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  1. Not an expert at all on the subject, but could it be Java interfering? Wrong Java version, I mean. Honestly, whenever I've had Minecraft issues, no matter the error, I just update Java, and it works again. At one point I had the wrong Java installed - the 32bit version on my 64bit Windows - that screwed up Minecraft also...
  2. 100/100 is sadly all I can get in this damn small country. xD
  3. I am sorry, the connection was fiber 100/100 in an envirionment like you described, jclappers. The rigg was mostly upgraded for bragging rights and fun, but also to rule out components being the source of lagg. Plugins were testet separately and together in different combinations but to no avail. 200+ players made it crash on launch day, but 30-50 players shouldn't be a problem. The 40/40 connection, I wrongly mentioned as part of the old setup, is our only option right now, if we build a new server, which leaves me kind of desperate. I have no clue, how to avoid the bottleneck, you are mentioning, windspeed36. In regards to the song - I've heard better. :D Eurovision isn't what it used to be. :) The player aim is only stated as international. We're going for whoever wants to join and enjoys a more immersive minecraft experience - storyline, expansions and all. :) I can proudly say that we had more than 100 visitors on day 1, and since then we've had a fair amount of players sticking around for the full experience. Around 15-40 players online depending on time of the day. :) We still hope to find the perfect specs and proper internet provider, so we can host it ourselves.
  4. Pure awesomeness. I love you, guys! I had the HTC Desire HD, but gave it to a friend who really needed a phone. Bought the LG Optimus 3D instead - definately not a fan. It's cool with the 3d and all, but not anywhere near my expectations. Unfortunately. Tweet: @ccnine https://twitter.com/ccnine/status/340575149722042369
  5. Come play with us: play.centricdimensions.com:25865 Storyline with expansions. MMORPG. Events. PVP battles. Survival Games. We dare you to play. <3
  6. Thanks for really fast feedback! Just to clarify - budget is not limited. We're 3 people chipping in on the project, so that's not an issue right now. Thankfully. We're honestly just looking for the optimal build. We can't give any info about current cpu and gpu, since we're hosting via fragnet. Our old cpu/gpu info I can't find right now, but it shouldn't be relevant, 'cause it clearly wans't good enough anyways. :P
  7. Sooo... I'm new to this community. If you watched the Eurovision '13 (I doubt it... :P) then you know that Denmark won - THAT'S WHERE I'M FROM! :D Not a fan of the song though. but still.... :D With that said - hey! I'm highly involved in a Minecraft server project. I'm an admin/owner of a server hosted on Fragnet.net. We're looking to build our own physical server. If we want at least 150 "slots" on our server without lag, what would server specs look like? I'm a girl gamer - not exactly a necessary information, but still... It makes the odd dude go: "For real?!". So I thought I'd warn you. :D We had a 200 slot Minecraft server running with 32 gigs of RAM on 40/40 connection, but lag was a huge issue... We had 2 SSD's in raid 0.. Still lag..... We went with Windows server. Again - not a fan, but I haven't got the slightest idea of how to run Linux, so that was kind of our only choice. If someone in here could help with specs options, I would be deeply grateful! :) Go go?! :D By the way - being new here also means that admins should feel free to move this thread to the right place. :)