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    Intel i7 4790K
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    MSI Z97 PC Mate
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    ASUS STRIX 970 (painted white with blue backplate)
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  1. Has LTT, CSF, or TQ ever seen a dislike ratio higher than 1:2? Honestly though, the video is nothing off the beaten path, the title just threw people off, and almost made me think it was a press release or something.
  2. Really just as low cost as possible without being a massive rear projection TV that weighs as much as an average hippo. And I'll take a look at this one, thanks!
  3. It seems like all I hear from the massive TV corporations nowadays is, HDR, and, 4K. But I'm a person who's fine without any of that. The TV in my living room is a partially broken 43" Vizio TV, broken because it has a line of dead pixels and a response time longer than the ice age, and I kind have been in the market for something better. I'm looking for a 60+ inch 1080P TV, with acceptable response times for gaming. On the cheaper side. Any ideas?
  4. Hiya. So I have some WI-FI passwords on a Mac OSX device I need to get at, because, I can't remember them, but they are protected as I am not the admin on my device. Terminal commands that find the password either require admin access to get into the sudo commands, or try to call Keychain Access, which requires an admin account. So, any way to do it?
  5. I couldn't give a toss.
  6. Eh, I'm just mostly interested. If I had to choose a price range of what I was willing to spend in the future, I'd say no more than 100$. Or is that too little.
  7. Figured that's what it was. I assume I can find some good recommendations around the internet. Although most of them are pretty expensive for me, guess that's what I have to deal with.
  8. Oh, uh... they're just computer speakers. I don't exactly know what type however. I'd have to check. They are Stereo with the, uh... bass. Thingy. Look I'm sorry, I suck at sound. Subwoofer. Wow I'm dumb. Anyways, yeah. Stereo with a subwoofer. By through my TV, I mean they are plugged through 3.5 to the TV, so all audio passes through the TV on it's way to the speakers. And uh, I'm not using an amplifier or receiver. Actually I'm using the one that came with the speakers. I'll try to find what speakers they are though, sorry! Edit: Found them, these.
  9. Hiya. I have a set of speakers in the living room as part of our, well, living room. One small problem, they're good in Bass and Treble, but they suck in the high end. Is there anyway to plug in a set of tweeters or something to compensate for the bad performance in the high end? I'm running the speakers through my TV, if that matters.
  10. Not as high quality construction and build quality as the XPS lineup. And probably not exactly as thin due to the extra I/O.
  11. The XPS line should still be good for quality, yeah. Which is why this isn't swaying my opinion on getting an XPS 13.
  12. Oh, or that thing. Didn't know those two had the same chassis.
  13. Even better, an ASUS UX303 in a smaller package with Infinity Edge.