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  1. How do you know what the vast majority of people think? Did you poll them? Is there a site I'm unaware of? The dude owns a Deathadder and said he wants a cleaner-looking setup. The G502 would be a move in the opposite direction on account of its design being even more elaborate, with needless glossy accents and dodgy angles throughout, hence "more juvenile than Razer". I'm not saying it looks like a baby toy, though I'm pretty sure I had a transforming stealth jet that bore a passing resemblence to it...
  2. It's just a shame they made it look even more juvenile than Razer's stuff. I do hope Logitech don't drop dignified designs from their gaming line all together...
  3. If availability is an issue, it's probably easier if you tell us what's available, what your grip is and what games you play, rather than just throwing names at you.
  4. I read your post, I just interpreted it differently. No worries. Okay.
  5. A cheap $20 optical mouse probably isn't going to have a flawless sensor. When people say optical is better than laser, they're talking about the sensors typically found in gaming mice from the likes of Corsair, Steelseries, Logitech etc. There are plenty of other flawed optical and laser sensors. How do you know?
  6. It's understandable a bunch of kids would criticize an old computer for being old. A bunch of old people criticizing kids for being kids on the other hand...
  7. People have been happily using aluminium-free mice for decades. Besides, aluminium just makes the mouse heavier, which isn't what you want for FPS.
  8. I totally forgot the Alcor even existed. I wonder what happened to it? I'd go for the Alcor, but you'll have to choose between 800 and 1600 DPI (or 3200 or 4800, but you shouldn't have your DPI that high anyway).
  9. One person's "grotesque" is another person's "sexy", I suppose.
  10. A cheap car will get you where you need to go just as a good car will, but the ride in a good car will be nicer and you won't have to worry as much about it breaking down. It'll also probably look nicer and come with features that a cheap car wouldn't. How much does a good car matter? I will say you can get the best mice for less than you can get the best keyboards.
  11. There's a reason somebody called "NoScope" marketing at its finest. The fact that you're assuming something must be better for gaming just because Gunnars/NoScope does it means you're already buying way too far into what they're trying to sell. "Gaming" branding tends to indicate the presence of bullshit. If you actually care about blocking blue light, then gaming and fashion brands should probably be your last resort, not your first port of call. Edit: Also this.
  12. I think his point was more whether coloured glasses had been proven to block blue light emitions whatsoever. Doing a quick search, amber is supposedly what you want and some glasses called "UVEX" supposedly do the job.
  13. I started writing a reply and realized I was basically adding nothing you hadn't already said. The only thing I can add is that not noticing the flaws with laser sensors isn't the same as not being affected by the flaws with laser sensors. If you're moving your mouse a thousand or more pixels in under half a second, it's reasonable to say you wouldn't notice it drift the few extra pixels that might cause you to miss/misclick. There's also a mental thing, because if you know your mouse is capable of tracking errors and start losing, there's always the question of "was that down to me, or my equipment? Were there misclicks there that wouldn't have happened with a better mouse?". It might not sound like much, but when you start to get frustrated when losing (and I think we've all been there), it's the kind of thing that can worm its way into your head and distract you.
  14. On what basis are you saying cherry switches are more fragile? As far as feel goes, rubber domes "pop" down and then "pop" back up again, compare that to the click of a blue/brown or the straight-up linear travel of a red/black and I'm not sure how they feel the same to you, unless you're absolutely pounding the keys? Also, where on earth are you doing all this research you speak of? I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone's keyboard stop working because of dirt getting under the switches, and how could anyone make a blanket statement about "mechanical" switches being far from ideal for gaming? It's not true of cherry switches alone, let alone every possible mechanical switch in existence.
  15. You specified optical in the OP, but you seem to be considering the G700s/M65. You also want a palm/fingertip grip, each favouring mice on opposite ends of the spectrum (palm big, fingertip small). I don't really have any idea what you're looking for. I'm guessing from your old mouse that you have a palm grip. If you mainly play MMOs and RPGs, forget the sensor and look for lots of buttons/features. If you mainly play FPS or other fast-paced competitive games, you'll want to stick with optical mice. Which one are you? Don't worry about sniper buttons, they're mainly marketing guff.
  16. Leopold/Noppoo (not Rapoo)/HHKB?
  17. How about KBT/KBTalking? They also make the Pure, Race, One and Oni keyboards. They're good. I'd sooner buy from them than most gaming brands.
  18. How do you feel about this? http://www.razerzone.com/store/counter-logic-gaming-razer-deathadder-e-sports-edition Zowie's been mentioned and the EC1 Evo CL fits your colour scheme perfectly, they also have a pure white one with the regular EC1 Evo, but both of those have a scroll wheel that lights up different colours depending on your DPI setting. 450 DPI will give you red, but anything above that will be purple or blue, so they're a no-go if 450 DPI is too low for you (edit: you can see what I mean if you scroll down a little in this review. I have no idea why they continued to use the red/purple/blue scheme on a mouse with red accents). Zowie also has the AM-FG, which is pure white with grey accents on the scroll wheel/logo. The CM Storm Recon also has a white version and its LEDs are customizable, so don't be put off by pictures of it glowing blue, green etc. You can make it red. ...and as an added bonus, all of the mice I've mentioned have better sensors (or "performance") than anything else mentioned thus far.
  19. What is it that's drawn you to these mice in particular?
  20. Acceleration on a touchpad makes sense, assuming you're talking about the tiny ones on laptops. You don't have much room to operate with, so quick movements resulting in big movements and small movements resulting in slower movement is ideal. When it comes to mice and gaming though, you already have enough room to work with, without needing to speed up the cursor to achieve a full range of movement (assuming you don't have your DPI too low). If you don't play games, then acceleration doesn't matter. If you do play games though, then you'll miss shots or misclick something in haste in varying amounts, but how often is it down to you and how often is it down to acceleration? In the quarter of a second it took you to swing your crosshairs around and fire off a shot you probably wouldn't notice the accleration in the amounts that we're talking about, but did it kick in? Did it move your cursor further by a few pixels and by how many? if the possibility of that happening doesn't bother you, then get whatever you like, but personally I'd rather know know that any mistakes are down to my ability (or lack thereof) and not because my mouse moved a few extra pixels than the movement of my arm should've dictated.
  21. Toby

