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    Intel i5-4690K @ 4.5GHz
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    MSI Z97S SLI Plus
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    Kingston Blue 2x8GB 1600mhz, Kingston Black 2x8GB 1600mhz
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    EVGA GTX 1080 8GB FTW ACX 3.0 (installed ICX cooler)
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    Fractal Design R5 Black w/ Window
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    Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2 (OS), Samsung 850 EVO 500GB (Skyrim, seriously), Western Digital Blue 2TB (Storage), Western Digital Black 3TB (Gaming)
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    EVGA SuperNOVA P2 750W 80+ Platinum Fully Modular
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    3x LG 22MP55 (L/C/R), 1x Dell S2240T Touchscreen (Top)
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    be quiet! Pure Rock
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    Logitech G910
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
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    Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (256 wasn't available)
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  1. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Bring it, risu-chan!
  2. Don't do it. Go to CFL i5 if you need an upgrade. Otherwise, don't bother going from quad-core to similar quad-core.
  3. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    +1 Respect -1 Respect -1 Respect
  4. Coffee lake bottleneck?

    GPU will be your bottleneck, but don't worry too much. You may have to lower settings to get 144Hz, though visual quality will still be high.
  5. If the budget allows a Z-chipset, I'd do it for the faster memory and overall add-ons and I/O they bring with them. It also leaves you open for overclocking, which is far easier these days, in the future with a K-series. The 8400 is doing very well in rendering tasks and is even being recommended over on the Autodesk forum (overclocking is a no-no over there since instability means lost work or errors) for new students due to the strong single-core performance over six cores and lack of hyper-threading (Autodesk only gains 15% with hyper-threading since things happen fast enough that scheduling is wasted time). For Word and such, I don't know... But I'm guessing that some people might be interested to know how fast a chip is over the other if that's the creative suite they're involved in.
  6. black ops 3 on a g3258?

    Check Resource Monitor to see what takes your CPU while gaming.
  7. X99 prices are quite a bit down at the moment as people are moving to X299 and Z370. Some people are actually going from SB/HSW to X99 for those 5820K that are being off-loaded.
  8. Any Rocket League Players around?

    Is there crossplay for console-PC? If there is, feel free to hit me up between 8-10PM EST.
  9. Games that use multiple cores are not entirely multi-threaded applications. The use of multiple cores or a single core does not indicate multi-threaded functions or single-threaded functions. Most engines will have a mixture of both as the benefits are different for either type of function. There just isn't much in games that can be effectively split without causing issues (AI walking one way before turning around indicates that a call arrived too late so most engines put AI on a linear path to simulate intelligence), for example weather and fog can be multi-threaded in shooters because it can be approximated without detriment, but bullets and destruction can't since everything has to happen sequentially for "realism". Also, most engines use four cores which is why the i5 hexa-cores get much the same performance as the i7 quad-cores (HT is assigned by your OS and CPU, the engine has no control over it aside from making its scheduler/functions work well with hyper-threading. Games that will use more than four cores will see a true benefit to the hexa-core as everything can be saturated or offset.
  10. 8400 against 1600 shows the 8400 meeting or beating the 1600 in most workloads. Someone actually posted graphs above me. The 1600X beats the i5 once while the 1600 stays behind by ~4%.
  11. When Will Consumer Volta GPUS Release?

    Release the 1090, Nvidia! I need that frame-rate for 5760x1080 gaming!
  12. Google already owns and serves you half of your life.
  13. Everything that was wrong with The Evil Within seems to have been fixed in the sequel. Tense moments remain tense, gore isn't as pervasive, and atmosphere and audio are completely revamped. Difficulty on medium is about where I'd expect it, challenging but fair aside from the [REDACTED]. The protagonist's nightmares are very tense even though the danger is essentially avoided by retreating hastily. The story is also more easily digested as opposed to the original with notes and memories. 


    I will attempt to write a Member Review for the game once I'm done in a week or so since I'm a slow burner when it comes to games. 


    TL;DR: Worth buying at $60 for the time being. Very creepy, good audio and scenery, and good difficulty.