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  1. Melchio

    FiiO E09K & E17 good desktop combo?

    Instead to open a new topic i'm writing here a question about the fiio e09K. What if i'll use e09k with headphone and for amp a regular 2.1 by using rca lineout? will it works?
  2. What kind of keyboard stand is that? http://linustechtips.com/main/gallery/image/9299-p4248626/
  3. lol, sorry me first for my obscene english...Btw i can't understand what is the box under your monitor
  4. Your monitor is on of...?!
  5. ok you don't care about looks but better cable managment (first of all) improve air flow plus low hardware temp..in other word more health for your system. It's easy, your case have all the necessary for that.
  6. Cover that gorgeous green nvidia logo is a shame..why not a 350D or 550D or fractal R4?
  7. oh gosh, dat cable management...fix it or change forum!!!!
  8. Melchio

    A quick question about iPod

    iPod Shuffle 5th gen has 2 Gigabytes of flash memory...but how real is this spec? Someone can tell me the real space storage? for example my old 20G iPod video has 17G of space indeed
  9. Melchio

    ingame audio info

    I need to know it because sometimes i turn on dolby headphones from my xonar dgx but the result sucks because games has no "DD output"..in that cases stereo is the best way for play.
  10. Melchio

    ingame audio info

    not always unfortunately
  11. Melchio

    ingame audio info

    When i play games i wish to know exactly what kind of audio source i am listening, like stereo or Dolby Digital..Is there a way to visualize that info?
  12. Melchio

    Looking for new in-ears $100-150

    SE215's are certainly awesome in according to users and reviews, but what's the point to spend over 100$ for inear headphones?! In my point of view A - if you are a runner buy a cheaper model, it will be fine anyway..when you are running it's has no sense to listen every hidden sound of the instrument, just drop the bass and run! B - if you travel buy a closer headphones, for that price you have tons of models even with low impedence. C - if you are at home follow B D - if you are a musician buy a real custom inear monitor (if you're rich) or just follow B. In my opinion of course
  13. Melchio


    Yes, cx300 are great but i'm not sure they fit shape..i aways use inear "not linear" like this http://www.eardio.com/images/ie/MDR-EX85LP.jpg http://asset3.cbsistatic.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim/2012/08/23/Klipsch_Image_S4i_Rugged_blue_35370345_02_610x436.jpg Easy to insert inside and (i think) with more isolation result
  14. Melchio


    My sony inear headphones are dying and i was looking for something like this: totally noise cancellation heavy bass inear I'll use for running and cardio routine Like some of you said, razer Hammerhead are nice but i'm afraid they are too big.