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  1. Have you checked temps? It looks like one of the fans on your radiator isn't even running.
  2. ayy im a budget pleb

    100 pounds is way too heavy to be a modern monitor.
  3. How Do I Get My New Second HDD to work?

    No, you want to hit 'ok'. if you're just using it for storage I don't think either choice makes a difference.
  4. How Do I Get My New Second HDD to work?

    Open disk management and create a new volume on that disk.
  5. Would you buy a CPU off Craigslist?

    Visually inspect it, if it looks fine you're probably good. I've bought and sold tons of stuff on Craigslist and I've never gotten stuck with a broken item.
  6. Lenovo X240 Battery 0 Not Detected by Windows 10

    The secondary battery is a lot easier to replace, they could have popped in a new one there so that the machine would work, and said forget about the internal battery. You should open the machine up and take a look.
  7. PC reboots randomly

    At idle?
  8. Ghost in the Network

    Goblins don't know how to use computers dude
  9. PC reboots randomly

    Have you checked temps?
  10. Ghost in the Network

    It's ghosts.
  11. What is this cpu part called?

    It's called the rind.
  12. Does CSGO have offline mode

    I don't think so, but I know Source does.
  13. Appraisal of gaming PC

    I've tried selling a similarly specced machine before on Craigslist, was only getting bites on it at $650.
  14. Is Windows Defender enough?

    Been working for me.
  15. Ethernet over USB over Monitor USB Hub

    Yeah it will work just like any other USB hub.