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  1. I like posts like this, because they show that no product is perfect, even tho people love to think that. I was never a Logitech fan, but bought recently a G403, which I like. But I always remember the times when Logitech was only producing incredibly cheap products that didn't work. Somehow they managed to become a premium brand. Good for them I guess.
  2. Have you looked at the affect of ECC RAM on workstations? What does "all those features" mean? Which features specificaly? It doesn't matter whether a PC has been custom build or made by an OEM. For example a tried and tested controller chip can make huge differences in certain work enviroments. You also didn't get my point. Again, I'm not voting for either team. That'd be stupid. The person that is making the buying decision should know what they're getting into and I'm simply providing information. I really don't know what you're trying to achieve.
  3. Yes, games do cost more a lot of the time and yes there are online-fees associated with owning a console. But the upfront cost of owning a console is very low. I don't want to go into detail about costs tho. They depend so much on time of purchase and location. In Germany (where I live) the $500 console basically doesn't exist. I've seen Playstation 4s being sold for 249€. The prices are like wild rollercosters. Design is subjective. If someone likes the design, what are you going to argue with? That your taste is simply better?
  4. Performance isn't always the only thing that matters, especially when it comes to important work. Reliability is important... a streamlined work process... quick support for a certain platform for troubleshooting. And no, I'm not saying that a AMD CPU can't have or be any of those things. I'm just saying: "Look into it. Don't forget the oither side, as bad as it might look like right now."
  5. In my opinion the most ignored factor in comparisons between consoles and PCs is time. New console releases don't happen as often as PC hardware releases. So there is a large value difference between the beginning and the end of a console lifecycle. When the XBox One came out it was a very competitive system and very hard to beat with a PC at a similar price point. Now it's easier for a PC to have a better value, but when the new XBox Series X has launched this will most likely change again. I think it is also important to measure value not only by performance and price, but also by subjective aspects. Some people might just like the very streamlined experience of a console or the very simple user interface or clean design.
  6. Depending on the exact application and task a Intel CPU will outperform an AMD CPU. That has simply to do with how Adobe optimizes their workloads. Check out how close the 9900K comes to AMD's 12 core in Puget's testing. I'd check out their benchmarks before making a decision. You can find them by simply googling for "Puget Systems Adobe" Source https://www.pugetsystems.com/recommended/Recommended-Systems-for-Adobe-Premiere-Pro-143/Hardware-Recommendations
  7. First thing that came to mind is a DHCP problem. Got some other device with a HDMI output? Could be a camera, laptop, anything really.
  8. The idea is to mount the GPU vertically with an adapter or mount it into a lower PCI-e slot. I'm not quite sure how exactly I will do it, but getting an appropriate CPU cooler is the first step and then I'll figure it out from there. I won't be using the rear fan mount. I'm currently using a Ryzen 7 2700 with 2x 16GB of G.Skill Aegis. The RAM doesn't have any heatspreaders on it. I know a 2700 doesn't require a huge cooler, but I will upgrade sooner or later and I'd like to have some headroom so the fans can run fairly slow.
  9. I'm using a Jonsbo UMX4. It's one of those cases that uses bottom to top airflow for a cleaner design.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a high performance air cooler, that can be vertically mounted on a AM4 motherboard. (Bottom > Top airflow) It also must be black. So basically I'm looking for a unicorn. Possible contenders are: Noctua NH-U12S Chromax.Black Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black (165mm, might be too tall) be quiet! Dark Rock 4 be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 be quiet! Dark Rock Slim Phanteks PH-TC14PE Alpenföhn Brocken 3 Black Edition (165mm, might be too tall) Arctic Freezer 33 I'm just not sure whether i can mount any of these vertically. Maybe some of you either have any of those coolers or know of any alternatives? Price doesn't matter.
  11. The AIO pump plugs into the W_PUMP header and the fans in the CPU_FAN header. Or at least they should. The CHA_FAN headers are really just for case fans. There isn't any difference tho between these headers. It's just so its easier for you to know what device you plugged into which header. But one thing you have to know is, that the CPU_FAN headers are always controlled by the CPU temperature. This can often be changed within the BIOS. You'll figure it out tho. Its not rocket science
  12. Towards the left my friend. There is only one way it will go in. Just try it, you'll see what we mean.
  13. The connectors have guides that line up the pins correctly.
  14. I played Doom 2016 already. I'm waiting for a sale on the new one. Dead cells looks neat. I'll give that a shot! I tried Torchlight 2 a long time ago and didn't really get into the gameplay back then. Since then it has been sitting in my Steam catalog. Maybe I'll give that another try. Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. Hey everyone, I just finished Mafia 3 and need something not so serious for a change now. So I'm looking for some sort of fantasy RPG that doesn't take itself too seriously. Should be fast-pased with great gameplay. Don't care about the story right now. Just lots of action, blood and fun. Basically Bulletstorm in fantasy RPG form. Oh yeah and if it isn't too expensive that would be a plus! I'm not in the mood to spend more than 40€.
