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Everything posted by Emkryan

  1. Pretty good. If anything, add some NB E-loops for the extra flair
  2. I say airflow fan if you don't have any drive cages in the way
  3. The way I see it, the upper fan as an exhaust will still work with convection. But as far as I know positive pressure's main pro is less dust but negative pressure isn't that much better with temps anyway. So why not keep the dust out as long as you can?
  4. Turn the rear fan into an intake to get positive pressure going.
  5. Emkryan

    Fans for R5

    If 140mm then noctuas, if 120mm then NB Eloops
  6. Any single GPU setup is good on any 550w psu, XFX being a Eeasonic re-brand I have no doubt you'll be well off.
  7. Eloops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best fans ever. Yes I said it!
  8. better than those clunkly noisey stupid mechanical keyboards
  9. My custom loop cost about $700ish. The cooling is good, but the looks to me are worth it. Is worth what you're willing to pay to get out of it. If you want strictly piece to performance then get a d15 if you want better performance for a but more Grrr a high end aio, if you want the best of the best and money is right then go full loop
  10. If you want to make use of your cards then 3440x1440 is your way to go, I have a 2560x1080 and my single 970 can handle it fine.
  11. Start in safe mode, and keep trying in safe mode and it will eventually work
  12. I think I lost my 9400gt, have my GTX 460, GTX 760, and a GTX 295 for decoration on my desk and my 970 in my rig now
  13. Get the csgo black one. I have it and its great
  14. Again looks like the intake is shit. What's your budget on a case?
  15. Sleeve it yourself. for for orange and white
  16. Honestly It looks like every wehre you can put an intake fan is crippled by someway or another. Is this the case? http://zapp5.staticworld.net/reviews/graphics/products/uploaded/maingear_x79_1188210_g3.jpg
  17. Emkryan

    Acer AL1716Fbd

    So I've had this monitor as a secondary to my main one, it served me well for having monitoring stuff and teamspeak open. Today the screen displays the image for a split second and shuts off. Checked the connections and all that, restarted the pc too and nothing. Is it dead once and for all?
  18. I have 770s too. I mostly listen to Death metal so I use the optimal EQ for that genre