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  1. Wonderful! If you make a new post I'll get notified by email and that will remind me to re-enable PowerToys updates Thanks so much for all the information here. I apprecaite it a lot!
  2. Oh wow, THANK YOU for this. 18.2 works great now... This is a pretty big difference. I have some pretty random and arbitrary zones setup for where I want certain windows to show up at and now they show up properly when opening them. I can add new zones here and windows I always want in a certain place I'll put in those zones and paired with shortcuts to restore windows to the positions I want them in with DisplayFusion should result in me only having to do a single keybaord shortcut when I log back in to get everything back where I want it.
  3. So I just tested this as I went to get lunch and this isn't working for me either. It does up until my monitor goes into sleep mode, but as soon as the monitor goes into sleep mode, and I re-open something like Discord, or even the "new email" window in Outlook, it forces it back to the top left of the monitor. I know setting the monitor to never sleep is an option but then it's always on, backlight always on, making heat, etc, 24/7, I'd really like to avoid that I think.
  4. Oh, I've heard a lot about FancyZones but didn't know that was an option. DisplayFusion I thought did the same thing but DF has SO many options it's pretty insane. I'll give FancyZones a try too and see what that does instead. Do you happen to know if it just forces it to a zone or will it force it to open it its last known location? like if I have it at the middle of a zone non-maximized?
  5. Update to this - I've had better luck really taking some time to configure DisplayFusion and Window profiles for it. WinKey + NumPad0 is my shortcut for my work layout (which has the most windows by far). Still some annoyances here as some windows such as GOG Galaxy, Discord, Spotify, etc all want to open up in the top left corner if they aren't actually open when I restore the windows. Was hoping to find a full-blown fix still.
  6. Thanks, all sleep settings are already off on the monitor, there's only 2 options. It's a Samsung Odyssey G9 so it's far from a lower end monitor. But it's incredibly frustrating to happen constantly.
  7. Thanks, I may give that a shot too, I've tried a LOT of these helper programs but I always run into the issue where if a window is CLOSED when I restore (lets just use Spotify for example, if it's closed and not running in system tray) when I restore the layout without Spotify running, then when I do launch it again it'll still start itself in the top left, despite DisplayFusion even being set to "Always open on this monitor" where I'm using a monitor split to simulate a different monitor. I'm starting to think my only real FIXES are 1. Set my display to never sleep (lots of extra power/use of that dispaly then, not really ideal. 2. Disconnect my second monitor and live without it... Also obviously not ideal. But in the meantime I'm willing to try everything I can. If anyone else has any ideas, I'm anxious to hear them.
  8. I have a new ultrawide connected with DisplayPort, and a 2nd monitor connected via HDMI, and now I'm noticing everytime the monitor itself goes into Standby mode that my icons and window locations are all messed up. My PC itself is set to never sleep, but its set to sleep the monitor after 15 minutes of inactivity. When I come back to it and log in again all my windows are in differnt places (top left) and I have to arrange them manually every time, which is a bit cumbersome to say the least, as I use the monitor for work during the day with lots of open windows in very specific locations. I've seen the posts on other forums about the NVIDIA Control panel overriding the EDID but that's only avaialble on Quatro cards, and other posts about the "Simulated" monitor in the registry, but I checked and mine does not have a simulated entry. -- I've already tried deleting all display configurations there too and rebooting so they get setup fresh, but no luck with that either. It just seems that the DisplayPort connection being put to sleep is what's causing it to act like only one monitor of two is present, forcing everything into the 2nd monitor, but when when I wake the DisplayPort monitor, it just pushes most things to the far left of the screen and I have to re-arrange everything. I have tried working around it with DisplayFusion's Windows Location profiles, but some programs do not move into place still. I've also tried working around it with PersistentWindows from GitHub, https://github.com/kangyu-california/PersistentWindows However that doesn't help with programs that are closed when I log back in, or things that open new windows, like Outlook opening a new email, it loads in the wrong spot, and I have to move it back to where I want it, which will be remembered until the next time the monitor goes into standby. TL;DR - Everytime my DisplayPort monitor goes to sleep it forgets where everything is at, and I have to manually move things back into place, even with "helper" programs that try to prevent this. I really need some help because it ends up taking up so much time every time I walk away from my PC long enough. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have a Razer Naga... I'm on my 6th one because they have literally all kept breaking (scroll wheel button is terrible on these I guess) and they've finally decided to stop allowing me to RMA my mouse, so.... there's that. I'm stuck with a $90+ POS that's not even fully functional!
  10. Would love to put this to use around the home, thanks for the chance!