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About Mr.Other

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  • Birthday 1998-05-13

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    Radovan#8280 ; https://discord.gg/YMRUx
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    Bosnia and Herzegovina
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    Technology,PC,Games,HTML, YouTube etc.
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    I've been studying, making videos for youtube, playing games, etc
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  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 4670, Haswell, 4 x 3.4 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-B85M-D2V
  • RAM
    KINGSTON 4 GB 1600 MHz x2
  • GPU
  • Case
    Blueberry BC V11
  • Storage
    HDD WD640GB
  • PSU
    520 W
  • Display(s)
    Fujitsu Display B22W-5 ECO
  • Cooling
    Air Cooling
  • Keyboard
    The oldest in the world
  • Mouse
    Stylish Optical Mouse - NetScroll 100 http://goo.gl/QcDCb8
  • Sound
    Headphones - SONY
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Mr.Other

    Best VPN of 2019?

    Yo, I like your answer. I also thought about going with NordVPN.
  2. Mr.Other

    Best VPN of 2019?

    Yo, what is the MAX speed of the ProtonVPN for that free option?
  3. Mr.Other

    Best VPN of 2019?

    Hi there, I was wondering what would be the best VPN to use in 2019? 1. NordVPN 2. SaferVPN 3. TunnelBear 4. Private Internet Access 5. Speedify 6. Proxy.sh 7. PureVPN 8. ExpressVPN 9. IPVanish 10. HideMyAss 11. CyberGhost 12. Hotspot Shield 13. TorGuard 14. Buffered VPN 15. VyprVPN 16. HideIPVPN 17. Norton WiFi Privacy 18. Overplay 19. OEM VPN Unlimited 20. ButterflyVPN Router Have you guys used any of these? Are they good? I was thinking something like PIA or NordVPN, PIA offers up to 10 devices, and NordVPN up to 6. But then again NordVPN is able to go around Netflixs VPN Block and PIA isn't... Edit: Which is the fastest one? For example if I had 1Gbps internet connection, on which VPN would I be able to get that as well? Or something close? Edit2: I wanted to buy 2-3 year license... My top choices are NordVPN and PIA...
  4. Mr.Other

    Time Menager? What?

    Any idea what is this? just showed up.... and it went away...
  5. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    Yeah, that was my idea as well, I mean Corsair always makes pretty decent PSUs so I can't make a bad decision if I go with them. Thank you!
  6. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    Thanks, I will look at those !
  7. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    No said you had to reply to my post. So you could have watched your video or you could have played your game. No one is forcing you to reply to my post.....
  8. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    I have not been ignoring them, this one is much more expensive and it's from Cooler Master. That is why I asked.
  9. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    Okay, I found this one MasterWatt Lite 230V (ErP 2013) 600W - Green power supply with ErP 2013 certified How about it?
  10. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    How about this one? Evga B1 500W 80+ Bronze Can I run Rx570 from this? I think it has 2 8-pin cables..
  11. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    Unfortunately not a single one of those is available in that store.... Plus prices are not the same here and in USA
  12. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    I know that, but the money is the issue..... here, average job monthly paycheck is 300USD...
  13. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    really? Only that one? There is nothing cheaper that is good?
  14. Mr.Other

    My PC is freezing...

    Yeah I know, but I don't have 2nd PC... That is a problem.... and I don't know what else to do...
  15. Mr.Other

    Buying new PSU, is this good?

    Oh no, I didn't buy it! That is my OLD power supply, It has been serving me without an issue for 5 years now. I am still looking for new PSU... I can only buy parts from this store : The Store And you have the picture above, how to filter only for PSUs.... What do you think, which one should i get from those? My budget is 110KM or 65USD (for PSU). Thank you for commenting and helping!