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  1. Okay, not as wrong as possible, but still pretty wrong. Everything up to the laser section is pretty much correct, but it seems pretty weird to state the DPI limits of non-gaming mice considering anyone that cares enough to ask the optical vs laser question is probably in the market for a gaming mouse, of which only Zowie mice are capable of less than 3500DPI (they have a limit of 2300). 1:06 is where things start to fall apart. Lets go through this line by line... Laser mice, or rather laser sensors, are less accurate. As of the time of writing this, every laser sensor on the market comes with a degree of inherent mouse acceleration, including the A9500 and A9800 sensors found in all current Corsair, Steelseries, Roccat and Mionix laser mice...This acceleration can not be disabled and is not the same mouse acceleration you can switch on and off in the software or control panel. Meanwhile, every optical mouse I'm aware of on the market* is using the A3090 sensor, which is entirely free of acceleration. In terms of accuracy, optical mice win. Assuming this is a separate statement and not trying to explain how laser mice are supposedly more accurate, then this is pretty much correct. Which gamers? Misled gamers? Keeping in mind the difference between accuracy and precision, optical and laser mice are equally precise. If you're using "precise" to mean "accurate" (as many do), then this might be correct, but they are wrong. Pro gamers tend to prefer optical mice because they're aware of their increased accuracy. The exceptions are often due to being sponsored by some peripheral manufacturer and thus obliged to use a certain mouse (and on the subject of pro gamers, they don't tend to use astronomical DPI either). Source #1 Source #2 * Specifically, I'm referring to these mice... Razer Deathadder 3.5G/Black Edition/4G Razer Krait 4G Razer Abyssus Logitech G400 Logitech G400S CM Storm Recon CM Storm Spawn Zowie EC1/EC2 Evo Zowie AM Zowie FK Roccat Savu Puretrak Valor MadCatz R.A.T. 3 Optical
  2. No, Linus was wrong. I'm about to put up a post about it. I guess I'll put it in peripherals, but I'm not sure this forum gets enough exposure for it to reach him. You are exactly the reason I'm going to call out that video though.
  3. CM Storm Stealths aren't going to be available in the EU at all, according to a CM rep.
  4. Even at low DPI an A9500 will have acceleration...At that DPI why not go optical and get rid of it entirely? Also I'm pretty sure it uses the same omron switches as a lot of other mice, too. I'm thinking you might have oversold it slightly?
  5. No it isn't, that's just software acceleration. Most sensors have varying degrees of acceleration that can't be avoided, exceptions being the phillips twin-eye laser sensor (which has it's own issues) and newer Avago optical sensors (the A3090/3095 as well as the ones Razer have put in their 3G, 3.5G and 4G DAs).
  6. Does the TK not have n-key roll over also?
  7. "by far the best" is a pretty strong statement. What is it you think makes it so much better?
  8. Again, that's software acceleration, not hardware acceleration. The thing you disable in control panel, or the Steelseries software is software acceleration.
  9. Wait...So is anything making you change mouse aside from unused buttons? Would you like something shorter, slimmer, smaller, wider, heavier, lighter?
  10. Brown and green switches are supposed to land on April 11th. Blues and reds will come soon after, with blacks coming god-knows-when in small supply Still no word on why CM have seemingly distanced themselves from blacks.
  11. I know the Deathadder 3.5G and 4G are fine, pretty sure the 3G is as well. Not sure about older models.maxtucker: No, that's software acceleration. What I'm talking about is native to the sensor - the hardware.
  12. Do you have a source for this in regards to the QFR, Stealth or XT?
  13. If you want a mouse that's optimal for FPS, avoid anything by Corsair, Steelseries, Mionix or Tt Esports. The reason being that all their mice use laser sensors which come with native acceleration which cannot be disabled. Stick to optical mice, especially those with the Avago 3090 sensor or variants of it. In other words, these are objectively the best mice for FPS, not accounting for any subjective preferences you may have. Logitech G400 Razer Deathadder Razer Abyssus Razer Krait 2013 Zowie FK Zowie AM Zowie EC1/2 Evo CM Storm Recon CM Storm Spawn Roccat Savu Madcatz R.A.T. 3 Optical
  14. What games do you play? If you're an FPS fan, avoid laser sensors. Look to optical mice like the G400 or Deathadder.
  15. Where are you from? They should be appearing soon unless you're in the EU, then supposedly they won't be appearing at all...
  16. Don't be fooled by deceptive renders, this is what the Dell actually looks like in use. The glass reaches the edge of the model, but the image still has a fair border around it.
  17. I find having separate WASD keys looks pretty cheap and/or tacky. I'd either just replace the escape key, like this, or I'd replace the peripheral keys, like this, this and this.
  18. I learned of the existence of the Logitech T650 the other day and I was wondering how much it improved the user-experience. I could imagine using something like that with your left hand while you use the mouse with your right could improve using/navigating Windows 8 substantially.
  19. The G400 has a very, very similar shape. It's also arguably a better mouse. I'd dare say you'd adapt to any differences in a couple of weeks, if you even noticed any.
  20. Positive acceleration due to the ADNS-9500 sensor. Steelseries sit alongside just Corsair, Mionix and Thermaltake in being a big-name gaming peripherals brand that have zero mice that belong in the list above.
  21. Deathadder's good. Roccat Savu is good also, or Zowie's FK/AM if you want something ambidextrous.