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  1. DRP2 is generally regarded as quieter than the NH-D14.
  2. That is misinformation. What you're thinking of is software-side mouse acceleration, which can be turned off, but there is still acceleration inherent in most mouse sensors, which can not be avoided.
  3. Is this the original Blackwidow Ultimate (blue backlight), or Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 (green backlight)?
  4. Lets inject some realism here. No, they aren't. They have pros and cons, with competitors losing to them in some respects, while beating them in others. For example, they aren't the best in terms of noise-to-performance ratio...There are fans that push more air for the noise, or the same amount for less. What Noctua do seem to be the best at is "just working" (I guess you'd call it consistency). A lot of fans have quirks that mean they work less effectively when used with a certain orientation or at a certain location, whereas Noctuas will just work (at least, that's the reputation they seem to have. If there isn't an exception somewhere, there'll be one eventually).
  5. While they may not be rubber dome keyboards, they contain plenty of them. Considering you mentioned MMOs, I'm assuming you'd get a fair amount of use from the macro keys - all of which are rubber domes. If you press escape to close a window? Rubber dome. If you alt+F4 out the game? Rubber dome. A lot of MMOs also use the function keys to select group members, so again, you'll be pressing rubber domes.
  6. Why is it ridiculous? Time for a car analogy. You can spend as little as possible on the cheapest car you can find and it'll get you from A-to-B. You can also spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car that'll do the same thing - the difference is in the user-experience. People spend more on a car in order to make going from A-to-B more enjoyable. Maybe it goes faster, maybe the ride's smoother, maybe they look better doing it, maybe it has some extra gadgets, but in all cases people are spending more to improve the user-experience. The same goes for keyboards - and most computer components. The more you spend typically makes for an improved user-experience. Now, your avatar leads me to believe that you think $100 for a case is reasonable? I won't dispute that, but lets compare it to a $50 case. What is that extra $50 getting you? Maybe some slightly better fans or a cheap fan controller, perhaps it made your rig easier to put together, but how much is that extra $50 getting you right now, as you read this? Not a whole lot. A case does an important job that's worth doing, but it doesn't add much to the user-experience. It might look pretty, but you're looking at the monitor right now, not your case. Now lets consider the keyboard. Aside from the monitor and maybe the mouse, it's probably *the* most used and utilized part of your computer. The extent of your interaction with your case is pressing the power button when you switch on a computer, but a keyboard is used constantly, be it writing passwords, e-mails, forum posts, URLs, search queries or controlling games. So, this time, lets compare an $80 keyboard to a $50 one...What does that extra $30 get you? Mechanical switches. It might get you a slightly better appearance and it'll definitely get you significantly improved build-quality, but at the end of the day it's primarily getting you a keyboard that feels worlds better to type on...A keyboard you'll use day in and day out, an ever-present part of the user experience. Given a $50 computer case and keyboard, with the choice of spending an extra $50 on either? Why would I choose the case?
  7. So you're essentially getting a K95 for the price of a K90? Consider me jealous.
  8. Check out the ASUS 680 4GB. It uses the same dual-slot cooler that was on the 670 and 660ti, which was ridiculously quiet next to the competition. Nothing you can buy attached to a 680 will be able to compete with a dedicated third-party cooler (like your Arctic), though.
  9. Corsair are fine, they're just massively over-rated. Their peripherals aren't quite as good as their cooling/RAM and the keyboards seem to be the worst of those. I'd get a refund if possible, simply because defiling a mechanical keyboard with rubber domes is...disgusting.
  10. They both have acceleration. The A9800 is based off the A9500, which is what was in the M60s. Any laser sensor will have acceleration, apart for the Phillips Twin-Eye which has it's own issues. Optical mice are the best with shooters for now.
