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  1. 53 minutes ago, Votivee said:

    Pretty sure I used unlocker to get rid of it:


    Turns out I already had this installed from the last time I tried to fix it. Nadda


    38 minutes ago, mariushm said:

    "\\?\" is a special character combination that tells Windows that the path may have weird unicode characters

    .Three backslashes and a bloody question mark...That made all the difference. Regina has left the building, thank you.


    1 hour ago, Ryan_Vickers said:

    Boot up Linux on a live USB and delete it.  I've done this many times in the past when Windows has been incapable of comprehending a path, such as one with a colon in the name.  I promise 100% it will work (unless your filesystem is really messed up, in which case I'd advise backing up everything and doing a format, but I have never seen this fail before).

    I'll try this if I ever get a more stubborn tenant than Regina.

  2. Specifically, "Regina Spektor - Remember Us To Life (CD 2016) ", a folder that cannot be deleted in Windows 10.


    I've tried deleting it normally. "Cannot be found".

    I've tried shift+deleting. "Cannot be found".

    I've tried moving it. "Cannot be found".

    I've tried renaming it. - "Cannot be found".

    I've tried deleting it via the command prompt. "The system cannot find the file specified".

    I've tried hiding it. "The system cannot find the file specified".

    I've tried deleting it with software specifically for deleting undeletable files. "File cannot be found".


    I've tried putting a file inside it, which immediately creates an identical, duplicate folder, neither folder displaying the file I put inside, until I delete one of said folders (which it lets me do), at which point I'm left with a single, undeletable folder with the file I put inside it. The file I can do things with, the folder I still can't.


    I've tried deleting the folder that the undeletable folder is in is in, after moving all it's other contents elsewhere, and then it tells me that folder can't be found either.


    At this point I'm pretty sure I'm just stuck with her, but I thought someone might be able to recommend a ritual or magic spell.

  3. It's not innaccurate, but it's not made for this audience. This is more for mech enthusiasts who've started to see them almost as status symbols. While it's somewhat representative of quality, the tiers are more representative of "highbrow" and "lowbrow" keyboards as regarded by those communities.

  4. The advert is the standard cringeworthy fare, but what's the point of it? It's not small or light enough to be ideal for fingertip grippers, so they seem to be aiming at exactly the same market segment as their M45/M65. Even the most cynical reasons I can think of for this existing have already been covered by the latest incarnations of the aforementioned mice, so it seems odd that they've catered to the exact same people they've already catered to instead of making a smaller/bigger mouse for an untapped corner of the market.


    Edit: Not to mention, the name "Sabre" makes me fear for the future of their peripheral branch. Corsair were the only people other than Logitech making dignified gaming peripherals, it'd be a shame to lose that.

  5. on youtube there is a few but the downloads look a bit sketchy


    Yeah, you'd be better off looking at well-known torrent sites, though not for nothing that doesn't not cost money of course. *cough*


    I can't speak for logic X, but I started with fL Studio. I believe there's a demo version of it if you're ethically inclined. You don't need anything to start making music with that than a keyboard and mouse.

  6. turned it off

    feels snappier, rather quite like it, don't overshoot the stuff i wanna click, i just slow down when getting near the stuff i wanna click

    as for games, no difference at all and i doubt if lowering ing sensitivity to 0, that that would lower my mouse CPI, if anything, it would match it


    I said "effective" CPI. CPI is just another form of sensitivity, so If default in-game sensitivity gives you 1:1 movement and you have 1000 CPI, halving your sensitivity in-game (as opposed to halving your in-game sensitivity) should pretty much be the same as using 500 CPI with default in-game sens.



    You know you can do this right?



    Yeah, I prefer to link to images that large, so people don't have to see it every time they scroll through the thread.

  7. i have it enabled

    and not exactly, even in fps games i use the same mouse, just 4k dpi and lower the sensitivity ing

    as for MMORPG, it needs to be fast and accurate to target players and stuff like that + the buttons on the side help, so for me it's good enough, maybe something would be better, but haven't tried it all to judge one thing as best

    + ing there is nothing the size of a pixel, when sniping i could still use cpi shift, but i don't find it necessary to get the headshot

    so i rather have it fast and rely on my accuracy, than having to move my arm to turn around which would slow me down, i find it comfortable and accurate enough to be an average player, tho as with anything, when you play it long enough you get above average, which i did, with 4k cpi


    Okay, so despite its name, EPP doesn't help your precision at all. What it does is introduce a form of acceleration that makes your mouse move different distances depending on how fast you move your mouse. If you try turning it off for a moment (and apply changes), you'll notice your mouse become more responsive. That is 5k DPI at 1:1 movement (assuming pointer speed is 6/11). Having EPP enabled along with lowering sensitivity in-game means it's quite possible you're using something more equivalent to 3k DPI or less.


