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  1. No not over heating ,but even while under load the CPU will reach 85+c running aida64 the fans will not increase at all !! surely their should increase ? making a fan curve in the BIOS makes no difference at all . thats what im trying to do , ( low speed while idling and ramp up while gaming above 50c )
  2. Yes all fans are plugged in to the 4 pin fan headers , ( how ever their connected with a splitter) two to the sys fan 1 and two to the sys fan 2 fans are the corsair sp120 PWM's yes the bios is the latest from MSI ..
  3. Is this issue with "all" b450 mobo or just MSI's ? is there a fix for my MSI mobo ? ( work around ?)
  4. Is that b450 MAX ( or standard b450 ) mobo ? Might return this one and pick up a b450 ( none MAX and not MSI ) and just do the bios update on it , too get it to work with the 3600
  5. Yes all set to PWM , Even if i set them back to default , their only running at about 40/50% at best under load might try and flash back to the previous BIOS see if that makes any difference ..
  6. Built a 3600 and MSI b450m mortar max system over the weekend , and have noticed that i don't have any "real" control over my fanseven setting a fan curve in the BIOS has no real effect as to how their should be responding !PWM set to all sys fans in the BIOS , but only seem to be spinning at half speed ( i know they'll go faster - same case and fans as my last rig )anyone else noticed that they fans ain't doing what they should be doing ?MSI commander pro , seems to work ( but after a restart i have readjust them to were i want them again ( which isn't convenient at all )speedfan - doesn't work ( too out dated )
  7. Funny you should bring this up , i have just graded to ryzen and tried overclock the GPU . and it worked , haven't had much testing but at the moment its +115 +500 on the mem the only thing i can think of is the last mobo (z97 ) just didn't want to play nicely how ever my new b450m is happy to let me OC the zotac .
  8. OK thanks guys , i knew about the XMP , just wasn't sure if i "needed" to changes the timings or not , i want to keep the PC as stock as possible , so it will less likely cause problems for my friend , who's not that clued up on these kind of things .. (overclocking or changing the ram timings ) thanks again
  9. Thank you both @5x5 is it necessary to "tighten" the timings , only asking as the build i'm doing will be for a friend , so he will be taking care of the PC once it's built , and he doesn't know a great deal when it comes to stuff like this , so i'm wanting the PC to be "stock" as possible @Brent744 did your ram work straight away , or did you have to mess around with the timings ? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm putting together a new build it will be just for gaming , MSI b450 , ryzen 2600 just one thing i want to check is the speed for the ram? , i keep reading that 3000mhz is the sweet spot for the R5 2600 , ( i do remember that ryzen had some compatibility issues last year too* ) is the 3000mhz still the "sweet spot " or can use 3200mhz ram ? like this one from corsair https://www.scan.co.uk/products/16gb-2x8gb-corsair-ddr4-vengeance-lpx-black-pc4-25600-3200-non-ecc-unbuff-cas-16-135v-amd-ryzen-opti * Does Ryzen still have compatibility issues with regards to ram makes Thanks
  11. Yea it wasn't the best way to test the GPU , but at least i know the card will overclock and im not just stuck at stock settings , so im going to look for a new PSU , TBH i have thought that the 600w may have not been enough to run the system before i bought the 1080ti , with it been a low end PSU , it is/was just fine to run the PC when i only used it for a HTPC , but seen as iv now added some extra high end parts , i think it will be a good idea to buy a new PSU ..
  12. No it won't let me adjust anything without crashing , using MSI's afterburner... if i move just the power limit , and start heaven benchmarking tool it will crash , same goes for core and mem clocks, can't slide up or it will crash ...... so basically im stuck at stock speeds,,, BUT!!! and a big BUT !!!!! iv just tried the corsair 650w PSU i have , and just using the PCIe cables and a jumper for the 24pin i connected the cables to the GPU , ( not the best way to test a GPU i know ) but was able to overclock the card to +120 on the core , +500 on the mem and increase the power limit as well , tested heaven for about 30 mins and all was well ., also tested a few games too and they ran just fine too . also testing the mem chips with a digital laser IR infrared thermometer they are sitting happy in the mid 50's ( so i don't have to worry about them) So, it looks like i need a new high Wattage PSU if i want to overclock or just leave the card at stock speeds, HAHA no chance!!!!! , iv overclocked everything iv got , can't leave this at stock haha which has got me thinking , it must be running at it's max capacity ( the EVGA 600w) that is is there now , if all it takes to crash my PC is too slide the power limit up then it may a good idea to get a new PSU ...
  13. That's the thing , it will not let me increase the voltage or power limits the card will just crash .... i know 1080ti's ain't the best for over clocking , i have an other one from msi, and that will only allow me to add 110 on the core and 500 on the mem but something is better than nothing,, anyways ) i tried down-clocking the clocks and it worked just fine , however just uninstalled the drives and downloaded the latest , ( i think i was already on the latest ones anyways ) fired up heaven , let it ran for a little while , went to increase the power limit , and with 30 secs it's crashed ...( nothing on the core or mem ) so ... i have a corsair 650w PSU ,just sat doing nothing , going to try one and see if helps in anyway, if not my last option is to get some little heatsinks for the mem chips on the card and see if that may help ... if that is a fail , then i have been very unlucky ( but on the bright side , i can game at 4k on my 4k tv tho -instead of 1440p which is what i was doing with the 1070ti ..
  14. Yes it's the B version haven't dropped the clocks will give it a try , you mentioned the drivers , i have just replaced the card from a 1070 ti , but haven't reinstalled the drivers will use DDU and install the drivers again ...and see how it goes ...
  15. The PSU is a EVGA 600w 80+ bronzes the stock clocks 1890/1911mhz on the core (slightly dropping as the temp rises) mem are about 5508mhz