  11. Since when does an A9800 not have acceleration? Source?
  12. "More faster"? Higher DPI is only good if you need higher DPI. Most people are fine with less than 2k. What you're looking for is a sensor without acceleration and high perfect control/malfunction speeds, which the follow mice have... Razer Deathadder Razer Krait 4G Razer Abyssus Logitech G400 CM Storm Spawn CM Storm Recon Zowie AM Zowie EC1/2 Evo Zowie FK Roccat Savu Cyborg R.A.T. 3 Optical Subjective shape/feature preferences aside, those are objectively the best mice for FPS. As for the mouse pad, I suppose it depends whether you prefer speed or control.
  13. mgs, PM me if you don't know what acceleration is and why it's (generally) a bad thing.
  14. You just recommended a mouse with acceleration over a mouse that has none. The G400 is a better mouse for FPS...I'm really not sure what Corsair were thinking when they gave a sniper button to a mouse using an A9800.
  15. The mouse is perfect, there's nothing better and barely any that stand beside it. The keyboard is great too, though I know someone who actually prefers the feel of the Rapid over the TK, so there may be a trade-off between feel and functionality there.
  16. Yeah, I'm aware I've set my sights quite low in the grand scheme of things, but originally they were even lower, looking at things like the AOC i2353 and LG IPS234V. My budget's pretty tight and this is pretty much as high as I can go. Anyhow, your post made me realize my mind had made itself up without letting me know, so thank you for that.
  17. Because they're capable of being incredibly precise. More so than my old G5, your M95 or any other mouse with a laser sensor, pretty much. The sole exception is the Phillips Twin-Eye, but that has it's own issues. It's the old optical vs laser conflict...Optical's still winning. I guess the WMO would qualify as a white mouse, come to think of it.
  18. I didn't say it'd stop you, but why would you recommend a mouse using an A9800 over one using an A3090?
  19. So I'm in the market for an IPS monitor (in all it's variations) and it seems to have come down to these two. I'm equally sold on both of them and I'm looking to have the scales tipped. A couple of things things to note... - This is for gaming and videos equally. I find myself primarily wanting to avoid motion blur, back-light bleed and uneven blacks (basically anything that breaks immersion), rather than looking for the presence of anything. I saw someone here saying the anti-glare coating isn't noticeable on the Dell and I'm looking for verification on that. I'm also looking for reasons why one is better than the other, so please don't just state names. - I'm also open to other suggestions, though £185 is my limit absolute (shopping search at google.co.uk). Anything higher is disqualified. I'm looking for 23"/24". Nothing smaller (I don't want smaller), nothing bigger (I don't have space). Height adjust is appreciated, but tilt/swivel is a non-issue.
  20. Unless you play FPS, RTS or DotA games. It's certainly nice for MMOs/RPGs though.
  21. I want to get the quickfire TK with Brown MX switches , but I can't for the life of me find it ANYWHERE ! Anyone know what's up with the brown switch quickfire tk ? I want one .. badly !. Nope. Only word is that it's coming "soon". I predicted mid-late February, though if not then, I'd say 90% March and 10% April. Any later than that and something seriously screwed up would have to be going on at CM Storm's end.
  22. I want to get the quickfire TK with Brown MX switches , but I can't for the life of me find it ANYWHERE ! Anyone know what's up with the brown switch quickfire tk ? I want one .. badly !. It's not out yet. I really thought it would be by now, but I can't imagine it'll be that much longer...
  23. For the mouse? I think your best bets would be the white Zowie AM, EC1 Evo and EC2 Evo. Objectively, nothing matches them (I'm not sure about the "serious gamers" white Deathadder, but I don't think that's even an option anymore). The keyboard's slightly harder. If you're in the US, then Rosewill do a white RK-9000 with either brown or blue switches. Thermaltake have a few white mechanical boards (all black switches, I think?), Filco have made white keyboards, though I don't know how easy they are to get ahold of and Matias have the Tactile Pro, though apparently you'll need a special driver to get the windows/alt keys working, since it's intended for Macs. Headphones I'm not as well versed on, but I'm pretty sure there are white ATH-M50s, which beat every headset out there in terms of sound-quality.