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  • Birthday 1993-03-26

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    Poor student


  • CPU
    AMD FX 8350
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0
  • RAM
    16 GB ADATA
  • GPU
    R9 380X + Quadro 5000
  • Case
    Corsair Graphite 600T
  • Storage
    Few Segate barracudas, Sansung 840 Pro
  • PSU
    EVGA 1000G
  • Display(s)
    Asus MX239X (3 of them)
  • Cooling
    Custom thing modded with telephone wire
  • Keyboard
    AZIO MGK1 Black
  • Mouse
    Vengeance M95
  • Sound
    Sony sound bar
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Some tasks are simply sequential. They can't be parallelized. Like you need one calculation done before starting the next one.
  2. RexinOridle

    Footage of driverless Uber car / pedestrian hit released

    Well, sensory input to the bran aren't always processed the right way. Sometimes people drink. May be the pedestrian had an input lag.
  3. Coding is like magic. People makes programs and codes. But no-one really knows why it works or how exactly it works. It's basically unicorn shit. Be happy that it works. And sometimes it doesn't.
  4. She Isn't a 8 year old daughter who mad a mistake. She is someone old enough and got pregnant. Poor judgement. Morons.
  5. Now GPUs are getting rid of their headphone jacks.
  6. RexinOridle

    Asus Strix Vega 64 Custom Card Performs Worse Than The Reference One

    Dude, AMD cards these days are already comes from the factory at their limit. Because they try to match their gaming performance with Nvidia's. (and still fail). But in terms of raw performance (0/1), those are beasts.
  7. RexinOridle

    Bill Gates uses Android phone, not iPhone

    He can use whatever he wants, mostly because he has the capability to program that device whatever way he wants. Just like custom Linux distros for specific tasks. Unlike mediocre people like us.
  8. RexinOridle

    Nvidia CEO - Moore's Law is dead; GPUs to replace CPUs

    GPUs won't replace CPUs. But CPU architecture will change. X86 is close to it's end. Multicore is the way to go. But still it will be a multicore CPU, not a GPU.
  9. RexinOridle

    Windows 10 Pro for Workstation edition

    If price is similar, then I would get it. Because why not. And most North American students can get a free copy of windows 8, 10 and server 2016 anyway.
  10. RexinOridle

    Threadripper - too big for current coolers? UPDATE 2

    It's not a question buddy. It's a simple fact.
  11. RexinOridle

    Phanteks sickest new case - Phanteks Evolv SHIFT // SHIFT X

    Wish they had something as cool as this for Full ATX
  12. RexinOridle

    LTT's exclusive RX Vega teaser makes tech press unhappy

    Too bad jellies. LTT gets the most coverage.
  13. RexinOridle

    Kaspersky Making it's Anti-Virus Solution Free for all .

    Antivirus is the biggest legal virus.
  14. RexinOridle

    new iphone to start at $1200?

    Screw all these. Will stick to my SE. Best size / form factor ever.