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  1. Theguywhobea

    Gaming Laptop Can't Run Games Well

    Well you see, the thing is that you can still run league really well on old ass potato hardware, because Riot has put a lot of development into optimizing the game so that ANYONE can run it with whatever machine they got (but still no god damn Linux client). The issue we have now is that it's so well optimized for low end hardware, it can't take advantage of high end hardware, and since it's a relatively small part of the player base with insane computers that care about +60fps, it doesn't get looked at.
  2. Theguywhobea

    Gaming Laptop Can't Run Games Well

    League in general seems to work better with slightly older hardware. And yes, your i3's frequency was always at 3.7Ghz, and the 7700HQ can at most turbo to 3.8 when only one core is being used, that's almost never the case though. And you can't directly compare the cores from a desktop i3 to a mobile i7, but it's likely that a single desktop i3 core is faster (at least when it comes to LoL) than a single 7700HQ core.
  3. Theguywhobea

    Gaming Laptop Can't Run Games Well

    You should be able to stop your CPU from power limit throttling (if it is) and undervolt it. I haven't used ThrottleStop with a 7700HQ so I wouldn't be a good resource but there are lots of guides on YouTube, I suggest you check some out.
  4. Theguywhobea

    Gaming Laptop Can't Run Games Well

    Like I said in my original post you should probably just look up guides for using ThrottleStop or XTU with the 7700HQ. You could also see if anyone has anything specifically for the 7700HQ and League. You should also go into the NVIDIA control panel and make sure that League is set to always use GPU. It typically is already set for that, but double checking is probably worth it.
  5. Theguywhobea

    Gaming Laptop Can't Run Games Well

    Something that I found with League (especially in the last year or so) is that it runs like absolute garbage on 6-7th gen Intel CPU's. With my Razer Blade I probably only get ~120fps at game start but it slows down to around 70-60 as the game progresses. It only uses around 30-40% of the GPU, and will max out a single CPU core. What I have noticed is that higher frequency CPU's do much better with this game regardless which GPU is in them (to an extent of course) but even the 4930MX in my Alienware 18 kicks the 6700HQ's butt in League, largely due to the higher single core performance. I would suggest you look up ThrottleStop or XTU guides for the 7700HQ so you can be sure that you're always running at the higher turbo that it can sustain when using fewer cores, recent Intel CPU's seem to like throttling straight from the factory due to power limits. Other than that there isn't much anyone can do other than hope Riot finally catches on that their core audience isn't people with potato machines that they need to optimize for and they start letting GPU's stretch their legs again.
  6. Theguywhobea

    asking for a friend

  7. Theguywhobea

    Does anyone remember this game?

    Lol, is Wizard 101 considered a "really old online rpg" these days? I can still remember seeing the TV ads.
  8. Theguywhobea

    Ipad mini 2 as a touch screen for pc?

    Use something like tight-vnc on your server and then use a VNC viewer app on your iPad?
  9. Theguywhobea

    Who has the slowest car?

    My first car was a 2001 Kia Rio, with a 1.5L mistubishi engine that I think made 89hp from the factory. Fastest I ever got it to go was ~92mph downhill, although I probably had it better than those who had this car in the horrid 4-spd auto.
  10. Theguywhobea

    Switching from PC gaming to (mostly) PS4?

    You can just buy a PS4 controller and use it on your PC and pretend it's a PS4.
  11. Theguywhobea

    undervolting razer blade 15

    Undervolt the CPU, look up some guides on YouTube, there are some very good ones on using Throttlestop to undervolt the 8750H.
  12. Theguywhobea

    Is There a Free Webhost That Allows File Hotlinking?

    You can use a free tier AWS EC2 instance for a year and host it there.
  13. Undervolt it. Watch the tutorials on Youtube, I have an 8750H in my Mech 15 G2 and it always stays at at LEAST 3.7Ghz. I'd post a link to a video tutorial but it's non-LMG so I think that's against the rules. Just try looking up "8750H undervolting"
  14. Theguywhobea

    Advanced format HDD?

    Make a bootable flash drive and boot into Ubuntu or something and install gparted, then use that to look at the drive.