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  1. Vessel: nickbu1 Favourite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj
  2. Nice giveaway Have been watching LTT for a while now, really liking the new professional styles of videos Do miss some of the older style videos though
  3. Any chance I could see a picture of your G710+? That's what I was hoping as it shouldn't get worn away as it isn't being touched whilst using the keyboard. Thanks for the tip I will remove it all if it starts peeling and will post here when I do that so people will know how long it lasted.
  4. So even though 404 suggested not to use Plastidip I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. Here is my reasoning: As it is non-permanent then I can use it as a test to see what it would look like without risking ruining it too badly. I don't have the tools or really the time to do it properly as 404 suggested so I thought it would be worth trying it this way and just see how it comes out. I won't be too bothered if it does peel after a little while as it was still a fun project and didn't take too much time/money. So after that, here are some pictures of the project. Let me know if you want any more pictures or information. I ended up doing 2 thin coats and 2 thick coats of plastidip. Picture before I started to compare the finished product: Here are the melted plastic pieces which need to be picked off the remove the orange surround and the black surround: Once they are picked off: Pictures after the second thin coat to help it bind: Picture after the second thicker coat: Finished product pictures: I think it looks good at the moment, prefer the matte effect to the glossy. As well it now being black rather than orange for the macro key surrounds. If it lasts a while I will be very pleased with it, but at the same time if it doesn't I won't be too bothered and could consider painting it properly as it may be worth it.
  5. Okay thanks, bought it. Will post some pictures of my progress so people can see what it looks like
  6. Good idea as it's non-permanent Is this the same stuff? Just appears to be cheaper than the Performix one The only problem with doing the whole surround is that I would either have to tape over the area for the logo so it doesn't get covered (which would look a bit odd once it was finished) or just go over the logo.
  7. I have recently been thinking about modding my Logitech G710+ by painting it, as seen in this thread. Instead, I was thinking of trying a matt black finish over the whole of the plastic surround. I have no clue about spray paint, so just wanted to ask if this would be the right stuff to use (Flat Black Matt (C29) option) Has anyone else tried this? Would be very grateful if someone had and could post pictures of the finished keyboard so I could decide if it's a good idea or not? I just thought that it could look nicer without the glossy plastic finish. Thanks
  8. Ah thanks very much Did try searching but couldn't find any results
  9. Galaxy Gear? No Think it was by some Chinese company or something with a weird name
  10. Yea not the Pebble, but the one you described. Been bugging me as I just wanted to research a bit about it.
  11. Does anybody know the name of smartwatch that Linus has been wearing in recent videos? Such as one I remember him mentioning it in a WAN show but cannot find the name of it. Thanks
  12. Love the metal unibody design, good work again HTC
  13. I currently have 3 22inch monitors and mainly use the middle and right one. I was wondering if there is a program that I can have running on the left one that will tell me information, such as live twitter feeds, emails, youtube uploads, pc information and other things that might be able to appear live on it (RSS feeds). Thanks
  14. Good point, just depends how much they will be
  15. For less than £140 I would recommend a 22" IPS monitor. I have 3 LG IPS224V and they are great, although don't seem to be sold any more. If you can find one then get it. Otherwise this one seems very similar However for this price you will only be getting 60Hz and no 3D of course