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  1. Borderlands 2 runs poorly

    Nah it's fine on the Xeon machine. The 6700HQ struggles at times though.
  2. Borderlands 2 runs poorly

    Yeah I notice the framerate dip at Thousand Cuts as well. I notice when looking at the ground the framerates goes up as well as GPU usage, but looking at the bandit camps tanks the FPS as well as the GPU usage, seems to be a definite CPU bottleneck.
  3. If you have a $500 budget why not upgrade to a i3 or i5 CPU?
  4. Why is actual download speed so much slower?

    Internet speeds are in Mbps, and you're likely downloading at a rate of [X]MBps. Since there is 8 bits in one byte, you'd divide your rate in Mbps by 8 to get your rate at MBps
  5. Roblox

  6. 8400GS + GTX 780 PhysX build

    Lol, the only time you'll get higher fps with PhysX on in Borderlands 2
  7. Bluetooth audio desync

    Okay, so new development. It does NOT desync we paired to my phone. So I guess it's just Windows 10 being cancer?
  8. Bluetooth audio desync

    Hi, so I bought a little bluetooth audio receiver on Amazon so I could effectively make my wired headphones wireless. I fully charged it and then paired it with my laptop (Razer Blade 14), then started watching some YouTube videos and immediately noticed how the audio is desynced. Testing with a regular cable again and it works fine, no lag or delay. Now I think this might just be that it's a cheap bluetooth receiver and that's why it lags, but I just wanted to make sure that this isn't just an inherent issue with Windows and bluetooth? Or maybe someone here knows how to fix the issue? Thanks
  9. I just figured out ctrl + w brings up a list of all the text items you've copied over the last week
  10. GTX 295 - Black screen

    It's probably just broke lol
  11. Why is the 6700K still so expensive?!?!

    That 6700k is being sold by some third party sellers not Newegg, that's why it's so expensive, they're trying to scalp.
  12. I'd say spec out an XPS 13 to around $1000 and you can't go wrong, the current 9370 has a pretty nice config for $1169.99
  13. Based off Notebookcheck, the Nvidia K2000M is similair to a GTX 560m, so probably not too great for modern day gaming, but light games might run okayish?
  14. Bought A Fully Loaded Dell XPS 9000 For..

    I'd pay up to $120 - $150 probably depending on how good of condition it's in and what video card it has currently.
  15. Maybe a ASUS ROG Strix GL553VD?