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  1. Ahh, yes... The literal chin-ups... which may or may not include levitating off of the ground... Planet Fitness, you have failed me!
  2. Summary of this video: Get cucc'd, bruh!



    1. CalintzJerevinan
    2. VegetableStu


      wow i haven't seen a pic of phil fish in a long time o_o wonder what is he doing (in terms of games) right now

  3. You can reinstall Windows to 64-bit without erasing your programs and files.
  4. "What are you allergic to, dear?"

    Dogs, cats, trees, bullshit in politics, and nonspecific arrangements of nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen. 

    "I hope your allergies get better."

    Thanks, I hope so too. 

  5. Unsure if meaning "upright" or "in the butt", but I'd expect nothing less from a bird.
  6. Sony has now announced that all further models will use binary nomenclature.
  7. It is not a scale. You can be socialist authoritarian and socialist libertarian. You can be capitalist (which I think is referred as enterprise market) libertarian and capitalist authoritarian. You're referencing both the form of the economy and the form of gov't. It's like people thinking horseshoe theory is the real be-all end-all (it is a line theory because it only looks at one measurement).
  8. I would lump MC and the artist in different spheres. The artist only has a certain number of seats for quite a while unlike Microcenter. Microcenter can also offer corporate or semi-corporate accounts (which I think they do) for those who might spend the money to clearly go over, but may be a builder (it opens the door to distribution of products). The artist only has those few seats to fill and that is all and he should be able to have a bit more control (not complete though).
  9. We're looking at it as if communism and capitalism were on a number line when an xy plane or even xyz system is more appropriate. Communism is basically a superflat organization model where everyone shares all and no one moves up or down by much and it requires an authoritarian hierarchy which could be democratic, oligarchic, or monarchic, etc. while unfettered capitalism would basically be a pyramid with a tapering top. You're given an opportunity to get to the top, but authoritarian regulations are once again needed and only those with the money already in hand would be able to do anything they want and this system would again have various forms of management from dem, olig, or monarchy. Best thing to do is separate economic policy from social policy from institutional policy is then determine how a system would balance itself out. Being fair negates being free. As soon as you put a regulation, you remove the freedom for whoever has the ability to encroach and give more fairness to those who would be encroached.
  10. "It's better so you're willing to pay more for basically no gain." How about putting those gov't subsidies to work like they were supposed to from the start?
  11. My preferred way to deal with this would be to only allow a certain margin allowed as a reseller and to require anyone purchasing more than x (hopefully low like 3 or 4, I don't know what typical group size is, so don't take that as recommended) tickets to provide ID before purchase and to only allow websites to be authorized in changing the person's name and ID from the reseller's to the buyer's.
  12. Banned for making me almost use a "your mom" joke in an off-topic thread. Also, the fakeCIA is after our mothers. Also, just take her. I insist!
  13. Banned for reminding me being acting like my mother.
  14. Banned for being as vague as my non-existent wife.
  15. Quick reminder that "unelectable" Bernie, America's dad, beat "highest electability" sleepy Joe Biden by double the votes in Nevada... 


    If this were war, we'd have lost HQ and still have been planning front line defenses.

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    2. ARikozuM


      I stand with Bernie on this one. I didn't like that Obama basically gave them free reign in his campaign. We give Israel a lot of money and support, thus they should hold our values of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Attacking Palestine and barring their ports is not what this country should be funding. 

    3. CircleTech


      Will benie sanders give the millitarys budget to NASA?

    4. ARikozuM


      No idea. I'd rather put it towards infrastructure, education, and scientific research. NASA does provide a lot of skilled jobs and revenue to the country, so they should get their budgets raised to what it was percent-wise in the 60's when they landed a man on the moon.

  16. Just give me a fucking Xbox-themed case with the disc drive and software that I need to build a badass HTPC out of. Edit: Hopefully it comes with outputs to connect with a home theater system.
  17. Banned for revealing the endgame we knew you were going for.
  18. Banned for wanting organization when disorder is your ballpark.
  19. Banned FORE for not seeing the golf ball coming your way.
  20. Banned for not also asking if that was rhetorical or a mis-punctuated question.
  21. How badass am I?


    SO BADASS... that I finished up my move goal (calorie) by swinging around in my chair. 

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    2. ARikozuM


      1500 only.

    3. RorzNZ


      Yes sorry 

    4. greenmax


      Linus cant build anything, remember the desk pc LOLOLOLOL

  22. I use it for weekly and monthly backups and it's never failed me the few times I've had to use it.