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  1. As Linus once said, I don't remember the exact quote, but- "I buy what has the best performance for my use case, at the best price, and don't sway to a company" I have memory of him saying something like that, and that's what I've been doing when I build computers. Buy what works at the price point that works for my use case. I have a i7-2600 File server, a quad Xeon 4860 Render server, Intel laptop, and a Ryzen workstation. I just do what fits at what price point for what use case.
  2. Anything that can elevate your laptop to get it exhaust would help, although a fan stand, as I call them, would not help since you're just blowing air against the solid bottom of a laptop. Fun story, I actually had a Gigabyte P34W back in the day that melted the paint off of a fan stand once.
  3. For sure, it'll be fine in most games <Barring possibly CPU intense titles, this obviously isn't a blanket answer> if you're not going for frame rates above 60 FPS. That being said, it's probably helpful to look into the issue at hand a bit more. Because this could be a BIOS issue that may be fixed through updates, check around on Gigabyte's website and make sure you're up to date on BIOS and Chipset and the like. https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Laptop/P55W-v6#support-dl-bios
  4. That it was, never did really trust that thing. Huh, well my GPU is 100% fine, and it's a 1070, PSU powered. That I know since I've moved it to a Ryzen system after it blew. This is good insight though, since I do think it's the motherboard, although it's weird that it still posts on a new PSU while SOMETIMES detecting RAM and sometimes not.
  5. This isn't a post asking for help as I intend to sell all of the parts I list, but I'd still like to ask something from experience if there is any. In the event of a PSU failure, what is most likely to break first? I ask since I had a PSU blow, and after it did, my RAM failed to fully show up after post, on a Maximus IV Impact, a 4790k, and 16GB of Corsair RAM. Trying post after post after a new PSU has resulted with some 16GB posts, some 8GB ones, and mostly no posts. I hope to sell most of these parts, and I'm curious if anyone has anecdotal evidence on which of these parts is mostly likely to be hurt by a PSU shortage, as I have no way to test if any of it truly works.
  6. I personally wouldn't trust Link if everything else is giving you the okay. I mean one instrument being wacko crashed the Schiaparelli lander, so err on the side of the many.
  7. I can turn off my headphones at low, and they'll rebound to medium for a while. Same with remote control cars, those come to mind. You run them dead, and then leave them to sit over night, and they will run for a bit when turned back on later.
  8. Huh, I was about ready to ask this earlier, because I was planning on building a 3D render farm, turns out the RX 480/580/Vega kick butt at Path Tracing. Except they're out of stock. Everywhere. I need that 8GB frame buffer in order to hold renders and such, heck I'm running up against a wall with a 4GB card. To be fair, even a 350$ RX 480 8GB is way better value than any other 8GB card on the market, but still, it sucks that they cost that much. Maybe I can snatch up a 470/570.
  9. Well I guess in this situation then it more comes down to pixel density, so I should of mentioned that instead.
  10. So I denounced 4K after getting a 4K TV and realizing that the perceived increase in density only really affected text applications. I vowed to look into 1440P Ultrawides in the future over 4K normal screens. But I just recently got to lay my eyes on a true 4K iMac 21.5 inch screen, and wow. It's such a massive shift. That doubling of PPI in desk scenarios is stunning to see. Maybe not for games, but for productivity like animation programs. The sheer density of pixels makes it amazing to work and view on. So I'm gonna ask that question I see a lot around the internet. I've been out of the Ultrawide news loop, so I'm asking if there are there any upcoming, or rumored monitors, that feature 5120/60 x 2160 resolutions, which would be 4K, or even 6827/2880, which would be 5K. I don't, really care about not being able to play games since I use my desktop for content production first. So color depth and pixel density are the first priorities over refresh rate and, well, anything else. So if anything like this was in the pipeline, I'd be happy.
  11. I, don't have many janky setups. I can only think of a few. My server's running an NZXT Sentry Mix 2, that's a 5.25 inch drive, duct taped to the bottom of the inside of the case. The old hardware in my server was a 1045T running a baseclock of 237 MHz, less janky, more interesting because you just can't baseclock overclock these days. That 1045T also blew a cheap power supply. I painted my desktop's case and GPU, but that isn't necessarily janky. Oh, right, when I upgraded my system a couple years back, I wanted to run two monitors, but my main monitor was DVI and my second monitor was VGA. I didn't have cables to adapt, so I plugged in my 550 TI along with my 970 to drive it. Another one, I dropped a couple screws in a PSU and had to take it apart to get it out. Didn't get shocked, yay. I can't make my antics sound that interesting, there isn't really a lot over here.
  12. Covfefelake will likely be the 10-15% as usual, is my guess, so for gaming, I'd presume it'd basically* be the same as any chip going back to Ivy Bridge/Haswell. *I know it might be a tad faster, but we're talking the difference between 140 and 160 FPS. From Ivy to Covfefelake.
  13. I haven't found much in the way of connectors like that in the American market. Other than, this, thing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-6-PIN-PCI-EXPRESS-TO-EPS-8-PIN-CONVERTER-2-MADE-IN-AMERICA-/261329913187?hash=item3cd87a0563:g:8yUAAOxygj5ShTT1 Looks kind of, eh, but might be okay, everything else on eBay is overpriced in my opinion.
  14. I'd probably go from PCI-E to CPU just because the 500B has two 6 pin PCI-E connectors, is there something like what you linked, but on Amazon?
  15. Oh that's even better, the Amazon one actually has reviews saying it works on a dual 2670 system. Nice. The amazon one is from 8 pin CPU to dual 8 pin?