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  1. Vessel Username: blackroses Vessel: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  2. yeah i know it sounds impossible. but im not afraid to mod the case. and i know i can fit a 30mm 240 rad where the gpu is. the biggest issue would be the pump/res. @Once to use the corsair pump might be a good idea. gonna look that one up. the thing is that i dont care how hard it would be to fit the things or to leaktest it. i just want to see if i could get some more ideas from other people =)
  3. Hey everyone. just wants to hear if you guys might have some ideas to watercool the rvz01. i use it as a mediacenter. but want to watercool it. i got everything else watercooled so that one is no exception. the components is rvz01 http://www.silverstonetek.com/raven/products/index.php?model=RVZ01 asus r9 280 dc2 ASRock FM2A75M-ITX Silverstone Strider SFX 600W 80+ Gold AMD A8 5600K 3,6 Ghz FM2 do you have any ideas of what cooling stuff i might fit in it? i have an alphacool d5 lying around. but it might be too big. cant find a res/pump combo small enough. thx in advanced for any kind of help! =)