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  1. No they have different names. Only thing they have in common is when I set up the lan to wan I have second routers gateway address as the primary router. The home A222 is the 2.4ghz and the R6S is the 5ghz
  2. It's in the living room. It's only one wall separating me and the router.
  3. Not exactly the biggest problem is my friend and his mom want to leave the old one still up. If allowed I would just use the comcast router as only the modem. I also didnt see your second part. But I dont know exactly what there speeds are supposed to be but with the 5ghz when it works it gets up to 21MBs
  4. Recently I moved in with a friend and he has a older comcast modem/router that only has a 2.4ghz wifi signal. So I went and bought a router that has both 2.4ghz and 5ghz. I connected the router and set up a separate network. I disabled 2.4ghz from the new router, after awhile of the router working on and off I looked up tutorials on what to do and set up a lan to wan router. That didnt work so I switched it function to an access point. All my problems I have with it are, it randomly disconnects, games like seige wont connect to servers and it boots me from the game. And overall a more general laggy feel from the 2.4ghz network on the primary router. I know that I could just bridge the connection from the old router and make it a modem only. But the problem is my friend and his mom want to keep the old network intact because they dont want to set everything up again. Which just makes it harder to work with. Is there any way I can make the 5ghz signal work and ha e the old router work with the 2 4ghz also?heres also a photo for reference
  5. so I just got a new desk and monitor, I finally got it all set up and plugged everything into my trickle star 7 advanced powerstrip+ and it keeps shutting off if I add my 2nd monitor but when I just have one plugged in it stays on perfectly fine, I know this an odd situation but can anyone help me? thanks.
  6. I just tried that and my fps went down and I restored everything to default and it sits at 25 fps now. before I checked any of this everything felt really smooth besides the micro stutters, but since I've messed with the stuff everything has become hard to play.
  7. amd athlon 860k over clocked to 4400 Mhz, r9 280, 8 gigs of ram, and a gigabyte f2a68hm-h. I also noticed that the cpu doesn't even use full load as it use to.
  8. So I have been playing a lot of cs go recently and after finally fixing a mouse issue that made the game unbearable, I thought I solved all my problems. But after watching a video on what is good fps in csgo I decided to go in game and see how high I can get and to see if it would help with micro stutters. when I first tested my fps when I first got my computer which was in December I was hitting 120 fps, without bots and I was hitting the same amount left 4 dead 2 only dropping a bit to around 60-80 while being swarmed if I remember correctly. so when I got into an offline bot match, I was surprised I was at about 42fps. But I thought I just forgot and I was really playing at that the whole time. But as I kept lowering the video quality all the way to the bottom and decreasing the resolution to 4:3 I saw no fps gain, if anything a decrease in fps to about 38. so I overclocked my cpu and still nothing, so I tried an outside fps benchmark and it told me the same thing. Why can't I boost my fps? What am I doing wrong? someone pls help me. thank you.
  9. OK thank you guys, we won't be fully moving in for at latest a month, but in that time I will look at everything and see what I can do with your guys advice. Thank you so much I will update if I can in the future if I find out if it works or not. Thanks again
  10. ok and if i cant do those im just out of luck and need to rewire if i want my stuff safe?
  11. i know if there is a ground wire then i can just replace the sockets but in the very likely chance that there not, what can i do to ensure the safety of my devices
  12. So im moving with my girlfriend into her late great grandma's house, its an older house and all the outlets ive checked are two prong, i have not unscrewed them and checked if they have a grounding wire, but in the 90% chance they arnt sense the house is older, i was wondering what is a safe way i can have my electronics hooked up, can i just get a cheat plug and let my expensive trickle master surge protector do all the protecting and my power supply in my pc? or is there more to worry about? if im not mistaken both have over and under surge protection ( at least my pc has undersurge protection and oversurge). is there any way to get around this if it is not safe with out rewiring the whole house? thank you.