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    Inside a Corsair 900d - Ireland
  • Interests
    Case: Corsair C70 (BLACK+RED Leds) |
    CPU: i7 3930k | CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i |
    Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Formula |
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB |
    SSD: SAMSUNG 840PRO (512GB) |
    HDD: Western Digital Black (2TB)+(2TB) |
    PSU: Corsair AX1200i |
    Sound Card: Xonar Phoebus |
    Monitors: ASUS PB278Q X2 IN NVIDIA Surround |
  1. hey just joined, name is kiytos, got a few ships, Caterpillar Hornet Cutlass Aurora Cant wait for this game
  2. I have no idea why its stuck in my head but i hate it
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies, Yeah i've told my brother a million times to get a desktop and that i would help him build it, but its his money and he has always wanted one so there was no stopping him lol, Thanks again
  4. Yes yes i know its a alienware, but in my defense its not for me, its for my brother, he's always wanted one and he just got a promotion so he wanted me to help him order it, And today he got the email saying its been sent, He Checked the the tracking Number with ups and it says its been shipped from china, so now he has this thought that he might need to pay an extra 300 400 in import taxes, Does anyone have any experience ordering from alienware and it getting shipped from china?
  5. well you cant go wrong with sennheiser, i had the xb1000 very nice sounding headphones, i don't have experience with the velodyne but for the love of all things good in this world don't get the beats pro, true story a kitten dies every time someone buys beats headphones, I'm just joking beats are okay, but you can get 10 times the quality from over brands, personally i would go for the sennheisers,
  6. I always thought of it as a okay game with great graphics, and the graphics don't look that great anymore (without mods)
  7. Lol yeah same thing happened for me, I'm just happy i get to watch it live lol
  8. http://beta.twitch.tv/linustech it takes a while to load but it will load, enjoy!!!
  9. about 15 seconds, for my desktop and like 3 seconds for my ultra book, thanks to windows 8
  10. I Would go with a 600w or a 750w if you plan to upgrade later
  11. right now Google chrome, 17 tabs Firefox 31 tabs that's about my norm
  12. Look i have tried to talk to you like a mature person, I have not bashed you or AMD, Yet you have bashed Nvidia and me, I am done talking with you, enjoy your amd card, Because in the end its just about the games, Not the Graphics cards,
  13. 1400 for desktop use and 1100 for games as i find 1400 a little too twitchy in games
  14. yeah i recommend amd if you are on a strict budget and want the most fps per $, However if you have the budget to buy the equivalent power from nvidia i would recommend that, As nvidia does tend to run a little cooler, Quieter and draws less power, And just so you know the only reason i went nvidia over amd this gen is because i actively use cuda almost everyday