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Zileth Ryder

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About Zileth Ryder

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  • Birthday 1995-01-24

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    Gatineau, QC Canada
  • Interests
    Computers, Gaming, and stuff.
  • Biography
    Made my First computer from scratch, with no experience or internet. Became experienced with troubleshooting software and hardware backwards compatibility (1992 – 2016) on windows after having to reinstall windows XP after the trial expired, eventually moved onto Vista, and 7. Passion for technology, and Love for gaming.
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  • CPU
    Intel i7-5700HQ (HT Octocore) {2.7GHz - 3.2GHz)
  • Motherboard
    MSI MS-1781
  • RAM
    2x Kingston 8GB 1366mhz (+2x 4GB 1366mhz)
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX 970M 3GB + Intel Integrated
  • Case
    GT72 2QD Dominator
  • Storage
    9.3 TB Total (Including Desktop as NAS)
  • PSU
    240W (Laptop)
  • Display(s)
    MSI IPS 17" GSync Display, ASUS Mercury LED VW246H 22" Display
  • Cooling
    Stock Air (Cooler Boost 3 + Cooling Pad)
  • Keyboard
    Steelseries Apex + Steelseries MSI GT72
  • Mouse
    Redragon MamMoth M801
  • Sound
    Nahimic Realtek + Logitech G930 (Special Duct Tape Edition)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 x64 Pro, Windows 8.1 x64 Pro
  1. Zileth Ryder

    Floatplane Creator Recommendation

    Well, YouTube seems to be rather open to it, because If I'm not mistaken, Phillip Defranco was also on Vessel way back.
  2. Hiya, first of all wanted to throw this request in because I keep hearing people recommending creators for the platform, when there's one that's been really effected by you-tubes demonetization. Phillip Defranco. I know that they've been kind of using their own methods, but It probably wouldn't hurt to reach out. I think It would benefit both parties quite well.
  3. Zileth Ryder

    Google Modular Phone "ARA"

    First Time I've Seen This.
  4. Zileth Ryder

    Google Modular Phone "ARA"

    I think I saw 2018 in the trailer. or maybe that was for Devs.
  5. Zileth Ryder

    Google Modular Phone "ARA"

    https://atap.google.com/ara/ Whoa.
  6. Zileth Ryder

    Mass Download Of Network Drivers

    Found Something Close Enough. https://sdi-tool.org/
  7. Zileth Ryder

    Mass Download Of Network Drivers

    any other way?
  8. Zileth Ryder

    Mass Download Of Network Drivers

    Okay, It took me a while to get it set up, but I finally have a Windows Install on an External Hard Drive. and I can Plug it into any Computer and Boot. (x86 Windows 8.1) I was wondering if it is possible to Download All, or if possible As many as possible network drivers for windows from windows update. this way I never have to worry about not having internet on the portable system.
  9. Zileth Ryder

    Windows 10

    If you Are Using an OEM Key, the License is Bound to your motherboard, and Can't Be moved. Generally OEM keys are Cheaper. Standard Retail Keys, Can be Moved from Computer to Computer, However, you Need to Deactivate the Current Computer that the Key was Being Used on, Otherwise, you Can't Move it to the New Computer. (you can Call Microsoft, or do it within Windows I Belive) However, I have noticed a bit of a Flaw with Windows 8.1 and 10 Activation, When I updated to Windows 10, there were Some Games that Simply Did not work, So I Added a Windows 8.1 Install for Dual Boot. To my Utter Surprise, it started using the Old windows 8.1 Key, that my Computer used for the upgrade, even though I was using it on Windows 10. as far as I can Tell, Both are Legit, but I found it strange nonetheless. I was Trying to Get the Computer to use the old Built in NON Pro OEM Key instead of my Retail key for Pro, but I guess I downloaded the wrong disk.
  10. Zileth Ryder

    What was your first computer?

