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  1. America: Wastes $3.5T on a jet program that never left the ground.

    Japan: Wastes Y3.5T making everything into an anime girl. 


    God Bless Japan!

    1. Nowak


      US: "We can't possibly afford Medicare for All!"

      Also US: *spends $3.5t on a jet program*

    2. ARikozuM


      For a democratic, we sure do fund the few more than the most. 

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      i'd much rather have 3.5t on wasted prototype jet rather than anything anime.

  2. ARikozuM

    Good Guy Amazon??

    Amazon started doing what every other business tries to do? My goodness. Such innovation.
  3. I believe they would be protected under the Whistleblowers Act. If the employee were to be fired, they would be allowed to sue Google.
  4. "Hey, can you help build my PC?" SURE! [grabs Switch]
  5. I can't figure that one out by myself. It's something that the community must come to agreement on. TIL that I can walk into a McDonald's as a customer and fire every worker that doesn't look as I'd like them to.
  6. Their share value went UP after the latest scandal and PENALTY. At this point, nothing is going to take Facebook down.
  7. Then just keep an eye on them. Monitoring who they get is a better approach then it is to ban them. If the community wants to ban them let it be done democratically.
  8. Do they incite people to violence?
  9. Access to the internet and to talk to people freely should be a right. Which is why the election should be wholly funded by public money and donations. You wouldn't be allowed to use your own funds for your campaign nor take more than X from a richer donor. I'm not advocating for removing the party system. Just getting the money aspect out of it. Again, not the same kind of reach as Twitter or Facebook. Social media is made of millions of voices and should be treated as the public square. The only thing that should not be allowed are incites to criminal activity and violence. Again, not the same reach, but if we want to talk about it see Colin Kaepernick(sp?), Mohamed Ali, and others. Freedom of speech, yet they're banned from it for exercising it. No, your employer should not be able to fire or bench you just because you made your voice heard. Social media has the potential to reach every person on the planet, whereas a billboard would only reach whoever passes by. Addressed above.
  10. You hardly have the same reach as any of these large platforms. You're comparing apples to oranges. The gov't would fund a standard allowance to all candidates and then allow for public financing from each citizen with a cap to how much can be given. See above. It would mean that candidates would be forced to move towards their constituency's desires. Don't like Medicare for All? You get no vote, thus no financial support from the populace. Want to give the middle class a tax cut? You get a vote, and possibly some financial gain from the populace.
  11. Time to join the Social Democrats/Progressives. No private money funding elections and making voting count.
  12. Alright, get back on topic.
  13. It has to fit technology. It can't be a political article dressed up as tech, i.e. "NN under attack" vs "Patriot Act tapping into your Comms".
  14. The only reason they keep it is because they would lose their customers. Samsung can remove it without danger of major profit loss.
  15. 2 This was bound to happen. That is why I've been saying that we need the internet to be a public square. No Patriot Act, no NSA/FBI bullshit, just basic human rights to freedom.
  16. ARikozuM

    27" Triple monitors!

    Then just get that countertop. As long as it's greater than the minimum of your clamp, you should be good.
  17. ARikozuM

    27" Triple monitors!

    That's not bad, but you can save yourself a few bucks by DIY. You don't need much except the board and a stain. You likely have sandpaper and a sponge at home.
  18. ARikozuM

    27" Triple monitors!

    You're better off looking for 1/2" or 3/4" pine or birch board at your local hardware store. They'll cut it to your dimensions if you ask them to.
  19. ARikozuM

    27" Triple monitors!

    Yes, it would work. If you're drilling your triple stand into the desk you're going to need a solid board at least 1/2" thick.
  20. Saw this coming a mile away. Losing the jack is inevitable as they try to make things more and more proprietary.
  21. And now we're moving to a whole other topic. How are the Chinese students supposed to move when they have no money? The families lose favor in the SCS as well. This is a systemic false choice.
  22. The classic "I can, others should too". Not everyone has the ability to hunt. In NJ, I would have said yes, have at it. In FL, there's nowhere to hunt without driving hours. Not everyone has the ability to do what you can, nor should they be forced to.
  23. Very few consumers realize that 90% of their supermarkets are owned by only two or three companies. That's how you get around boycotts and negative press. Nestle, General Mills, Kellogg's, PepsiCo, and X (I'm forgetting the fifth) own nearly 80% of the entire chain supermarket segment. You're not going to get an effective boycott against these companies because they produce their own "competition" and false choice. Edit: The fifth is Unilever.