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  1. YouTube video in HD on desktop. But in 480p on mobile?

    It's been about 5 or so hours since I uploaded it. And even if I was connected to wifi?
  2. YouTube video in HD on desktop. But in 480p on mobile?

    Galaxy s8+ haha and no I was connected to wifi
  3. Link: When I watched the video on my desktop it was 1080p60fps however on mobile it only goes to 480? I exported and edited using Adobe premiere. Any ideas? I am using a galaxy s8+, and connected to wifi. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TMpJpYVpO8M
  4. What do you use to job search?

    I will check out these websites. Thank you.
  5. What do you use to job search?

    I am currently employed with Best Buy. I love Best Buy as a company and initially I LOVED working for them, I even was a Consultant Agent for Geek Squad for about two months. Long story short I had to transfer stores at the end of the summer (for school) and the management team at my new store has completely ruined my experience. Although I will be going back home soon and will probably seek back out another Geek Squad position at my old store, I need to find something locally to do until then. I have checked craigslist and indeed.com for positions and there really just is not many jobs to be had that are even somewhat related to my field of study (Information Systems at Kansas State University). Where do you guys look for jobs at? Any other suggestions of where I should job hunt?
  6. Motherboards do not have integrated graphics, the processors however, do.
  7. Local Remote Connection help!

    Figured it out.... apparently i just needed to use a different username format? Not sure why it would be my login username... weird
  8. Local Remote Connection help!

    Okay and yes terminal access is all i need but it is denying me for that as well.
  9. Local Remote Connection help!

    Great... So how would i go about setting up connection to windows from Ubuntu with Remmina
  10. Local Remote Connection help!

    Hello! I could use some help figuring out why my Ubuntu hosted off of my VM will not allow me to connect to my windows 10 (hosted off the same VM) remotely. I followed all the steps found here: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/3982-rdc-connect-remotely-your-windows-10-pc.html#Part2 And am entering my IPV4 address when trying to connect through Remmina. It keeps prompting me for a username and password, which i assume is the accounts username and password so I am entering that but the connect keeps on failling. I also need to accomplish the same thing through PuTTy on windows 10 > Ubuntu and am having trouble doing that as well.
  11. Normal results for 1080 on valley?

    I have got the core and memory both boosted +200mhz