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  1. What kind of board should I be looking for because I need a new one real soon and sorry I just figured out how to quote
  2. I tried to add a cooling fan directly on the vrms and it dident help at all even at stock settings
  3. and hackerman iv tried everything from reinstalling driveres iv ddued before when I got my 1080ti
  4. What board should I look for savageneo i have been dealing with this for to freaking long
  5. So i have an asus prime b450-A motherboard iv tried different varrnts of clock complete defaults and difrent bios updates and i continue to get random black screens i have a 1600af a msi 1080 ti aero oc with 16 gb ram at 3000 on the doc and its just been constantly black screaning doesent happen with benchmarks unless its 3d mark or a real game the gpu has not been over heating eaither and the cpu stays around 70 just like the gpu please help I should probably say 70 is under full load
  6. I gues I'll be looking for an acx cooler then thank you mike naughty!!
  7. I gues I was realy thinking maybe I might just be able to get some type of other cooler like a 2080ti reference one or like anouther aib board and slap it on and sorry Idk how to quote your reply semper
  8. Okay so I just got a refrence model 1080ti and I wanna get a new cooler and I gues I'm just not looking it up right but I wanna get some better thermals what types of coolers can i get other then the two beefy ones like the Accelero like is there any cooler I can just snag off ebay and get better temps
  9. So I'll be getting a sapphire nitro r9 390 soon in the mail what can I do to get the most performances out of it like bios mods overclocking what can I do
  10. Ok so I I keep asking alot of questions on here but I have an LG 29in ultrawide I'm looking for cheep side monitors that would work in surround with out stretching the middle screen what kind of aspect ratio would they need to be and can I just use 2 of the same1080p panels System is a 4590 i5 and a gtx 1070ti
  11. how much smaller then a nzxt s340 cus thats what i have now
  12. would you say corsairs 88r is around the same size as the inwin 301
  13. I'm looking at cases and I need it to fit matx idc about sfx psus but it has to support a 1070 ti mini from zotac and a micro atx board iv been looking for the smallest I can so far iv come down to the q300l from cooler master and the inwin 301
  14. I appreciate the suggestion but I definitely want something better then the i5 it's good for gaming but I'm getting into more demanding tasks
  15. Ok so I have a msi H81M-E33 and I'm looking for the best possible processor for it please help iv got a 1070 ti paired with an i5 4590 right now and just want something better and I can tinker and over clock with I just got this for a 100 flat to replace my 8320 and yah