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  1. I actually like charging bases for the car and office since moving around is important and pick up and go is more appropriate. Docks are just crap excuses for convenience especially when paired with a water-resistant case like a Griffin or Otterbox.
  2. This is a good thing. I'm hoping that I'll be able to charge all my small devices (3DS, phones, cameras, etc) without having to place them on a dock.
  3. Great monitor for those choosing to go with triple in-line or dual verticals.
  4. You have my condolences.
  5. Most users have cloud data and lightning to USB adapters are about $7.
  6. What are your needs? What programs are you using? What chipsets are we talking about?
  7. I am, but this news story is fluff for the sake of fluffing the day. Why don't you research a way for me to cool my PC or fuel my car with bourbon/applejack.
  8. Are we now dissecting ad videos as "tech news"? 'Tis a sad day.
  9. Your numbers are off for numerous reasons.
  10. Get the 120GB, now. Use it for only the OS and programs and use another SSD for the games. This way you can keep any mods separate from the system and cloning becomes easier for you.
  11. Aside from complications arising later, none. I wouldn't bother deleting them since they don't take up much space. Windows Defender Advanced can likely be deleted with no issues, though.
  12. help

    Delete the hidden drivers and software for the mouse from within Device Manager. Find the folder where Razer puts user profiles and delete that as well. I would advise doing this with another mouse.
  13. Check diskpart through CMD. If you were making a bootable drive, there is a chance that the controller became damaged and will likely never be fixed.
  14. I would. It's not like people join a game and are automatically good at it. Everyone will start with an average near the 1.0 mark and either stay there or barely increase.
  15. People also misuse "single-threaded" and "multi-threaded" quite often as well. For example, BF1. It's a "multi-threaded" application. Sure. It uses more than one core, but very few of its calculations are handled by multiple cores. Each bullet is directed by one core the whole way (each core can handle hundreds of these "bullets", but back to the point) and having to "multi-thread" the calculations would indicate that BULLET 1 is traveling from point A to B on CORE 1 and then going to CORE 2 for points B to C. Having to pass off these calculations would be a waste of time when milliseconds determine "hey it hits that guy" and "it hits massive landmass, i.e. you suck". 2nd point. Check Resource Manager. You'll find that all programs are using at least one thread... What's that program using 192 threads? I have a 4790K! I should only have 8 "threads"... No. You (I?) have 8 logical cores. Intel has done quite a bit to improve parallelization of their CPU architectures and programs aren't fully utilizing everything that is under the hood.