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  1. I have managed to get a dual teamed 1 Gigabit NICs each on their own individual PCIE cards plugged into my server with SMB 3.0 with multichannel working. Testcase: 3 clients with dual NICS each. All of which sending exactly 100MB files generated by concatenating zero bytes (self made program) and a second test using an exactly 100B video file. Network has 1 router and 1 switch capable with having the server NICs in an etherchannel. Server is running an 160GB partition on a spare 2x120gb Samsung 840 EVOs in raid 0. OS is Windows Server 2012 r2 with various roles installed including SMB 3.0 and NAP. Share does not have encrypted transfer enabled for latency reasons. The share I have tested is both windows network share and ISCSI. And now I need sleep.
  2. Is it good? or does it have the same flaws as the 2014 edition?
  3. Kind of thinking of a corsair k70 full RGB with brown switches.
  4. I know. I am a Japanese Physics Graduate. Replying on phone does not help to write out extended responses, and being on a subway away from my PC doesn't help.
  5. "Right now, conventional light waveguides, such as optical fibres, can steer light across great distances and gradual turns, but if a curve is too steep, the light beams escape and energy is lost. " You mean total internal reflection. PLEASE use proper physics terminology.
  6. And people said Hatsune Miku 「 」's name was hard to @Member with.. and happens to live not in Japan.. <-- sadness. For the sake of non- Japanese speakers: KAMISAMA GOMENASAI
  7. You do know datacenters don't actually do the same thing or process the same data load as a supercomputer right?
  8. ok. Back for once. 5582 posts. Reading... reading... reading... What? Questioning use of demented... Just saying demented is defined as someone with a mental disorder or illness who is crazy or insane, how was she either? And kind of questioning it but dwelve is a word? Learning English but dwelve I have never found in a dictionary. Back to revising for physics test. Went to a Mahouka convention...Was great.
  9. I already like it. It is an English forum so that should be respected. Not one troll insight. Not one question that can simply be answered with google.