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  1. I am currently looking into replacements for my current audio set up, which consists of a Sonar Essence STX connected to ATH M50 and a pair of active desktop speakers. When gaming I switch to a cheap USB headset. My focus would be on practicality (which is why I am considering wireless options like the Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless) and comfort (I love the comfort of my QC35 and I absolutely hate the clamping force and cushions on the M50). I would also prefer open back designs. Audio quality is not the main issue. Microphone quality is also not important, but it should be there. I also looked into the FiiO BTR3 to make wired headphones as practical as possible, but then I'd have the issue of also needing like a modmic wireless, which will (maybe?) complicate the bluetooth connection to the PC. I have a budget of about 200 EUR. Are there any options out there that have great comfort, passable audio quality that are somewhat practical?
  2. Hi guys, I am looking for a way to add the possibility to change my volume by retaining the forward/back-features of the side buttons on my G305. I have a button click combination in mind (clicking one of the side buttons and then scrolling up for volume up and down for volume down) but I can't seem to program that into the Logitech Gaming software. Does anyone know a way to realize that? Do I need additional software?
  3. I am thinking about the next upgrade to my build, which currently consists of the ancient i5 2500K, 8 gigs of 1600MHz memory and a RX480. Would it be wise buying one of the recently released GPUs like a 2060S or 5700? How much of a bottleneck can I expect from CPU and RAM for 1440p gaming on my 60Hz monitor? Or would I be better off investing in a CPU upgrade to Ryzen 3600 with a corresponding MoBo- and RAM-upgrade? Would this even change anything in my 1440p-performance? Are there other possible strategies I could follow? Thanks for your advice!
  4. I love you for making more worldwide giveaways! twitter: @spacyinvader https://twitter.com/SpacyInvader/status/341595552460451842
  5. This is quite interesting. Thanks for making this a worldwide giveaway! Twitter: @spacyinvader https://twitter.com/SpacyInvader/status/341594344337309698