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  1. Anyone else noticed that RTX2070 EVO from ASUS when you're in bios the fans are basically stopped and card is overheating like mad. One fan is off and the second one is barley spinning. Yea it has that auto stop fan function but in bios it doesn't work properly, the cards heat sink is over 65C and can burn your fingers off. Fans never ramp up in bios. This can't be normal right? MB is Asus X470-F (latest bios) I tried resetting bios to defaults, still same. Can this be a bug in the cards bios or in motherboard bios? Cause the card in bios runs crazy hot, the T_sensor i had touching the heat sink showed close to 70C and i was in bios for like 3mins. GPU was probably even higher than that
  2. Anyone else who has Orbweaver Chroma Elite has this stupid bug? Or is it just me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwFutE9fRyU Crash at 0:22 If you have two profiles setup with different lighting, it will randomly crash when you switch between them. It can take one click, or more, its totally random. Profiles still switch, but lighting freezes Fresh windows 10 1903 install, tried different USB ports, nothing helps and razer support is useless. This however does not happen if you have two profiles with different static lighting set. Using Synapse 2.21 Synapse 3 beta is still not supported, yet it literally has an image of Orbweaver in it. So anyone else who has an orbweaver has this issue with these settings, really curious
  3. Hey all, I have a question, is it possible in nvidia inspector to create a profile that doesnt boost your cards from idle to base clock on one specific program exe? I have a UPS monitor software and when ever i start it (runs in a background) my GPU's boosts up from idle speeds to base clocks and its not necessary. Can i make a new profile in nvidia inspector, select that exe file and change settings in that profile so it wont boost the cards to its base clocks and if its possible then how? I do know how to make a profile that makes the cards run at MAX speeds, but not the other way around, it desn't work when i tried, maybe i did something wrong.
  4. found a solution and it works. more info here http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/disinfection/8547#block2 however you still need to have the original file. easy way to get it, see if you have something like movie or files that you downloaded from the internet and find that file again on the web, download it and it will work. i did the same, worked like a charm. Note: if you for example use 1MB file, it will only decript files that are 1MB or less. so find a file that is big, for example a movie that is like 1.4GB or something, get the original copy and then decript. this way it will decript everything from 1.4GB and smaller. This topic can be closed now.
  5. i tried brute force, it dint found the key. i do have jpg that came with the virus that shows the key. so how can i decript files when i have the key?
  6. i dint saw this, reading it now. all suggestions are welcome. Thanks Moonzy keep them coming EDIT: in that guide ShadowExplorer doesnt work. it dint make a backup on that other drive, it made on C:/ only and i read that Crypto malware tries to delete all the backups, but sometimes dont removes them.. in this case, all the backups where gone even on C:/ drive
  7. Hello everyone! I have a challenge for you. Ever heard about a Fkin' crypto ransomeware/virus? Yea, so what it does is encript files on your PC, and demand money so you can get it back. problem is, even if you pay, it wont give your files back(never payed, but heard stories about it) So the challenge is, decript a file, cause i tried everything and nothing worked. I know there are smart people in this forum that knows more than i do, so maybe, just maybe someone can help me out. Cause at this point i ran out of ideas and want to get to the bottom of this, i want to learn how to deal with malware like this and get your files back. Restoring a backup copy of original files is not an option. there are no backups cause all the files where kept in a different drive and only C:/ disk was having backups by default in windows.
  8. i now have no idea what Ubisoft is. They are dead to me...
  9. i tried poker in watch_dogs, i lost
  10. i have all of them except poker night, and i don't know how to play poker PS. Deadspace really liked that game!
  11. Hi everyone, I have CS:GO in steam as a gift and i would like to trade in to some other game. Its been sitting in my account for months now... I would really like to trade it in for Outlast+DLC, but you can suggest any other games and they can be cheaper, i don't care actually. i payed full price for this one, but i would trade it in, in to some other cheaper game etc, if i like it CS:GO is for steam only and i would like if the game you offer is for steam
  12. you mean fans still spinning when in sleep mode?