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  1. I find these folding phones a bit of a gimmick tbh. I'm not really a hardcore phone user though, so perhaps it's just me. I mean what happens if, sit yourselves down, someone calls you? do you unfold this big ass semi tablet to the side of your head? I don't go around with headphones in my ears all day
  2. Agreed, its a good game. Although I haven't installed it since a rebuild just yet. I found that they were releasing content too fast for someone that only really played it casually. Too many new classes to learn (buy). But its a really fun game, the destructible scenery and gadgets makes it really interesting to play.
  3. I had heard that this was on its way... and that it was delayed, i guess until now. I was curious to see what it was going to be like and how much it would be... but for that price... just get a fking Aeron.
  4. This isn't as mad as everyone seems to think. Graphics cards came with molex>6/8pin adapters when PCI-E started to come around... or something like that. Same with molex to Sata power adapters. I'm kinda on the fence, personally, i don't really care too much with having to plug in a couple of power cables... but might look a bit better have a single connector. Though I do agree with what others are saying about the power demands of the card... I also thought that things were supposed to be getting more efficient!?
  5. Im interested to know what power cable they would be using. For years they just used the same small two pronger. with PS4 they upped it to a more "kettle cable" style. wonder if we'll have a new one or if it'll be backwards compatible too. Sounds like a stupid comment, but i actually really liked being able to easily find a spare power cable from the other consoles or be able to move the consoles around the house or to a friends house, without having to take extra cables.
  6. I'm on a 7700k still and it seems to still be doing fine. I'm basically just gaming on it, so I don't think I'd see a worthwhile leap in performance to change it, especially as it would require new platform as well. I will likely upgrade once the single core performance is worth the upgrade or when more cores are needed. To be honest, It's nice to have a CPU that has lasted so well or hasn't felt like its been left in the dust for my use case. Though I am surprised that Intel didn't discontinue the 8th gens sooner. Perhaps because they've changed their platform requirements so much over the last few generations, they've kinda had to keep making them.
  7. One thing that gets me on this; Is there actually any law that stops people from selling these? Like.. they identified the people selling these products, are they not going to be done for fraud in the UK, or is it totally legit to sell something that is complete woowoo? homeopathy, snake oil, water divining, fortune telling, speaking with the dead... all of this stuff. They charge a fortune and prey on the uninformed. They can do this without any repercussions? What's the law here, as I struggled to find anything. It seems more along the lines of 'sell whatever the fk you like, but just don't false advertise it'. So as long as your ads are smart and your small print is small, you can get away with anything??
  8. SADS

    Nvidia Ampere teased

    This would be fine, if the leap in performance of the 20** series vs 10** series matched the leap in performance between the 980ti and 1080ti. otherwise we're going to be paying £3000 for a 30** series for only a 10% performance uplift this time around?
  9. SADS

    Nvidia Ampere teased

    If you went to your Ford dealer and bought a (lets just say) new Fiesta, every 4 years. You got a decent spec and paid £20,000. And you did this every 4 years, generally you get a decent spec Fiesta and as time goes by sure there are some fluctuations in price due to inflation. But each time you get a little more tech and a few extra bhp and headroom. Then, its time for an upgrade, you turn up to the dealer and suddenly Ford goes "oh yeh, here's your new fiesta, but its £40,000 now". It's still a new iteration of the same model in the lineup, still a new infotainment system with maybe some extra bhp and a little more headroom. I don't care how much Ford spent on R&D or cost to build, that's not my problem. As a consumer, that product is suddenly overpriced. You say "fk you Ford, i'll keep my old Fiesta", or you go buy something else. Steam survey isn't gospel, I know. But even now, 1080ti usage is over double that of the 2080ti and I believe they've been out for comparatively the same amount of time now before discontinuation. Sure people will still buy them, but that doesn't make it sensible or good for the consumer.
  10. SADS

    Nvidia Ampere teased

    Would you pay £100 for a chomp? It's not about price to performance, it's about the a product being overpriced full stop. Comparatively to the previous generations, the 2080ti is double the price. Sure, business is business but NV's attitude to pricing is pushing customers away.
  11. SADS

    Nvidia Ampere teased

    totally agree. I'd have considered buying a 2080ti.. If the price wasn't so f-king outrageous. Like, I can afford it.... but I can't justify it. I actually think that anyone that bought one was a bit daft.
  12. SADS

    Nvidia Ampere teased

    I actually went from SLI 980ti's to a 1080ti, it was the smart move to make as i felt that games are quite a bit smoother and my machine runs a bit cooler/quieter too. certainly not going to pay the ridiculous prices of what the 20 series was asking, especially not for that sort of performance jump.