    The point at which your pointer is no longer moving fast enough to target players in time, or that you have to move your arm to turn around would qualify as "too low". You want it just high enough that you avoid those kinds of problems, while remaining as low as possible. Again though, this goes back to my very first post about DPI just being part of a larger sensitivity set-up. If you're lowering other forms of sensivity, your "effective" DPI might be much, much lower than 5k.

  8. never underestimate what the brain can do

    even at such CPI i still can use it accurately enough for daily use, if there really is something of a size of a pixel, CPI shift FTW, but that is extremely rarely, can't even remember the last time i used that

    but for example, when writing stuff and trying to correct something in the middle of the word, even if it's something between "iljt" i can still point it between the letter i want, i won't be lightning fast and get it there from across the monitor in the first try, but with such CPI i can get there faster and then move my hand slow enough to find the spot


    i noticed that with the way i grip the mouse, my bottom of the palm is resting on the table and with such CPI, i don't even have to lift my palm or change my grip to reach every corner of my monitor

    pretty comfortable that way


    You're using a fingertip grip, or something close to it, which does require a higher sensitivity but again, not that high. I'm also curious what your windows pointer settings are at and whether you have EPP enabled.


    That said, yeah, if the extent of your gaming-mouse usage isn't gaming, then maximizing accuracy is irrelevant to you because you have all the time in the world to correct inefficiencies. Acceleration, pixel skipping, z-axis bugs and malfunction speeds all become trivial, becuase you only need to achieve "useable" rather than "optimal". It's like buying a supercar to go the shops. It'll do the job, but the things people typically care about with supercars, like top speed and how fast it accelerates, won't mean a thing to you.

  9. Sounds great! Is a higher DPi with a lower sensitivity better than a lower DPi with a higher sensitivity? The usage case would be FPS games. Is there a difference? Could this be answered in the upcoming video please? @nicklmg


    This is impossible to answer for FPS games as a whole, because the method by which a game alters sensitivity via the in-game setting changes on a game-by-game basis. I'm fairly sure raising in-game sensitivity is generally undesirable (due to the methods used to raise sensitivity on a software level), so if the default in-game sensitivity is too low, it'd be preferable to raise the DPI instead, but as to whether it's better to leave in-game sensitivity at default and adjust the DPI to that, or lower the in-game sensitivity and raise the DPI to compensate isn't answerable on the basis of genre.

  10. i kinda disagree with the 2nd part

    laser is inherently more accurate than optical led mouse

    if you imagine a laser pointing at the table, you'll see the light focused on a smaller area, so the bounced off light that goes into sensor will be more focused and less "grainy/noisy" than light from an LED mouse

    LED spreads the light in all directions, so even with all the lenses inside, i still believe that that can't be more precise than a focused light from a laser

    if a particular laser mouse is worse than an optical, that would also depend on the sensor and the lenses in the end


    about the first part, i use 5k CPI on an 1050 monitor and after getting used to, it's spot on

    before i had some optical mouse with puny CPI and cannot imagine going back to that

    so it's still a personal preference, i wanted high CPI and after few days i got used to it and now i wouldn't change it

    so going lower isn't better for me

    and i don't see why high CPI would be worse than lower if the mouse is precise enough at high CPI



    what i would change in the 2nd quote tho, would be the first DPI to CPI, since DPI is an misnomer when talking about mouse sensitivity


    see what I did there Nick!  :D 


    Whether you believe it or not, it's true. Maybe lasers should be capable of being better than optical, but for the past few years (if not longer), optical has been consistently superior in terms of accuracy. Now with optical mice reaching 8k - 12k DPI, laser mice don't even have that, even though most people probably shouldn't be using DPI that high. It's well established that any laser mouse on the market will have innate tracking flaws, while certain optical sensors are capable of tracking "flawlessly".


    Going lower would be better for you, accuracy-wise. The more you raise your sensitivity (DPI included), the smaller the area where you can put your mouse and still be covering your target. In the most extreme terms, if you're trying to hit one specific pixel at 1 DPI, you can move your mouse anywhere within a square inch and still hit that pixel, but at 5000 DPI you now have 25,000 pixels packed into a square inch of mouse movement and you need to put your mouse over the exact 1/5000th of an inch both horizontally and vertically to hit your target.


    Basically, the lower your DPI the easier it is to hit whatever you're aiming for. That's objectively true unless you possess literally perfect hand-eye coordination, which I'm fairly sure no human does.