    Best Gaming Mouse

    While there might be both quality optical and laser sensors, the laser sensors being put into mice (or at least their implementation) leaves something to be desired. One day there might be laser mice on par with the best optical ones, but for now they're demonstrably inferior and so it's a distinction that's worthy of and deservedly being made. You said he'd be hard pressed to find a single mouse that fit all 3 of his criteria...There are at least six mice that fit all 3 of his criteria, which does rather change what you said.
  22. Toby

    Best Gaming Mouse

    Explain? Did you read the thread?
  23. Toby

    Best Gaming Mouse

    The G502 and Deathadder do not have red/changeable LEDs. The G500s and G700s do not have red/changeable LEDs or an optical sensor and while the Gigabyte M6900 V2 qualifies, I can't ascertain whether the V2 has a good optical sensor (which is the whole reason to get optical over laser). I'm pretty sure the Naos 7000 is the only mouse recommended so far that fits all 3 requirements. The Avior 7000 would too. They're probably your two best bets. The Roccat Kone Pure Optical, Corsair M45 and CM Storm Recon also tick all the boxes, but they might be a little too short if you have larger hands. They're worth a look, though. Edit: The Steelseries Rival is a perfect match too and I'm going to throw the Zowie AM up a possibility, though it's red-accented rather than red-lit.
  24. New profile and reinstall did not work. Firefox now spells "customise" correctly, but the button still either does nothing, or takes me to a blank "about:customizing" page. Edit: Bam, Google-fu turned up someone with the same issue. Edit II: Just discovered middle-clicking the refresh button in the address bar no longer "refreshes" the page in a new tab. I'm really not liking this update. Edit III: Screw it, reverted to FF28. I don't understand why Mozilla continues to remove options and turn themselves into a chromeclone.