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  1. I was just wondering how a single ssd/hdd with preinstalled OS and programs would work across multiple platforms -- mainly in benchmarking, just how the guys at LTT does it. I remember having encountered tons of issues when I tried to do the same back when I was troubleshooting a PC. When you install drivers for one platform, how can you be sure it's still a pretty much "clean" instance of the OS when you put it in another platform?
  2. I remember I used Malwarebytes a couple of ages back to remove something on my system. and it worked fine but yeah, it's quite clear that it's not an AV. That's why I'm quite doubtful if it would be able to see the infection recently on my system. BTW, thanks for the input guys.
  3. First of all, happy new year to you guys! I'm currently in need of any advice or suggestions on what can be the best possible antivirus software for home/personal use? I have goten away with using none for quite a while(bad practice) since I don't transfer files with many other computers. That isuntil recently I've come across a virus that turns the folders into my usb drives and my new WD My passport ultra (ouch!) into applications. The files were okay and luckily. I've managed to clean the infected drives by trying out some workaround through cmd and deleted the "recycler" folder. I've also reinstalled windows on the affected computer - no virus (for now). Now, I'm looking at different antivirus programs that I can use to make sure that the drives are thoroughly clean. I'm currently looking at Symantec's Enpoint Protection (since I've read that one user was able to clean his infected drives with a Symantec software, though he didnt mention what specific prgram he used). Although, during the installation process for the trial version, I've noticed that it involves some network/server configurations and whatnot. This got me thinking that this might be too much for home use. (The srver configuration is still on going until now). What other antivirus programs can you recommend? Or is Enpoind Protection okay? I've tried ESET Nod 32 a while back to remove some infections on usb drives as well, but unfortunately it didn't detect the recent virus my usb and computer had. Thanks!
  4. I was actually going for it if not for the reviews I found earlier. Now I am confused if the all variants of the MyPassport drive still have that bloatware/performance issues/hidden partition going on.
  5. Hi guys! I am looking to get a 1TB external drive mainly for photos coming off my Camera, both RAW and JPEG files, as well as a bunch of other videos, installers and whatnot. I'm choosing between Western Digital's My Passport Ultra and Elements. Between the two, I've read that the Elements is kind of a "bare bones" drive (no software included) which for me is good since I won't be needing them anyways and with that, the drive tends to perform better in terms of transfer speeds (accdg to online reviews). But unfortunately, I'm having a hard time looking for stocks over at my preferred dealer in my country. Meanwhile the My Passport Ultra drive includes several softwares which allegedly slow down the performance of the drive. But considering that most of the things I've read about the My Passport were like from 2010 to around 2012-ish, I'm thinking it might already be irrelevant. I'd also like to note that I was able to test a friend's 500GB My Passport Ultra (bought around July of 2014, IIRC) through CrystalDisk Mark, and the results were good. Sequential Read/Write were no less than 100 MB/s. I also tried transferring several large files and the speed were consistent (around 80-90MB/s). Which led me to this confusion. I'd like to confirm if the newer My Passport Ultra drives is no longer hampered by the included software from WD? Is the Elements still a better drive (in terms of performance, transfer speeds, etc)? Thanks and Merry Christmas! EDIT: ooppss: I was pertaining to the ELEMENTS drive not Essentials. I've had the terms mixed up in my head. My apologies.
  6. Yep. Based from the server video. I'm thinking of having one as a backup or for troubleshooting. Since I also take care of a couple of laptops/computers at home, I thought it might be handy to have a drive with OS in it that can work with multiple systems. I did some search in this forum but all I found is how you can transfer your current hard drive to another system.
  7. I've always wondered how Linus and his team make those hard drives with Windows installed work with multiple systems--mostly in their build logs and benchmarking tests. Is it just a drive with Windows installed but no drivers? After benchmarking, do they simply uninstall the drivers?
  8. This. They're the kind of entertainment perfect for us tech-geeks.
  9. I remember, around a year ago, I was simply browsing YouTube for videos on Hackintosh. Enter this guy with a weird voice a.k.a. Linus. I even got confused why he's on both the NCIX and LinusTechTips channel. Later on I realized that he used to be on NCIX. Soon enough, I ended up watching tons of their videos everyday, sort of binge-watching every episode to that date. Fast forward to this year, I'm still hooked yet I still don't have a PC.
  10. You sir, should have your own subforum. Nothing on it--just these golden stories. :D jk. But seriously, please keep them golden stories coming!!
  11. Why would you want to do that? From what I understand, that short bit of power are from the capacitors in the PSU. Capacitors store energy/electricity (don't judge me, not 100% sure which term to use). After you unplug your computer, there are still some electricity left in the capacitors. By pressing the power button, the system tries to draw power from the PSU and uses the small amounts of electricity stored in the capacitors and eventually dies after the capacitors are drained. EDIT: Disclaimer: I might have actually misinterpreted the concern. So I hope OP would clear this up
  12. Davinci resolve can be a consideration here. They have a free version which I think can be very good.
  13. Are you sure it's the temperature that's causing it? Maybe you should try and do some troubleshooting with the other components. I doubt a CPU won't work just because it's chilly.
  14. Well, that said, why not try and check out the 17-50mm range of lenses? Canon, Sigma, and Tamron has them. All of which has a maximum and fixed aperture of f/2.8 all throughout the focal range. They are around $400-$500 (except for the Canon w/c costs more). Many upgrade to these lenses as a replacement for their kit lens. Although take note that these are made for crop body cameras, so if you are planning to go full frame soon, remember that you can't use them on full frame cameras.