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  1. i signed on for the first time in a year just to say, im out.
  2. HDD not dying, but the righting head lost accuracy due to lack of pressure as a result of high altitude. Hdd is fine. Files and programs that are created at while at altitude will be corrupted. Usually you can erase the corroded file but in my last case it corrupted a root file and I was sol. Had to do a fresh install.
  3. thats up the the percel service. I would assume packages are moving but not being delivered. ive not been the type to make someone work on christmas because i wanted to/was late at ordering something.
  4. well. the desk itself is not the most stable thing. but the platform is much more stable. koolance blue coolant. its good stuff. with as much bubbles as there is i doubt they all will settle. it may be an aio but the tubing is not original as i have cut it to length to fit precisely.
  5. the res for the loop is on the rad and that spot is at the bottom side down. so nearly no luck getting it out.
  6. super stable. I am happy with it.
  7. Update: 12/20/2015 Its been awhile since my last update. Lets get started. Same specs as before, just a new case. Ive decided to go with the Corsair Air 240. A bit more spacious case compared to the prodigy, and the cable management job to prove it. Pictures: I need to figure out how to get the bubbles out. its really bad.
  8. click spring. yes, ivs subbed to this channel.
  9. why do we all have the same avatar?
  10. there's a thing for that thing with the people who have those things that need things.
  11. after monday, I should be back to contributing to this thread. one more exam to go.
  12. id take linux over windows but with the lack of support from 3rd party members i have to stay with windows. I like unix over what ever windows uses.
  13. I dont think the US started this one. I know the muslims have been fighting long before the existance of america. some how I doubt us hunting for WMD and taking out the worlds most wanted leaders would have started this fire.
  14. my finance exam is in one hour. I need all the help i can get on this one. i feel really good about it though.
  15. like i said, peaceful is a better resolution but id rather not sit idly and watch countries burn.
  16. that could be a significant downfall for germany. the risk of another pairs greatly increases. ultimately, sitting this one out might be a better option for America. its not our side of the world and its not our continent.
  17. maybe you should educate yourself with the word "undocumented". you seem to be lacking in your english.
  18. the portion of Americans that are extremist are dealt with legally by the system. I dont believe its perfect but I believe its human. what in regards did i mention about closing boarders. I never said such.
  19. true given everything is in light of the prespective of the beholder but when sitting on the outside, taking no position. you cannot let inhuman acts of violence persist. you must support the peaceful opposition. I support the 99% peaceful muslims in the world. I do not support the 1% that choose to carry out heinous activities. if you take just 1% of the 1.6 billion muslims in the world that still leaves you with 160 million extremist. im not choosing the course of action as I would rather propose a peaceful resolution but the 1% cannot be allowed to continue down this path.
  20. The difference between nazis and the US and Jews and Muslims is the fact that Jews didn't have terrorist claiming to be Jews, and the the nazis pushed a genocidal ideology to achieve for a perfect race; and for land expansion. The US is not in the business of land expansion, and while we can agree that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, there is the large percentage who remain extreme and act in accordance to what we define as terrorism. That is why we cannot accept undocumented Muslims, that is why we must eradicate the infection. What is the easiest way to get rid of an infection? Cut it off. Sometimes you take healthy living flesh when you do this but you save the world from self destruction.
  21. 1 week of university left in my entire life. two finals to go. one wednesday, one next monday.