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    Looking for waifu, please apply within.
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    I like long walks through monster-infested forests with my faithful canine partner. #AllTheXPandGold
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  1. I love my job.


    Except when people tell me their dog drinks plenty of water from his 12 fl oz water bowl, because "I fill it twice a day". 


    Seriously, if your dog only drinks 24 fl.oz. of water a day, he's likely dehydrated and only looking for a fresh source of water. 


    If I ever become a serial killer, I'll be a cereal killer. Seriously, I will kill people by feeding them cereal without liquids. 

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    2. Ryan_Vickers


      Not to mention that depending on your climate, evaporation may take a surprising portion of that.

    3. ARikozuM


      I live in Florida, breathing out is enough to cure a human. 



      Cure refers to drying and preservation.


    4. Ryan_Vickers


      Alright well then probably not much of a concern then :P 

  2. Unless it's causing him difficulties, let him be. Option 1: I've heard that some smokers will grab a pen barrel and stuff it with cotton or gauze and use that to stimulate the oral fixation while using a nicotine patch to lower the withdrawal symptoms. It takes time, but I know next to 30 smokers that have used the technique at the recommendation of a psychologist. Option 2: Tell him that you've been smoking and you'd like to quit. I'll let you act out the ruse. Option 3: Helping him cut back by rewarding him in various ways. Quit for a day and you'll wash his car the next day. Quit for two days and you'll clean the house. Quit for a third and you'll do something else; just think of what chores you're designated. Option 4: Buy him a cigar and slowly transition to a smaller dose of nicotine until he can withdraw from it completely. Option 5: Leave him be and ask him to exercise. It should help his body adjust to a different stimuli or reveal his shortcomings.
  3. NCIX Data breach 2018

    It may not be a breach of their systems in technical terms, but it is a breach of consumer protections and data handling.
  4. Bluetooth on Desktop Without a Dongle

    I'm talking about Bluetooth, not wireless-X, dongles. There's no server to access or reacquire.
  5. I'd prefer to buy tickets directly from the venue, as is the case with the Van Wezel.
  6. Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic

    I don't know. First time I've heard of it. Hopefully it's emulation as I have no interest in the PlayStation console.
  7. Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic

    Holy sh#t. Someone at Sony fell off their rocker and actually did something reasonable.
  8. Bluetooth on Desktop Without a Dongle

    It could be, but unless you're at the extreme end of range, you should be more than fine. Loss of USB ports is only an issue for motherboards using all of the available connectors. It also lets you use a hidden flash drive that holds an image or backup of your machine.
  9. Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic

    I'd rather not use PS3 or PS4. I'd like the games to be on PC or, at the least, available for steaming on PC. Also, I really hope you bought Jumpin' Flash under duress.
  10. Bluetooth on Desktop Without a Dongle

    You can get this to hide the receiver inside the case. https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Motherboard-Header-Adapter-USBMBADAPT2/dp/B002GNU2V6
  11. ECC RAM help

    Not true. Not all ECC memory have the extra pins associated, and noted, with buffering or being registered.
  12. @leadeater mentioned Legend of Dragoon...


    I'm staring at the game discs while holding the RCA cables for my PlayStation... 



    1. leadeater


      Doooo it

    2. leadeater
    3. ARikozuM


      That worm or snake represents everything wrong with life during the PS1...


      Looks like they took barrels and fixed them together... 


  13. Has everyone not noticed that the title says "is unbarable"? As in totally legit and shouldn't be discredited.
  14. My MCB professor:


    Gram-positive bacteria are basically jelly sandwiches made correctly; with tons of jelly.  


    Gram's reaction just replaces the delicious jelly with grape jelly.




    [begins crying]

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    2. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      Barney's final form...

    3. ARikozuM


      What kind of tissue is that? 

    4. captain_to_fire


      The kids have been duped. Barney is actually a H&E stained glandular epithelial monstrosity. xD

  15. I think it's a case of "Saving Private Ryan vs CoD: W@W". On the one hand, you have people saying that SPR (Saving Private Ryan) is a "historical reenactment" of a possible moment in history and should be viewable for all to see in all its gory detail. But since W@W is a fictional piece of historical media it must be held to a higher, or lower, standard to make its rating appropriate.