cards is what killed them (I know it shouldn't, but I know my PSU isn't the problem because I have switched and the issue persists.)
  4. Lets get to the point. What (In your opinion/experiences) should I purchase?
  5. I've had multiple of both. AMD has never once fufilled the warrenty claim on OEMs and Sapphire cards.
  6. AMD never fufills them. they always reject it for some reason.
  7. R9290- $200-$240 on newegg GTX970- $280-$290 on newegg. My last 3 amd GPUs have failed on me. I'm using a dying 280x right now and I need an upgrade. I dont prefer one company over another. All I want is a high perf. gpu that lasts more than 6 months (unlike my 270, 285, and 280x)
  8. R9 290 or GTX 970? Comparable prices on newegg right now (Below $300) My old 280x is failing on me and my last few AMD GPUs have also. EDIT: Sorry Idk what happened this thread got f*cked up.
  9. I also dont know if webcams will have good quality with distance since the entire point of them is to be used up close.
  10. Twitch probably wouldn't allow it since it is non-gaming.
  11. Hallo! I need some ideas/input on this. So my mom and her fiance are getting married soon. They will be getting married at a public venue/place thats made for celebrations and such. They called me today asking if there is any way I can live stream it for them so anybody who couldn't make it could watch from home. I told them yes, because I know i can make it happen. Were still checking if they have internet and how fast. Assuming they do and its fast enough, this wouldn't be that hard. I would like to be able to live stream off of about 1-3 cameras and I want to record it for any who miss the stream. I just don't know where to start. I'm in need of: - the best site to stream this event on - hardware setup ideas (How to hook everything up) - a good software to stream with - approximate cost for any equipment needed Thanks
  12. Lmao I was supposed to get them out like 6 months ago but the surgery got delayed so I've been dealing with them coming in for awhile now
  13. So I have my surgery to remove my wisdom teeth tomorrow. Thoughts? Anybody have experience with laughing gas?
  14. FPS, Survival, Strategy, anything really. *EXCEPT Cheap shitty indie games. Im not into the hundreds of $2 games on steam.
  15. thank you! this is a great answer. Ill check some of these out. any slow, strategy games I could play while doing homework/listening to music?
  16. Yeah battlefront for sure but Ill get that when it actually comes out/when prices lower. I wanna get something tonight.
  17. I have $40 that I really wanna spend. I am feeling the need to get a new game on steam because Im bored with my current games. any recommendations? the game could be up to $60, but I dont want it taking more than 30GB of space.
  18. Hey guys! So a Rust server that I'm an moderator on has finally gotten to the #1 Modded server spot on the rust-servers(dot)net list. Rust is an awesome game and we've been working hard on the server. I want to connect and play with some community players. So join up if you so wish! Server name: Obsidian Network Wipe 23/8 x100|Loot+|Insta|Kits|Clans| Server IP: *TO MODS: When re-reading the COC I didn't see this as against any of the rules. I'm trying to connect with our community If it against any of the rules, let me know please. -Techno
  19. modified my quote. added an image. hard to see, but its the R9 280x TOXIC. made the card white and black. IS the LTT classifieds a good place to sell?
  20. See the thing is, I spray painted the parts of the cooler on my card to make it look better. It honestly looks amazing, but I dont know where/how to sell it.
  21. Mistake. I meant 280x. Corrected.