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  1. Vessel Username: extremescouter Favorite vids: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  2. Does Vessel support 4k video? Just watching my first video on Vessel and it seems to be a pretty big quality drop from your guys' standard.
  3. Go for a CPU with more cores, since encoding movies takes a lot of CPU horsepower. Something like Intel's i7 4790k is a great choice, and then use their included graphics to encode the vides. Linus explains Intel Quick Sync here, which you may want to try out depending on how many movies you are encoding:
  4. Hey guys, I'm starting to get more into posting reviews on Amazon. Please let me know what you think. Here's my review of the Intocircuit foldable solar charger: Starting off with the box, I was somewhat disappointed to see that it came in a plain brown box, with relatively bare accessories. The charger comes with 3 carabineers to allow you to hang the solar charger either horizontally or vertically, as well as a Micro-USB cable, and a quick start guide. You are paying a decent amount for this gadget, so I was hoping for more time to be put into the packaging. However, the solar charger itself has great build quality, and it feels made for the outdoors with it’s polyester canvas shell. Also, the charger looks great, and it folds up into a relatively small and light package. Moving on, just for fun, right after I got it I figured I’d just put it up to the window on a relatively cloudy day. Fully expecting it not to work, the solar charger started charging my iPhone 5s a solid foot away from the window! This thing just works. Having never experienced using a solar charger before, I figured that you would need perfect weather conditions for it to work, but not with this one. However, when you do get those perfect conditions, this charger charges as fast as a normal outlet! Furthermore, there is enough space to store your phone or other small gadget in the pocket where the USB output cord is. I thought this was a nice touch, so you can store your phone or other small gadget out of direct sunlight while it is charging. Just with the nature of being a solar USB charger, it has a very specific usage scenario. For example, for long car trips, a good car charger makes much more sense. However, this solar charger is perfect for a survival kit in your car or home, or even for someone that just loves to be in the outdoors away from civilization. With two USB ports, it gives you many options, including charging a battery backup, as well as your phone, GoPro, or other device. With this charger, you could easily go for long stints in the wilderness far away from civilization. So, if you are the type of person that wants a solar USB charger, this is the one to get. Apart from a slight hiccup with the packaging, Intocircuit got everything right. It just works, and works extremely well. From now on, this will definitely come with me on any outdoor trip that I do, and will become a staple in my normal tech bag. And the car charger: Opening the box, I was instantly surprised with the build quality of this 3 port car charger. It has great weight to it, and the aluminum alloy shell seems extremely rugged. The only other thing in the box, aside from the charger itself, is a warranty card. This makes sense, because customers will likely already have charging cords for their devices, and it allows iClever to keep their costs down. Moving on, this thing charges fast! With one 2.4 A port and two 2.1A ports, this will charge absolutely anything in your tech arsenal, and will charge everything quickly. This is the perfect device for a family to keep in their car to charge everyone’s gadgets, or just for someone who has a lot of gadgets that need charging. Furthermore, there is a tasteful charging light at the top that lets you know that your devices are charging, but doesn’t blind you while driving in the dark. There’s not a whole lot to say about a car charger. However, if you’re in the market for one, this is the one to get. It looks great, has three USB ports, charges everything extremely quickly, and has a great price.
  5. I'm looking for a monitor for just general use along with some photography editing. I'd call myself a semi-professional photographer, so color reproduction is important, but I also want high-resolution so I can see all of the details in my photos. Which one would you guys suggest?
  6. Seems like a decent mid-range build... I'd suggest an SSD as well, even with a 120gb one you will see a massive difference. To make up that added cost maybe use a cheaper PSU and switch to something like a Cooler Master hyper 212 for a CPU cooler?
  7. Really never paid attention to Zotac, but I guess I should change that...
  8. The screen, and dbrands skins are awesome!
  9. I'd say go with a 4770k, 16 gb of ram, and then whatever motherboard is in your pricerange and has the features you want.
  10. Craigslist is a good way to do it... I say just do whatever you feel is worth it, you can always lower the price later if it doesnt sell. Also, if you want you could part it out and try to sell each item individually if you have some components that you could use in another build.
  11. Yes, you should do it! Maybe even do something with Edzel and show how easy/hard it is to edit or color correct GoPro footage with their app from a professionals point of view.
  12. Haha no. Maybe he wants to get into more intense games later or something, you never know.
  13. Looks great to me. You could get a lower wattage PSU, but you might as well stick with that one if you ever want to run SLI or something more.
  14. The only problem with getting a specified ASIC miner is that you cannot use it for anything else. For a business, if you have the money upfront, go for it. However, sometimes a more practical option would be to get an AMD 7970, and you can use it as a graphics card as well. Without paying for your power bill, it could be a good choice, and give you more options for playing games, editing stuff, etc.