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  1. I currently have the XB270HU and would've bought a couple more if they still made them
  2. My panel is IPS lol but I said i'm not worried between ips and TN to me there isn't a massive amount of difference when gaming
  3. looks nice but I think I would rather sell this one and get a cheaper 1440p asus 60hz panel if I were to do that as a secondary monitor doesn't need to be 144hz
  4. ah ok how would a single ultrawide be for streaming though would I be able to fit my Ankbot window with the chat on it and the OBS window along side a 16:9 windowed game?
  5. mounting isn't usually too expensive and I think they would be mad not to make separate mounting available for the new socket
  6. oh that's new well you learn something new everyday although I expect companies to have mounting available for high-end coolers to support the socket cause I doubt they are gonna want to have to re-do the whole lot of their cooler line up
  7. From what I've heard they will be compatible, the AM4 socket may be smaller or bigger but the mounting for coolers looks to be the same
  8. Hi, So I am looking to get a new display setup for my PC I have been using a 144hz 1440p 27" panel for about 18months now and it's been great but I would like a bit more space. I typically use my pc for games such as Overwatch, Counter Strike, Tomb Raider, Racing Games and Streaming and so I am looking for the best option for all these I have a massive desk about 2 metres long so shouldn't have any issues with fitting displays but if I go triple 1080p I will buy a monitor arm anyway for them as I personally think that looks better. I'm not bothered between IPS or TN, I just don't like VA panels due to experience of ghosting on these types of panels. I have a GTX 1080 and prefer to be able to push high frame rates 80+ in shooter games racing games I don't mind going as low as 60 but shooters must be 80 or above :D. Now the Panels I am looking at are the PG348Q or Triple MG248Q displays. Trouble I have with the PG panels is they are Gsync not a technology I am bothered about even though my monitor I currently have has it I don't find it all that useful and the PG348Q requires a NVidia gpu to go to 100hz although I don't think AMD is releasing anything ground breaking soon. Any opinions on which would be good for my use case would be great thanks
  9. Ah I guess it's luck when it comes to if it fails after a year or not and also use if you use it heavily all day I guess it will break quicker than if it were just a few hours a day like how I use mine. The only thing is that the Roccat Keybaord I was thinking of getting has pretty bad reviews about the wrist rest going shiny so might end up going corsair after all the Roccat Ryos FX does look nice though
  10. Ah that doesn't sound great lol I might just stick with Corsair then I was going to get another M65 but the Pro version if I stuck with corsair
  11. I just saw on their website they have a Kone EMP but it doesn't seem to be available at shops yet btw like what you done with your location very clever
  12. hi, I pretty much decided on which keyboard I want to get but now need to decide on mouse i'm looking at the Roccat Kone XTD Optical or getting the newer optical version of my corsair M65 the M65 Pro The mouse wheel kind of worries me on the roccat mice cause I have read they break fairly easily. so was looking for someones experience that has owned one of their mice.
  13. My current Laser Sensor M65 looks almost new and I got it back in 2012 I think it was but I don't like the laser so would like to get an optical mouse I like the look of the Roccat XTD Optical I think it's called but heard the paint wears on that one as well
  14. I was originally going to go for the G901 an G502 mouse and keyboard but the logitech made mechanical switches felt very unresponsive it's about the only keyboard my local computer shop has on display the mouse look nice and large and good for a palm grip but like with a lot of comapanies they lose points for putting glossy acents on it I (hate glossy plastic) Maybe i'm a bit picky, It looks decent when new but after a week or month glossy plastic looks worn imo
  15. I will put it into consideration with the K70 Lux. My keyboard mouse options will probably be death adder and G.Skill keyboard or K70 Lux with M65 Pro although the G502 could be a good consideration to go with the gskill keyboard
  16. I like the fact the G.Skill has Macros I had 18 of them on my old K90
  17. Wow my K55 lasted me 3 years and was still like new when I sold it to a friend I will avoid razer then I wasn't sure about the clicky noise their mechanical keys make anyway as I use a blue yeti for recording stuff and didn't want it to be picked up on the mic
  18. I'll give it a look never had anything but G.Skill ram and I've only owned that 3 week so... Although it seems to run better than the corsair ram I use to have although still wondering if I made the right choice going with the V series G.Skills over Dominator plats but oh well
  19. Thats what I was looking for someone to answer if razer qaulity is still as bad as the day the Kraken headset came out. That broke on me after a week the cable had breaks in it so audio broke up. so is the Death Adder and overhyped mouse for fps gaming?
  20. Na I want a good keyboard but I don't like having different mice and keyboard software installed cause I had one that interfered in the past and the mouse software wouldn't run when the keyboard software was running weird glitch issue that I never managed to fix that was a logitech mouse however so...
  21. I did have a look at it unfortunetly they don't do an optical sensor mouse to go with it and I would like matching keyboard and mouse lol The mice I am considering is the M65 Pro or the Death Adder Chroma hence the two keyboards I am looking at the Keyboard choice will detemine mouse choice
  22. Hi, Been doing research into keyboards I am looking at the two listed for FPS gaming I have tried browns in the past and they felt nicer than the reds I use to have. However no way in trying the razer keyboard out anyone tried both brown and razer greens that can tell me which they personally preffered I know it's personal preference but like I said I have no way in trying so rely on reviews from others. Thanks
  23. I read brown are one of the quietest of the MX switches. I took a look at Razer greens but think I will avoid razer after some stuff I have read seems like they overcharge for sub-par quality
  24. Are the blues louder than browns though as my mates already moan about the noise my keyboard makes when I game on chat with them I use a blue yeti so it picks up a lot more than your typical headset mic