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  1. I grabbed the MSI like 3 minutes after it went on sale, they bumped the price up by $100 after that. Never had a single issue with it and I've been doing folding with it while my PC is idle for a real long time.
  2. This is old old news, I've had WDDM2.0 & DX12 on my computer for at least a month now. Edit: Ah yes, here's my driver info
  3. I love when I'm arguing about this at school and someone says this. Then I look at them then look at their fucking apple computer then look at them again and then look at their computer then look at them again, call them an idiot and walk away.
  4. I've had pretty good experiences with corsair support. Typically you want to go on the live chat, which works pretty well, so you can get an answer to what ever question you have immediately.
  5. I just started folding a few days ago. I use my i7-3770S and my GTX 980 to fold 24/7 whenever I'm not gaming on it. When using core 0x17 I get ~310,000 PPD, on core 0x15 it's more around 60-80k PPD (I like core 0x17). My CPU gets about 8K a day.
  6. Well I got into a live chat with a representative and was informed that a replacement isn't possible as it is a limited item so I had to order one normally. Is anybody here in the market for a US Layout Cherry MX Red variant? I painted the aluminum plate underneath the keys white for extra brightness (see razer chroma for example) and I'd be willing to sell it for $150 + shipping.
  7. Submitted a ticket asking If I can send in my MX Red keyboard for a blue replacement even offering to give up my extended warranty for it. I REALLLY want blue switches.
  8. Huh, that's pretty neat. No more shitty airport wifi? (please?)
  9. ​while that is true, you shouldn't be comparing integers and double-precision floating point values; they store totally different data. int = float = 32-bit < long = double = 64-bit
  10. I had written the title and accidentally hit the back button, wrote it in a bit of s hurry the second time around
  11. http://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-gtx-980-ti-gm200-gpu-possibly-arriving-q2-2015-custom-variants-greenlight/ If this proves to be true, I'm for sure going to be buying a GTX 980Ti. Though as people have pointed out, if this is true, the people who bought a Titan X aren't going to be particularly happy. NVidia's got a bit of a dilemma here, if it's not powerful enough then 390X will beat it, if it's too powerful then Titan X owners are gonna feel cheated. Anyone else though is in for a a great card.
  12. Bonus Entry: https://twitter.com/Rockdude48/status/580383555554922496 Titan X SLI: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy Hardline Build Log: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 Man do I want another 980 for SLI, Plz OP, Deliver.
  13. While I was initially upset about it, I am glad that I ordered a keyboard with mx reds in it, They are plenty loud, pretty sure if my keyboard is any louder, it would make being in a Skype call with me unbearable.
  14. I found this it shows that blue and browns are by far the most popular with 30% and 34% respectively.
  15. They still don't give quite the same feel that blues do.
  16. Can't find any for sale, but that doesn't mean they'll never be, especially considering James said He did say K95s with blues are being produced, not sure when we'll get em though.
  17. Was kinda upset about this one, as I wanted to buy a keyboard with MX Blues, Reds it is for me I guess. I suppose it's understandable as to why it happened, but still kinda upsetting. Anyway here's the quote from Corsair James on the corsair forums. Which can be found in this thread. TL;DR: Cherry MX RGB Blues are no more, too hard to make, not enough demand.
  18. This would be pretty cool to have, I'd love to do some PC gaming in my living room with in-home streaming, it would be great when I have friends over and we want to play some game that supports split-screen on the TV.