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  1. davidarad02

    Audio Technica M50xBT vs SR50BT

    Hello. I am in the market for new, overear, wireless headphones. A while ago my Wired M50x broke, and since then I've been using speakers and some cheap earbuds, and I've finally decided to buy a new pair. Since I liked my previous pair so much, and since my OnePlus 6t doesn't have a headphone jack, the natural path is the M50xBT, but when going through Audio Technica's website I saw the SR50BT for the same 200 Eur. I get the basic differences like the Active noise canceling from the SR, but I'm interested in the sound quality difference. Is there any? Because if one pair sounds the same as the other one and has a very nice feature for the same price, it seems like a no-brainer, but it feels like there's a catch. So the question, is there any major difference between the two pairs, in the sound quality department?
  2. davidarad02

    Help me decide on a laptoo

    Oops guys, I put the wrong first laptop, this is the correct ome: http://en.ksp.co.il/?select=&list=1&sort=2&glist=0&uin=32704&txt_search=IdeaPad+510-15&buy=&minprice=0&maxprice=0&intersect=.. I can afford anything around 3000 so both of them are fine. Now that everything is set, what do you think now?
  3. Hey, it's back to school season, and I need a new laptop and your help. I will start learning programming this year, so I need a new laptop. I am somewhat of a computer geek so I know computer hardware, although I do need you to tell me what computer is better for my needs and has the better set of compromises. Here is what I'm debating between: Lenovo IdeaPad 500-15: http://en.ksp.co.il/?select=&list=1&sort=2&glist=0&uin=32703&txt_search=IdeaPad+510-15&buy=&minprice=0&maxprice=0&intersect=.. Lenovo yoga 500-15: http://en.ksp.co.il/?select=&list=1&sort=2&glist=0&uin=31618&txt_search=Yoga+500-15&buy=&minprice=0&maxprice=0&intersect=.. Thanks.
  4. davidarad02

    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Giveaway

    dat smart switch is what linus likes to call "the bees knees" or whatever
  5. Hi. I have a very strange issue with my PC, and I would like some help. for quite a while now I have been experiencing a strage issue. while playing CS:GO, with 2 chrome tabs open (one with a youtube video and one with backround music), I'm reaching 100% on my RAM (which is a 2x4GB G.Skill sniper series kit, I do plan to pick a second one up sometime next month), while in task manager, when you add up the ram usage, it doesn't go over 3.5-4GB (5GB is a worst case scenario). this problem causes the video and music to glitch out, and CS:GO to stop working proparly. A restart fixes this problem (obviousally), but not for long. I hope you could help me with this... Other general system specs: Core i7 4790k @ 4.7GHz MSI GTX 970 @ 1545MHz Windows 10 Pro. G.Skill 2x4GB 1600MHz Sniper kit. MSI z97 Gaming 5
  6. look. for a while I was on the insider version of windows 10, then I bought windows 8.1 pro student editing, and did a clean install. after that, I intalled windows 10. as simple as that.
  7. I cant do that unfortunantly, do you know of anything that this might have come from?
  8. First of all, hi, and thanks for helping me with my problem. I've been experiencing a strange issue with RAM usage after a day of using the PC. What I mean is when the end of the day kicks in, im starting to see strange studdering in my cs go matches, and audio pops (and stops) every once in a while. adding to that, every time I alt-tab out of cs go to get to chrome, it takes some time to get out, and a TON of time getting back it. but the wierdest thing about this is that when I check the RAM usage in the task manager, the highest usage from a process is the OS itself, but it's using only 200MB, with chrome and cs go trailing behind at 100-150MB. A system restart usually fixes it, but its inconvinient while in a match. when im playing my game, I have some chrome tabs open (not a ton), and one of them playing music. I also have task manager open (to monitor RAM usage), and CS:GO. I hope you can assist me with my problem... General system specs: OS: Fresh install of windows 10 pro (With some games and basic software installed). CPU: i7 4790k @ stock. RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz G.SKill sniper series. GPU: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G. (If you need anything more, just say so
  9. davidarad02

    Mobo Drivers

    download what you will need. for example, audio drivers, lan drivers, chipset drivers, bios, but you will probably wont need to install floppy drive drivers. use your common sense, and figure out what you will need.
  10. davidarad02

    What motherboard should I get?

    the asrock board is defenantly more feature rich, but with the rampage you get that asus quality, and you get all of those little but handy features that come with RoG boards... another thing to consider is asthetics, and one of them might not fit your theme (if you have one, you should anyway). also, there are some other boards you will want to consider: one is the Asus x99-e ws. I think that its basically the best x99 board (for a consumer). another one is the asrock x99 ws/10g, which will give you 2 10 gigabit ethernet ports (if you care about that). I'd recommend going for the Rampage from the two that you gave us, but i'll go for the WS board from asus any day of the week.
  11. davidarad02

    MSI Z97 PC MATE: 2 PCIe x16 slots

    if you put a single card on the lower slot, it will only run at 8x, and if you put the same card in the first slot, it will run at 16x, but if you put two of the cards if CF, both will be 8x. you shouldn't worry too much, as GPUs are nowhere close to using the bandwidth that a PCIe3 8x slot gives.
  12. davidarad02

    temp Concerns.

    Hi. I have an Intel core i7 4790k under a Noctua NH-D15, overclocked to 4.7GHz w/ 1.295v, and its totally stable. I did some thermal testing, and in any benchmark (except for prime95) my CPU is sitting in a comfortable 70-80C, except for prime95. there. my CPU Immediately goes up to 98C on all cores, and its still on 100% usage on all of the benchmarks and stress testers... is there something I should be concerened about with these results?
  13. davidarad02

    Motherboard BIOS driver.

    and after I finish all the tests and I find that everything's stable, should I keep the voltage inside the utility at a static voltage, or should I move to adaptive mode?
  14. davidarad02

    Motherboard BIOS driver.

    this, and the recommended one for the 4790k. both didnt work, but the one from the updator worked.