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  1. This guide is for a specific machine, the Dell Vostro 220(s). So I would say its safe to assume that if someone is following this guide they probably already have a machine and want to upgrade the CPU (so what you say in case A applies here). Otherwise I agree.
  2. Works for me? Alright, so tell me where do you reliably get an LGA 1155 board, a decent Sandy Bridge CPU and DDR3 RAM for 25 USD (the price of a Xeon E5450)? Given that you can’t, I still think this mod is very applicable if you need more power and you can’t afford spending more.
  3. You might as well try. The mod should work on all board that support a 1333MHz FSB (and your board seems to do that).
  4. The short answer is it will not damage the board if you do it properly, but:
  5. Might be worth asking the people over at r/thinkpad. The keyboards on most thinkpads are excellent and the trackpads are very good (taking into consideration that they dont have glass surfaces). Make sure to get an IPS panel if you want a good screen, the TN panels are usually pretty bad. Battery life depends on the external battery you get (24whr, 48whr or 72whr). With a 72whr external battery (72whr external and 24whr internal for 96whr total) battery life should be brilliant. Reviews here and here (and probably other places too).
  6. A look at "older" (probably post ultrabook introduction - sandy bridge and newer) used premium laptops (eg. T or X series thinkpads, XPS, Latitude, MBP/MBA) and comparing them to new alternatives (in terms of build, input devices, screen, i/o, features, ease of simple upgrades (ssd and battery would be important), performance etc) in the same price category could be interesting.
  7. Using utf8_encode might work: utf8_encode($text) You should also check that the default charset is UTF-8 with phpinfo().
  8. This. SSDs should be erased with Secure Erase, not overwrites like with spinning rust (eg. CCleaner only does overwrites and refuses to overwrite an SSD). This USB seems to be overwriting SSDs and not secure erasing them, making it no better than Darik's Boot and Nuke.
  9. The most they would see with a VPN would be high bandwidth going to or from your VPN provider.
  10. From the pinned comment on the video: "For any 1333MHz FSB CPU (eg. C2D E8400 C2Q Q9400) try this mod: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?232678-E8xxx-Q9xx0-FSB-1600-pin-mod" Note that upping the FSB to 1600MHz requires the 1600MHz FSB to be natively supported by the board; I have only succeeded in making it work in an ASUS P5Q Deluxe, which already has OC options in the BIOS, rendering the mod useless on that board.
  11. "Crossfire, except worse - for the gamer on a budget who hasn't discovered the used market" Dual Graphics is ambitious but rubbish (and kinda interesting).
  12. Should you run Crossfire with integrated graphics? When most people think of multiple graphics cards in the same system, they often think of two of the exact same card in Crossfire or SLI. While that is mostly true, especially in the case of SLI, AMD Crossfire is a little more lenient when it comes to what cards you can run together. Prefer b-roll over written text? Watch my video here: AMD crossfire has allowed two GPUs from the same GPU design to run together for a long time. For example, you can run a HD 6970 (Cayman XT) and a HD 6950 (Cayman PRO) in crossfire without too much trouble; the 6970 disables a few components to essentially become a HD 6950, and it’s off to the races. However, crossfire also allows for even weirder configurations. AMD Radeon HD 2400 XT AMD first did crossfire with integrated graphics in 2008 with HD 2400 and HD 3400 series cards being able to work in tandem with the integrated graphics in AMD 700 and 800 series chipsets. This was done again with AMDs APUs, but this time with the iGPU integrated in the CPU package instead of being on the motherboard. AMD calls this technology Hybrid Crossfire or Dual Graphics. AMD recommends a specific GPU for each APU that roughly matches the specifications of the APUs iGPU. In the case of my A10 6800K, this GPU is the HD 6670. However, you don’t have to oblige to these recommendations, which allows us to run the iGPU of an A10 6800K, a TeraScale 3 based GPU in crossfire with a HD 7750, a GCN 1.0 based GPU. AMD A10 6800K surrounded by a HD 5770, HD 7750 and a HD 6950 The setup process is fairly simple; install the dGPU and enable Dual Graphics in the UEFI and in Catalyst Control Center. Unsurprisingly though, this obscure crossfire configuration refused to work in any of the games I tried. It only worked in 3D Mark, showing decent scaling, but this isn’t exactly very useful if you want to play actual games instead of watching a benchmark all day. Furthermore, the Piledriver based CPU in the AMD A10 is truly terrible, being easily beaten by Conroe based Core 2 Quad at roughly the same clockspeed due to the poor multi thread scaling of the module based Piledriver architecture. So the AMD A10 6800K cant redeem itself as a powerful CPU either, and when it’s one of the fastest FM2(+) CPU available, the FM2(+) platform seems rather obsolete in 2018. So how do these parts perform? Benchmarks can also be found at at 2:00 in my video above. Benchmarks (image heavy): Testbench specs: So should you put an iGPU and a dGPU in crossfire? Definitely not. There is practically nothing that supports such a configuration, and AMDs FM2(+) platform lacks any modern fast CPUs to back it up. In the end, AMDs Dual Graphics was an interesting concept. If it had worked properly in games, it would have allowed for cheap GPU upgrades, perfect for the gamer on a budget (that hasn’t discovered the used market).
  13. We have this in Norway too, here is the website of the school closest to me offering this: http://tiller-elev.no/esport/
  14. I'm glad it worked for you! Interesting remark about issues only appearing in Windows 10.I wonder if Linux would be fine too, this might be a Windows only issue.
  15. The drivers should be for your specific mbp. If there are no windows 10 drivers, try windows 8 or 7 drivers, they usually work fine too.
  16. Yup, bootcamp drivers and a windows installer usb stick and you should be good to go if you know how to install windows
  17. If it already has OSX bootcamp is the easiest, as it hands you the drivers for you to put on a USB drive. When using my solution you either have to get the drivers from bootcamp before you nuke the drive in the windows installer or go searching the apple website for them.
  18. Should be quite simple, hold the alt key on startup to enter the bootselection menu, boot from your windows installer usb and install windows as you would do on any other computer. For drivers, get regular boot camp drivers (that you can download from the apple website I guess?).
  19. This thread seems to shed some light on upgrading the GPU in the 8540w: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/hp-elitebook-8540w-gpu-upgrade.786744/
  20. Here's the full doc from Intel on the status of microcode updates for their CPUs: https://newsroom.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2018/04/microcode-update-guidance.pdf I find it interesting how Gulftown is getting left out, but Westmere EP and WS have already been updated when they (to my knowledge) are very similar CPUs. Nice to see the W3670 in my server still being supported, just have to find a way of installing the microcode onto my X58 Sabertooth ?
  21. Q8200 has a 1333MHz FSB, this mod only works with 1066MHz FSB CPUs (clearly stated in forum post and video description).
  22. There are other similar mods for CPUs with 800MHz and 1333MHz FSBs.
  23. You have to run bootrec from a windows installer environment (e.g. boot of a win 10 usb) iirc.
  24. As far as I know those OptiPlexes use standard sata cables, have you tried the SSD? Should be as simple as plugging it in and installing windows.
  25. Wouldnt go higher than a 1030 with a Pentium D. A Core 2 Quad can easly slow down a 1050Ti in CPU heavy games.