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  1. Hehe, those were my initial inspirations. The rainbow arrangement is based on the Apple logo from a similar era.
  2. Well, finally time for an update. Sorry for being slow. I've been tinkering with making it in CAD, since I'm broke af. Now that was a decent starting point, but I kept working on it. A general concept I'm liking is this:
  3. This is the 2009/2010 version, so you can't get this either on the market anymore I think... I just happened to find someone selling it used. He'd apparently bought it a few years ago and tired of it, so here we are.
  4. Hello everyone, we're starting a new project now that the MKII is done... Specifically because I tripped over a beauty on the used market. The Level 10. I bought it from a fella in Nodeland, which sounds like such a cool place I'm naming the build after it... To start with today, we've got a simple mod installed.
  5. Sorry for the day! But we're... wait. We're not just en route, we're done, for now!
  6. Woah. Welcome back. This looks neat.
  7. Due to unforeseen circumstances (read: indecision) I need a bit more time than I anticipated. Oh well! Here's picture of radiator fans in the meanwhile.
  8. We're almost done. (24 pin is just disconnected while building. Ignore that.)
  9. Okay, we're getting there. Some of the watercooling is coming together.
  10. And today, we take a look at the end result of stripping down the case and doing small things all over the place. Now I just have to decide on my tubing runs and all that fun stuff.
  11. Today has been a long day. I've taken apart the MKII almost entirely, sleeved cables and rebuilt it. I've put waterblocks on my cards. I've tapped the screws for the P-clips in the back. I've improved the cable management. But light's out. So I can only really show a little bit of the journey right now, from when I took pictures of the main "structure".
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like it'll be time to drill and tap. Now where's the 3mm drill bit... ...Damn it, past self.
  13. The 24 pin cable is done! I've gone ahead and tested it, then put it into the PC. Also toyed around with the P-clips accompanying the case... but there are some problems. Most of the female threads in the motherboard tray are duds. The M3 screws to be used simply drop into the hole, not catching on to any thread... Emailed xforma for advice, but in the meantime I used some of the ones that worked! So question for you all. What do I do about the screw holes that are too big for the intended screws?
  14. I'm going to be spending some time sleeving my 24pin today, so not much to show right now... But I did get some tips from Maple Syrup Mods on the EK discord. I didn't know you could pop the cap off your D5 pump! Let me put the heatshrink behind the cap, turning the visible result into a shrinkless pump!
  15. Not the most flattering picture, but here's an update all the same. I had to uninstall the PSU to test a new cable, so when putting it back together I opted to install the new PCIe cables too, and also put in the radiator, sort of as a testfit. I'm a lil' dizzy today though, so I'll have to get back to you on more pictures.