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  1. And as always, none of the 6+ stores near me carry any.
  2. Tera is really, really CPU reliant. I have the 970 too and I get the same fps as you during some occasions, but I usually float in the low 20's. Cuz my CPU is too weak (FX-6300). Max settings with 4k downsampled - same fps. lowest resolution the game supports, lowest settings - around 5 fps more than usual Then on a 2008 dell laptop that I no longer own (forgot the model, gave it to my sis) Max settings, can't run. Lowest settings at 720p - 25~ fps Yeah.... optimization.
  3. Dem white walkers... Damn. This episode is too good.
  4. Wow. Are you serious? This guy...
  5. Everything. It's time for an upgrade.
  6. I've never used a HP phone before so I wouldn't know. But it's just like a touchscreen laptop without the keyboard and track pad. I only really use it when I am reading a visual novel or something. A damn good visual novel device
  7. I don't have money to blow. Strong enough to do what I want it to. Gaming, browsing, etc.