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Everything posted by Jonny.Wong.16

  1. Jonny.Wong.16

    Replacing optical drive with SSD

    I did it with my laptop. Like everyone else said, just get a caddy for cheap on eBay. You should be able to take the cover off the optical drive and attach it to the caddy so it looks like an optical drive instead of having a hole there.
  2. Jonny.Wong.16

    Keeping your computer on a rug?

    My 800D is on a rug...
  3. Jonny.Wong.16

    Good wireless headset?

    I used the Vengeance 2000 and they are pretty decent. I got a wireless headset so I could actually get up and move around. I've pulled out cables, and knocked over a few things on my desk, from forgetting to take off a pair of wired headsets before getting up.
  4. Mine turns itself back on right away after I put it to sleep - I have no idea what is causing it. So I just leave it running 24/7. :unsure:
  5. Jonny.Wong.16

    BF4 gameplay 5760x1080 780 Ti

    In surround, I can only get 60fps at low settings with my dual GTX580s. =(
  6. Jonny.Wong.16

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    Lol, my bad. 100Mbps down and 5Mbps up. I'm on Broadband 100 and I rarely drop below 80Mpbs, even during peak hours. It might be your building or area. I suggest you contact Shaw to complain.
  7. Jonny.Wong.16

    Best Android Music Player App

    Apollo http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2196385
  8. Nope, you won't receive your carrier's OTA updates. Just a tip. You can use CyanDelta to get OTA delta updates for Cyanogenmod (ie. you don't have to download the entire ROM)
  9. Jonny.Wong.16

    DirectCanada, a good retailer?

    I always thought NCIX, DirectCanada and BestDirect were all the same. They all share the same address / head office / warehouse building. :unsure: Which confuses me cause I always price match with DirectCanada at NCIX. Either that or they're all best buds and they're just messing with us.
  10. Jonny.Wong.16

    Any major problems with Win 8.1

    I haven't had any major problems. All the issues listed above (mouse glitch, SkyDrive, GeForce Experience, Steam games, Corsair headset drivers) work fine for me.
  11. Jonny.Wong.16

    Free game Mafia2 or Civilization5

    Yeah, I had to wait 24 hours. Got Civ V (cause I already have Mafia II). Thanks!
  12. Awesome thread! It needs an Antivirus/Security section. - Microsoft Security Essentials - AVG - Avast - Malwarebytes
  13. Jonny.Wong.16

    Ordering from TigerDirect?

    I bought something from Tiger Direct that said it was "In Stock". Once, I completed my order, it was on "Backorder".
  14. Jonny.Wong.16

    What Really Grinds Your Gears?

    Personally I hate when the ATM machine is covered in spider webs and the way those dirty buttons feel. Please tell me about this automated teller machine machine.
  15. Jonny.Wong.16

    Mail in rebates on PC parts

    Patriot Memory: 8-12 weeks. AMEX gift cards. Received all my rebates (3 i think).
  16. Jonny.Wong.16

    Corsair Customer Service

    Corsair sent me a free replacement PCB for the hot swap bays in my 800D cause one wasn't working.
  17. Jonny.Wong.16


    I have a Patriot Javelin S4 with 4 x Seagate 3TB drives for my mass storage. I chose this setup because I needed mass storage on the cheap. Facebook share (Jonathan Wong): https://www.facebook.com/Jonny.Wong.16/posts/10153183927660858 Twitter share (@JonnyWong16): https://twitter.com/JonnyWong16/status/375478469854916608 Tumblr share (QuiteInteresting16): http://quiteinteresting16.tumblr.com/post/60335765623/wd-red-4tb-giveaway-linus-videos-news-and#notes
  18. Jonny.Wong.16

    What have you won from giveaways?

    A Toshiba laptop, and a Jambox by Jawbone. Both from Best Buy a few years ago. Nothing else ever since.
  19. Jonny.Wong.16

    Intel PAX Prime Maingear System GIVEAWAY!

    Yay! Thanks Linus! Facebook share (Jonathan Wong): https://www.facebook.com/Jonny.Wong.16/posts/10153164362020858 Twitter share (@JonnyWong16): https://twitter.com/JonnyWong16/status/373541126302466048 Community share: http://quiteinteresting16.tumblr.com/post/59798171234/intel-pax-prime-maingear-system-giveaway-linus
  20. Jonny.Wong.16

    The Back To School Giveaway!

    Well, so much for studying this term... Retweet: https://twitter.com/JonnyWong16/status/369676134310354944 Facebook share: https://www.facebook.com/Jonny.Wong.16/posts/10153129781440858
  21. Jonny.Wong.16

    Amazon eMail

    Why are you checking your email at 1:38am?Turn off your phone's notifications. Filter Amazon emails to a separate folder and check them later on your own time.
  22. Jonny.Wong.16

    Supermoon 2013 Photos

    I took this one last year. Canon T3i f/5.6 ISO 400 1/60
  23. Jonny.Wong.16

    Anyone use Logisys lighting in their case?

    The 800D is compartmentalized so I have one lighting the PSU area, and another the CPU area. I also have blue LEDs on all my case fans so maybe that's why mine is especially bright.
  24. Jonny.Wong.16

    Anyone use Logisys lighting in their case?

    I have two of the blue ones in my case. One on the top and bottom. They are BRIGHT! I have them hooked up to my fan controller so I can turn them down.
  25. Jonny.Wong.16

    Electrical Engineer

    You sit in a cubical staring a a computer screen all day. At least that's what it seems like my dad does all day...