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  1. how would i check the bios for ram use by integrated graphics? and i think msconfig is set to allow all ram the be used and none is used for cache.....i think ill double check in a couple hours
  2. yes i am 100% sure that it is a 64 bit the intel celeron 900 requires a 64 bit instruction set and one sodimm ram is 2.00 gb and the other is 1.9 gb so theoredically i should get 3.9 gb but a whole gig is missing from the system resources unless i have bad dimms which i doubt but is possible
  3. i have an hp compaq presario cq56 i got it with 2 gb so i bought a 4gb kit and now it says that it recognizes there is 4 gb but only 2.9 gb is usable can any one please help me with this windows 7 home premium 64 bit intel celeron 900 2.2 ghz 256 gb hard drive wd blue scorpion 4 gb kingston sodimm ram
  4. working on video editing in school and production in school and need a beastly pc at home so i can work at home and school. my school is fairly small so we have really bad pc's that take forever to edit and render on. and yes i am in the us so generally everything is a bit more expensive, then it would be in the europe. what series is fully modular and somewhat decent, i was also thinking about getting another 970 or even dual 980's in a year or two
  5. and i was thinking if i was gonna go and build a new rig build it so when better and faster products come out you will still be up to par and think of what you may be doing in a year or so... not future proofing in anyway just planning ahead i can always save money to upgrade, may take a bit but ill get there im in no rush i have an xbox to hold me over for now and my girlfriend is going to be using it for photography
  6. i know the psu is a little .....ok a lot of overkill but it does come with a zero decibel fan so it doesnt kick on until i start doing heavy gaming or massive work loads since i dont have any headphones yet ill have to use my tv speakers for now and i share a room with my brother in law...and the I7 yes i can understand i can get better bang for the buck cpus like the intel pentium anniversary which is unlocked and overclockable up to 4.7 ghz for like $70.00 and was actually considers the anniversary or even the "CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($218.98 @ OutletPC) "
  7. ok im going to be buying my first rig all brand new parts with hand picked specs that i like or prefer and have put alot of research into my findings i would just like some input and maybe alittle more knowledge since this will be my first rig. first off i do have a pretty solid knowledge of pc's not the best but an above average knowledge so i will know most of the terminology and tools or steps or whatever. anyways these are the parts and specs i would like this rig to have Case: corsair obsidian seris 750D performance full tower CPU: intel I7-4790k a.k.a. "devils canyon" overclocked to about 4.5-4.7ish GPU: nividia gtx 970 asus strix with direct cu 2 or a evga 980 Motherboard: Msi Z97-G45 lga 1150 Ram: G.skill ripjaws x series 16gb kit (2x8gb) SSD:kingston hyperX 3k 240gb HHD: WD black 2 TB 7200rpm PSU: corsair profeesional series 860 watt 80+ platinum fully modular CPU cooler: corsair hydro series h110 280mm extreme performance with windows 8.1 pro total price for all of the above is roughly $1200-$1500 ik the price is a little high but i want to game with decent graphics and rendering quality no peripherals now i have a keyboard for now and a mouse but what a ducky shine or other mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse. and will be using my 45 in vizio for now as a monitor this is going to be an all around pc from gaming and Photoshop or aftereffects to school projects and research with maybe a little overclocking for fun. please put your input it will be great appreciated and under consideration if you think i should change anything or use this piece instead of that.
  8. I love your guys videos and humor! And would love a Nuc