  16. You can get 10Gbit 8-port switches at around 300-400€, so probably also for 300-400USD. But each client needs a 10Gbit NIC to take full advantage and each costs at least 100USD. Netgear has the XS500 and XS700 10Gbit switches. I never worked with them, but might be worth checking out. When it comes to VLAN... idk. I'm a fan of good old subnets. Just an idea. I'm no network engineer
  17. Those error messages are pretty generic. Usuallly you won't find out much about them. But you can try to google it. A fresh Windows install should certainly fix the issue and is probably the best idea. If that doesn't help, try the CMOS reset and different RAM and/or disable XMP. Early AMD chips had issues with RAM compatibility, so it might be that after a while RAM that was previously stable at a rated XMP speed is suddenly not stable anymore. But yeah, give the fresh Windows install a shot first. It's probably the easiest way to get rid of the issue. Btw.: You don't need to send me PNs every time you update the post. I get notified about new posts automatically when you're quoting me PS. Check your S.M.A.R.T. values with Crystal Disk Info. Just to make sure that your hard drive is in good shape.
  18. It only makes sense that a second monitor would impact performance quite a bit. After all your GPU now has to push out potentially double the amount of pixels. If you have a CPU with integrated graphics, you can try to connect the second monitor to that instead and see if that changes anything or the other way around depending on where it is plugged in right now.
  19. What about the power supply and storage? Have you checked all power connectors? Have you tried a CMOS reset? Is the memory frequency profile enabled? If yes, disable it. Are all temperatures okay? You can check temperatures in combination with a stress-test such as Valley-Benchmark
  20. I assume your motherboard has a 8-pin CPU power connector and if I understood correctly, one part of the 8-pin connector, which consists out of two 4-pin modules, came out. It is very common that lower end CPUs and motherboards only use 4 pins of the available 8. This also means that general functionality is available to higher end CPUs with only 4 pins plugged in. I imagine that some of the power that is provided to the PCI-e slot comes from those additional 4 pins. But because those weren't plugged in, the chipset or CPU decided to disable the PCI-e slot partially. Just a guess tho. I don't know for sure. It could also be, that your CPU requires a certain amount of power or simply all of the pins to be plugged in, to supply the PCI-e slot with all of the available PCI-e lanes. You could test this, by simply removing the 4-pin power plug again and plugging the GPU into the 2nd PCI-e slot. The PCI-e lanes for that slot should be provided by the chipset.
  21. We need more information to help you out. System specs Any overclocks or changes made within the BIOS Any recent changes made within Windows (new programs, etc.) Anything that has recently changed and could cause this issue
  22. Yes, you need an update. You need at least 5.40 If you decide to update your BIOS, follow the steps carefully on this page: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350M/index.asp#BIOS You shouldn't simply jump from 4.50 to 5.40!
  23. Good guess. The last time I saw a red PCB was on my ATi X1600 Pro ... from 2005.
  24. The most likely cause for this issue is the pump or the header it is plugged into. So the first thing I would do, is to plug the pump into a different fan header, assuming it actually plugs into a fan header at all. I never touched a X52 before You can also check whether the pump is working or not by either feeling the pump cover, which should vibrate slightly or listen to it. Simply put your ear next to it and you should hear a noticeable humming noise. (Make sure you don't mistake it for the fans' noise) I assume you don't have an air cooler, since your 6700K doesn't come with one. But in case you have one, replace your AIO with a different cooler and see if that changes anything. I don't think the temp sensor failed. Usually they then either read some ridiculous numbers like a billion °C or simply read 0°C. These temps look way to realistic for it to have failed. Btw.: Don't worry about your CPU. Your CPU will throttle itself down to prevent it from overheating or will shut down before any damage can occur. Keep in mind Intel specifies a TjMax for the 6700K at 100°C. (For some reason they got rid of TjMax on Intel Ark and replaced it with Tcase which is specified at 64°C. Doesn't make any sense tho. Weird...)
  25. I recently heard about OpenELEC the first time by browsing through the different VM options in unraid. I haven't tried it yet, but an alternative to it seems to be LibreELEC. Might be worth checking out: https://libreelec.tv/