    I'd Love to say that my first computer was one from 1980 or something, but in reality, it's not. When I was 7, I got to visit my dad's for the first time in years, (Family issues) I played Diablo II on his Windows 95 Machine, I have literally No idea what System Specs the computer had, but it wasn't my first computer, so that doesn't really matter. I did learn some pretty interesting things, Like how you could put a random user account and password and have full access to the computer (Providing there was no Document Protection), and a bunch of other useful tidbits of info. Fast Forward to Grade 7, and Lots had happened. My mom said she would get me a computer in half a year, but that ended up being a lie. So, I went to school, and Boom, Found an Old Dell Desktop Computer, with a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 on the side of the Road. This was about 2007-2008. Not a very impressive computer, but it was better than nothing. I think it also had an old Geforce4 MX 4** or something. It took me about half a year to get the money to get a proper hard drive, and I was so naive that I thought Windows came Installed on a Brand New Hard drive. Lol. So, I ended up getting my friends windows XP disk, and I installed it, but I had My Computer in Processor Compatibility Mode, without realizing it. So I ended up having windows XP install, WITHOUT EXPLORER. Yeah, Explorer wouldn't run. Not to mention, that I didn't have a valid Product key, so I had to reinstall the Trial every 30 Days. In case you are wondering how I ran programs, I used CTRL + ALT + DEL, to run Program to browse Folders, and launch Applications. First Time I reinstalled, I had lost all my documents, so I Got Learnt about Partitions, and unencrypted documents. So I was able to play some very Basic Games, Red Faction, and The Great Escape Video Game. Every week, I went out in the middle of the night looking for Computers that were thrown on the Curb. I ended up finding lots of parts, and such, that I ended up using. Better Space Hard drives, a Geforce5 Graphics Card, TONS of 2000 Era Tech, and even TONS of 95 Eras Tech. It was here that I realized how important it was to delete your Data before Throwing Computers out, because I found an old 95 machine that had ALL of a Company’s Tax info and such. And even the person who owned it. Eventually, I came upon a Very Lucky Find. An Intel Motherboard, sitting in a case, soaked with Rain. I thought for a fact that it was dead. I took it back and tried it anyway, it Blue screened, and I couldn't get it to work and I couldn't get it to Stop Blue-screening, no matter what I did. (I Left it in a dry place and didn't use it for a week before trying). I gave up on it. I then found a Rare Sound Card for PC, that Now Makes Headphones. It was a Santa Cruz turtle beach sound card. I used that for So Long, but didn't realize how badly I would need it later. The audio ports on the Motherboard I had found that Blue screened had Been Ripped off by the previous user. So, one day, when I was bored, and found a new case I wanted to move my computer to, I decided to give the Intel Board a try again. And it worked, and damn was it SO much better. I went from a 2.4GHz Processor, to a 3.0GHz Processor that had 2 Threads. It was awesome; I had my First Real Processor Upgrade! I moved all my data over to the new computer, kept the motherboard, and tossed the case, with a bit of hesitation. At this time, I HAD NO IDEA about Thermal Paste. Yup, you guessed it, I Was Running "Steel on Steel" My Idle Temperature was 46 Degrees Celsius. When Playing a Game, I hit 80+ Degrees. I was having issues playing a bunch of games, and playing 720p Video. And 1080p video just wouldn't play. a Friend told me about Thermal Paste and I was Amazed, I had just upgraded to Windows 7, and my graphics card didn't support the OS, But I didn't Know that. So I Immediately Experienced a HUGE Performance Boost from the Thermal Paste, Obviously. 1080p videos played with little trouble, and my computer was fine with temperatures, around 60 - 70 degrees, when gaming instead. It's funny that the only game that made my computer crash from overheating was Star Wars KOTOR II the Sith Lords. Eventually I found the Godsend of Finds. THE LAST AGP 8X Video card. The ATI HD 4650 AGP 1GB GDDR3. (I think it was GDDR3?) I put it in, and that’s where the real fun began. Just Cause 3. 30FPS Low Settings Skyrim, 30FPS Low - Medium Settings Alan Wake, 30 FPS Low many other games were now playable to me, and I guess for the time 30 FPS and low settings weren't impressive at all, but I was still Impressed because i could play games that I never would have thought Possible. Even the Tomb Raider game was "playable", (10-30 FPS with a GPU overclock) And All Of This Was Free, and Took about 4-5 Years. EDIT: Oh right, the hard drive I bought ended up not working anyway, and the place I bought it from wouldn't take it back, so it was a Waste, and I don't count it as money spent on the computer.
  11. Zileth Ryder

    Are most people on LTT gamers?

    I'm Kinda Both. I need the Hardware that allows me to play games, but in a job capacity. so I get the hardware for work, and then boom, I can game.
  12. Zileth Ryder

    What would be more useful

    I Would go with a Laptop. if you don't already have one, it's worth it. as long as it doesn't suck so bad you can't use it for media.
  13. Zileth Ryder

    One Good & One Bad thing about Your PC

    GOOD: It Works Flawlessly BAD: It has Windows 10
  14. Zileth Ryder

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    I have the Laptop's Built in, which I don't use when I'm at my Desk, and I have Apex, Which I use on the Laptop. I use the Second Keyboard for when I need Direct Control of the Desktop.
  15. Zileth Ryder

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Desktop, Not Anything Special, I use it for Streaming Media From Home, and "Cloud" & Local Storage. -Processor: AMD A-10 6800k (4.09GHz) -Graphics: AMD HD 7750 DBDE (1GB GDDR5) (Low Profile) -Ram: 8GB DDR3 1366 Mhz The Laptop is my Gaming Rig. -Processor: Intel Core i7-5700HQ (2.70GHz - 3.40GHz) -Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970m (MXM Series) 3GB GDDR5 -Ram: 2x Kingston 8GB 1366 Mhz All Controllers are Connected to the Laptop, I use the Apex, because I prefer it to Mechanical Keyboards. (not to mention all the Macro Buttons. 22 in total!)