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    I like PC and console gaming. I guess I am pretty chilled and when in public perhaps a bit too quiet. But when gaming with friends(IRL or online) I go crazyyyyyyyyy.

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  1. Can you guys state reasons why not?
  2. Laptops are more like POS to me haha
  3. im a console guy and have been but there is something inside me telling me to go to PC. i have played on PC for some months until i messed my PC up and kinda broke it i thinkit might still e functional and it was in fact a laptop not a PC).
  4. I have something like this http://www.ikea.com/sk/sk/catalog/products/30103676/ but its not white. So yea i basically have a wooden desk. Do you think that this type of desk is fine, ok to put all the stuff on?(monitor,keyboard,mouse) because I dunno i dont think its for that. But i dont want to spend money on a new desk if i dont have to.
  5. I still havent decided lol. Good to see you too lol Eeeh on second thought. Its getting to me. I. NEEDZ. PC. I want a new desk though lol i dont like this wooden one.
  6. if the wii u is really that crap
  7. PS4,XB1=sold out and unable to get without pre ordering, so basically i cant get either this year locally cuz they will all be sold out(i live in europe btw,middle europe). i thought about wii u but everyone says its crap. i dont like handheld at all. im a console guy and i was a pc gamer for a while but i am just being forced into PC gaming it seems lol. maybe time to think about buying one or having the guys at my local store(Shark) build one for me. Hmmmmm. Maybe
  8. Still i would be curious to see the number it would reach lol
  9. Ok well both PS4 and XB1 are sold out so i cant get either for christmas from my store locally without pre ordering :(. But im tired of the PS3 and i wana get a new console(CONSOLE not PC pls dont tell me to build a PC, pls dont i dont wana). A lot of people are saying the Wii U is crap and that the future is not looking good for it. Is this true? The games im interested in so far for the Wii u are: watch dogs,super mario 3d world, sonic lost world(will see), xenoblade 2. those are some of the games so far. i dont buy many games in a year and i will lose a lot of hours in watch dogs anyway. also will watch dogs have off TV option? so can i play it only on my gamepad? All in all to me so far the Wii U looks cool with the gamepad, off tv option, nintendo exclusives are fun(right?) but I dunno. i feel like i will get it but a couple of months later it will be collecting dust. Hmmm.
  10. im a console guy so prob. but i had ps1,ps2,ps3. but i ant xbox one i guess cuz of the controller. but i fear none of them will be available in my country cuz both ps4 and xb1 will be sold out so if i wont pre order i wont get either this year :(
  11. But the real question is: How much FPS do you get while playing Minecraft?