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  1. Theguywhobea

    MXM RTX 2080. Is mobile ray tracing worth it?

    Is spending $2K on something that is likely not officially supported really worth it though? Do you have something that you really need the extra performance and ray tracing for?
  2. So I'm on a journey to figure out a good method to create a system image from a Raspberry Pi or any other Linux machine. So far I've tried Win32DiskImager, but it kinda sucks that if the image is on a 32GB SD card, the image file I create is 32GB's. I would assume using something like dd would create the same thing? Is there an program or something out there that can make an image that is the same size as what is actually taken up on the disk I'm copying from and not all write all the blank space that wasn't being used? Thanks in advance dudes!
  3. Theguywhobea

    What's the deal with extinction of ear bud headphones?

    The in ears feels so weird and gross to me so I agree with you on this one. I've just been buying the older apple earbuds with a 3.5mm jack. I think they sound pretty decent and you can typically get them for under $20 now.
  4. Check out Craigslist dude. I just got my girlfriend a 2012 Retina Macbook Pro for $500 in near perfect condition, not a bad deal IMO
  5. Theguywhobea

    what computer you own is your favorite?

    If I had to get rid of all my computers and only use one I guess it would probably be my Razer Blade 14. It's not the newest or fastest but it's definitely one I enjoy using the most, and strikes the best balance of power/portability. Plus I think it's a REALLY nice looking machine.
  6. Theguywhobea

    Alienware as a workstation Laptop

    It'd probably be fine but why not the new Area 51M?
  7. Theguywhobea

    Where can you buy Steam games with a SIM card?

    You want to buy games using SIM cards as the form of payment?
  8. Theguywhobea

    Sub-$100 Intel-based tablet?

    Nuvision makes a Intel based tablet, but looks like it's just slightly out of your price range, might be able to find one used on eBay though? I don't think it has very good Linux support though. Nice screen though gotta say.
  9. No, but since from a quick google search I can see that Xebra is focused on emulation accuracy you might have a better time with something like PCSX, I'm sure there are options within that emulator to cap framerates to get your 10fps that you want.
  10. I just mean like, is there some problem you're having that makes you want to run it without boosting? Or do you just want to run it at 1.33Ghz just because you want to? Maybe if we understand your reason we'll be able to help you better.
  11. Is there any issue with the tablet when it's running at it's turbo clock speed?
  12. Theguywhobea

    Need help really badly

    There is not much you can do other than a CPU upgrade to help with your bottlenecking issue.
  13. Theguywhobea

    IT Student Laptop Recommendations

    Get an XPS 13 with an 8th gen CPU, you won't be disappointed.
  14. Are you trying to ask if it is harder on your PC to drive a 65in monitor vs a 27in monitor? If so then no, your PC doesn't care what physical size a display is, it's all about the resolution.
  15. Is changing your display brightness more important to you than 120Hz?