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  1. SADS

    Nvidia says 'something super is coming', any guesses?

    $4000 titan, that can actually do RTX at a useful resolution? At this point, I really wouldn't put it past them...
  2. I'm not sure why there is contention over a comparitive/analogous point...
  3. If they want to, sure why not. If that's their product, then I can just go to another, the wonders of a free market. If anything it promotes healthy competition in the market and people will decide with their wallets. ISP's already block a bunch of sites (torrents for example), sure i can work around it if i wanted to or i could go to another provider. I mean, it's not really a valid comparison because content to ISP isn't truely the same as security to device. You don't generally buy into an ISP for the websites you can get to if most/all that you want to access are available, you buy for speed and reliability, and speed of connection is definitely something that ISP's are already controlling in their products. It would be more similar to say that if somone had made a device that made the internet worse, less secure, slower etc, then would you have a problem with ISPs allowing that device to be connected to their network? I would prefer an ISP that didn't allow that device and I would have a problem with people trying to force that device upon the ISP. The ISP can do what they want with their product.
  4. I didn't think the app store was going to be removed. Only stating that I am perfectly happy for apple to want to have control over their own product to ensure that what they provide is to a standard that they decide.
  5. having not read this whole thread. i've always liked the way apple handled the app store. vetting and verifying apps, rather than letting any old crap on there gives me much more confidence in what i am using on my device. sometimes a little lock down is a good thing in my opinion. not everyone (grandparents?) desires the freedom that a tech savvy person would want.
  6. SADS

    Folding PCs? Lenovo says "yep"

    A fliptop? A lapflip? Flipflop? I feel i will always have reservations about these folding screens. Curve (Sweeerrrve) TVs were somethng that didnt appeal to me but i kind of get it for immersion with monitors. I also have reservations about the longevity of these screens... a bit like how you can break a credit card in half with enough wiggling.
  7. I'm not touching this one with a 20ft pole... Without knowing the full details, its hard to say whether these complaints are actually breaches of law or just some people construing statistics to say something that isn't true. There's just too much agenda and opinion in this sort of topic.
  8. Wonder how the power consumption compares with this tech. If thats equal or lower as well, then I would certainly want this in my phone!
  9. There is little achievement in modern games. Gamers used to have to put in the skill/time to unlock (rare) things in games. Now you can just buy them. I love being able to show off a hard to earn unlock in a game so when others see it you get that kudos. If you can just buy it, then it totally devalues any achievement and peoplejust assume you bought it rather than earned it. you get scorned rather than praised.
  10. I'm not even going to humour turning this on. I'm not going to sacrifice resolution for one setting. The step down in resolution would instantly negate any improvement in visuals offered by RTX. It's not something that I would turn on in game, I prefer running most settings on high at 1440p and getting 100+fps. I'm more than happy to turn off a quality setting here or there to get an extra 20%fps and still keep most things maxed. RTX is just another one of those.
  11. SADS

    Questionnaire about computer design PLEASE FILL

    i don't really want to open an external XLS either. couldn't you do serveymonkey?
  12. it feels like a lot of people here are still in the USA mindset.... in the UK, there's no air vent systems. you get a room, usually with a few walls and something over the top... maybe a carpet in the bottom. it'll have windows... hopefully. And it will probably have some kind of radiator to heat it up. I think in terms of reducing dust in that room, opening windows, cleaning and hoovering regularly are good practices (in general). you could check your furniture polish, some are anti static and might help. if anything, your PC will probably reduce the amount of dust anyway, if you have some good dust filters on it. because the system circulates the air, it will tend to suck/blow air to that part of the room, so it will naturally attract more dust. perhaps putting something bigger into the room that will shift more air than the PC and has a filter on would take some dust away before it reaches the PC? maybe a room/desk fan with a stocking tied over it will help... you can then remove and wash it when you need to.
  13. If you can't keep to your own lane, you probably shouldn't be driving. Likewise, if you need help braking a car. Both of these factors are from driver attention, which I think mobile and infotainment use are probably the two highest factors. I see people driving around, looking at their laps constantly. Pretty sure a speed limiter isn't going to help idiots doing 50mph in 30 zones either. Putting in laws to help reduce the vehicle being the problem still isn't solving the problem of people being total fking idiots. I see people that should be banned or without a licence on a daily basis, the problem is peoples attitude and not enough policing/monitoring resources.
  14. That's why i asked the question XD
  15. Does this mean no RTX? If so, ooohh noooooo /sarcasm