  11. I wish I'd seen this one sooner, but it all seems almost perfect. :)


    This is the number of “counts,” or virtual “pixels,” that the mouse sensor will be able to display and register on a surface in one square inch of physical space.


    Does "square inch" not imply that 1600 CPI would be 40 x 40 pixels?


    Alright, conclusion time. Is there a “proper” or “best” DPI? The short answer is no. As is the case with most aspects of computer peripherals, it comes down to personal preference, so there isn’t necessarily a CPI that is “better” than the rest.


    Honestly, this is misleading to the point of qualifying as misinformation. While technically correct, because it'll differ based on screen resolution, game/application, mouse grip and other sensitivity settings, low sensivity is objectively better than high sensitivity, so long as it isn't so low as to become an obstacle in moving the cursor to where you need it in time. By saying it's personal preference, those who are using 8200 DPI on their single 1080p monitor with 1:1 mouse movement (for example), end up thinking it's possible their settings may be best-suited to them.


    On a sidenote, please take the optical vs laser mice techquickie down. It falsely equates DPI with accuracy and claims laser is more accurate/precise than optical. I know at least one person has wasted their money on a mouse they didn't want as a result of this video.

  12. Blacks, like all switches, are about preference. To make a slightly strange analogy, it's a bit like BDSM. Whips and chains don't tend to rank too highly on people's list of frisky activities, but then you have that one crowd that just goes crazy for it. Same with black switches.


    Personally, I'm waiting for a keyboard with linear greys, if not something stiffer than that (I would've loved to try a keyboard with super blacks, though it'd probably be impratical).

  13. Think there is a techquickie video comparing the two


    And it is terrible. The amount of misinformation in it actually pissed me off, because someone ended up coming to this forum having wasted their money on the wrong mouse because of that video, asking wtf was up. I'm really surprised it's still up, actually.

  14. 1600. I'd have it around 800ish, but since getting into dota I've found I need it higher to pan the camera as needed.


    I'm going to try to gradually increase my dpi as I acclimate to it, but anyways what do you guys use?


    Don't. You want your DPI as low as possible without becoming impractical. So long as the slowness isn't an obstacle, you want to avoid raising DPI.

  15. I can still quick scope and head shot someone really easily in battlefield 4. It really just depends on what you are used to. DPI is just a matter of preference for the most part and I like not having to move my wrist/arm across the entire mouse pad to turn around. I am able to turn faster and correct shots faster than most people. Yes i do notice it when it skips pixels but i am able to correct that super easily and i don't even think about it anymore. The only reason why i turned off pointer precision was to get a little more speed out of my mouse. Again this is normal for me and feels great, to you it may not, that is your opinion.


    I said objectively for a reason. Use what you like, I'm not judging you. I'm not saying you will necessary do badly in games, I'm saying it's physically impossible that you aren't doing worse than you could be.

  16. It's off


    Okay, so with windows pointer speed maxed and DPI at 5600, not only does your mouse skip pixels, but you have your entire monitor stuffed into an area of 2.5 x 1.25 millimeters (I think). Perception of pointer-speed aside, any semblence of accuracy has been objectively scattered to the wind and forcing your wrist to move in such small increments probably isn't doing it any favors in the long-run, either.

  17. I have everything turned up to it's max and it still feels slow with productivity things. On games it feels fine but anything else feels pretty slow (programming, 3D modeling, etc.). most people HATE using my computer just because my mouse speed it too uncontrollable for them which i must say is kind of a bonus xD


    Enhanced pointer precision can't be maxed, it's on/off.

  18. Everyone has their own preference. personally i use 5600 DPI on my 1080 and it still doesn't feel like enough. Yes i know i am insane with my mouse, don't judge...


    That fits your entire screen into 1/5th of an inch of movement. You don't have windows pointer speed lowered or enhanced pointer precision enabled?

  19. Makes sense to me. If you've found the perfect mouse except for 1 thing, better to remove the 1 thing than a different mouse with more issues. I'd have thought you could open it up and remove it from the inside, though?


    ... seriously? You could have just set it to do nothing in the software...


    ..seriously? You could have just read the thread, or even just the first page...

  20. my wifes computer has all purple leds, with a purple lit mouse. she also wants a mechanical keyboard, that is not red, but purple. currently its the only one that actually does purple to her knowlage. i hate purple


    Tesoro Lobera Supreme has multiple-colour LEDs and purple bits, while the Tesoro Tizona is a TKL keyboard with just the purple bits.


    Edit: The Lobera's capslock/scrlock LEDs are perma-white. I think the Tizona ones are purple, though.