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  1. You make a fair point, With Z170 Boards i can find quite a few with nvme support too in case i change my mind in the future and decide to bite the bullet and spend the extra money on one
  2. Ahh okay, i got a yes and a no, only reason i wanted to go down the ive bridge-e path was because i could reuse half the current parts and save some cash. This leaves me with a few decisions
  3. Hey guys, was wondering if an ivy brige-e build would still be a viable option? Not a complete Rig but rather a 4820k paired with a decent motherboard, i have most of the other stuff already, would upgrade the psu and case as well. Overall cost being roughly $850 australian?
  4. Awesome, well i think i've decided on a build, thankyou everyone for your help <3 It's much appreciated
  5. I was looking into that, but i kinda juggled the idea of a 4k monitor for a while and i think maybe when i have more money, but for the more AAA titles, i think a 380 would be more than sufficient at 1080P?
  6. That one i like, although If i mix and match different parts from mine and yours, i could lower the prive even more, and yes. 212 evo is free. just for thermal performance though
  7. http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/dHV9Hx How's that looking for a 1080p rig?
  8. Perfect :') Lemme throw you a link with something like that?
  9. Both these builds are great - Reread the description and see if you guys can come up with anything cheaper ? <3 not planning on overclocking either.
  10. Well, due to money constraints and basing some information on linus' video, I thought it might be an appropriate choice for a moreso budget orientated rig.
  11. After seeing linus' Affordable 4K video a few months back, and having run into a bit of money and in the process of getting paid soon. I decided to throw together a rig that would have the ability to handle games like CS:GO and LoL at 4k. Not planning on buying 4K monitor, just something with enough horsepower to push most games at 1080p on high - ultra settings at accpetable frames - (highly unlikely i will buy a 4k monitor as i have just purchased a new monitor in the past two weeks)- but will honestly be gaming at 1080P. I've thrown together a parts list and would like some other peoples opinions, Parts will be purchased at my local MSY branch which is around the corner from me - quite literally, and will be within the next month. Only need the tower - no peripherals. Budget is going to be roughly $1200 as im putting some money aside for a laptop next year which im going to use for my studies and such Build link here : http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/bQFLNG I also might like to add i may be getting a Hyper 212 Evo cooler from a goof friend because it didnt fit in his case when he was in the process of building his rig, saving me roughly 70 dollars on the cooler. If you guys have any better suggestions on builds I'd appreciate it down below. This isnt a rig aimed at 4k necessarily. But 1080p gaming for the most part.
  12. Also ... @ 4770k is $399 And a 7850k with an Asus A88X-PRO for 390..
  13. That hurt .. Na all good . I didn't ask about intel and amd?