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  1. If you just need it to run Plex I think you can just run a plex server on regular old windows. Plus unless you have more than like, 5 HD transcodes going at a time an intel iGPU will do fine, so you might even be better off buying something like a NUC for a dedicated NAS / Plex machine for cheap on craigslist.
  2. Yeah not the greatest case for airflow. However, if you don't need the hard drive cage you can peel off the plastic front, then drill out the rivets holdings the cage in. Now you can fit a 120MM fan in the front as well. As for the PSU you have two options, replace it with a different model, I can't remember what the replacement was but I remember replacing mine. Second option is to replace the fan inside the current PSU, just be careful you don't replace it with a fan that can't move as much air, since then you're PSU will just overheat.
  3. I used to have that case and I always had heat issues. I have had that same GPU as well (as long as you're talking about the dual fan nitro+ model) I suspect that if you have that card it's probably not the GPU that is making that noise but it's your power supply, especially if you have the OEM power supply, what's probably happening is that now that you're drawing so much more power the little 40mm fan is having to spin up to max RPM and the OEM fan is CRAZY loud. Here's a test for you. Get into a game where you would hear the noise, then reach around and press your index finger on the middle part of the fan on the back of the power supply. The fan is covered so you wont be touching the fan itself, but you'll be putting pressure on the casing of it, this should result in a noticeable sound difference. If that is the case then your problem is the PSU, not your GPU.
  4. It would work fine most likely. With the MX150 disabled I think it should be able to charge off 65w, it's only when you're using the MX150 that the charger cant keep up. I know I've used my RBS 2019 with an Aorus eGPU and it could charge it just fine, although that one says it can do 100w of charging. As for the USB, I think the issue is that the connected USB devices use the same bandwidth as the GPU so you might see some slow down, or like with my eGPU setup, if I use the USB ports while playing a game, it drops my inputs so that the GPU can get all the bandwidth. Problem is solved by just using the USB ports on the blade stealth. It's not as clean of a setup though. The Core V2 is supposed to have a separate thunderbolt controller just for the USB devices which I expect means that it wont drop your inputs, but I suspect that if you have something like an external HDD connected to it, you might see reduced GPU performance.
  5. Go into your bathroom (or any room with a mirror) at 3:33am your time, and say while keeping your eyes closed "Linus, Linus, Linus". Once you've done this you should be ready to contact Linus
  6. I bought it, definitely seems like the easiest pokemon game they have released to date, and in my opinion there are too many cutscenes / exposition, but it's still pokemon, you still get to have fun catching and training, it just doesn't take nearly as long as with previous games. I'm a long term pokemon fan and I do not regret my purchase at all.
  7. You could donate your extra server time and run something like a BOINC project or Folding@home
  8. You might want to try out Xpenology. You get all the features of the Synology NAS's and a lot of built in installers, the only part that sucks is that it's hard to update the software, and typically the latest version of Xpenology is no the latest Synology DSM version.
  9. If you keep up this train of thought you'll never buy a PC. The next best thing is always on the horizon. Buy the best PC you can right now, and you'll likely be very happy with it for quite a while. I don't think we'll see any more huge performance jumps with our current silicon based PC's.
  10. Is this a bottleneck?


    1. Ultrasnoop


      no its green vodka

    2. TopHatProductions115


      It's bad for ur PC - pls delet now

  11. Looks like you can find them on google by searching "translucent screens for reading a teleprompter"
  12. Lol its so he can read the teleprompter without looking down