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  1. Rig Name: Emangir cpu: 4690k@4.45 gpu:980 ti @1350 4x4gb
  2. Hey, just to confirm, you have that case and it fit a hyper 212 evo?
  3. i cap my fps at 144hz. and i use g-sync. (xb270hu screen)
  4. Anyone know what this is about?`I have an MSI gtx 980ti 6G. I can play battlefront, bf4, far cry, witcher etc. i use 100% of gpu on my 1440p screen, and yes the fans kick up abit, but it's generally silent. BUT When i play on a vanilla wow-server, league of legends, cs:go and the likes. which only uses 40-60% of my gpu. the coil whine is unbearable. looking around(on the ground, the sky, on some forests) makes the coil whine pitch change into different horrible whines. Anyone know wtf. is going on? I think my GPU os feeling itself too high-born to deal with these games.
  5. The common denominator here is the motherboard. So that's my first thought about this.
  6. I've had the philips 242G5JEB for a while. i'm switching to the xb270hu now, but that's just for the ips, g-sync 1440p. Not because the philips was bad in any way.
  7. nah only 1080p and 4k version. higher resolutions make you dizzy ?
  8. the 1080p version also has an IPS g-sync panel @75hz. But i've played on 4k screens before. and it just looks soooo good.
  9. i've decided to put off getting a new laptop until the gtx 980 (non-m) is released. The one i'm getting has 8gb of vram on the 980. It also has a desktop i7 6700k in it. 980 hasn't been the best card for 4k, at least not compared to the 980ti. But the laptop comes in a 1080p and a 4k variant. Without the limitations of 4gb vram. how do you guys and gals think the card will perform in 4k? Is the 4gb usually the bottleneck when i look at 4k benchmarks?
  10. a screwdriver. as mentioned. and an antistatic wristband if you want to get fancy (you could just ground yourself constantly instead)
  11. I can't say i can think of any. But would there be any problerms with using my old 60gb ssd in this build? the ssd would be limited by the older SATA ofcourse. But still significantly faster then a hard drive. or so i imagine. anyone know?
  12. They are the same model. and they both have the 980m in it. The 256gb pcie ssd is a big plus. But will the difference between a 6600k and a 6700k be noticeable in any way? and is it worth the extra 240$? I'm torn on this. they have MXM gpu's. so i will prolly have it for a while. They are clevo p771dm laptops
  13. i'm thinking about doing exactly the same . only thing i have locked down is the athlon xp 3200+ cpu tough. it's the best 32bit cpu i can find that's still somewhat available
  14. yup '' You need permissionThis form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.Learn More. ''
  15. I heard something about this card not going to be available in an MXM version. Is this because of cooling, Is it true?
  16. With DX12 on the horizon. and it's promise to be much better at utilizing multiple threads/cores. and generally be better at using cpu horsepower. Will i7's (or the best zen chips whenever they're coming out) start to pull far ahead of i3 and i5's when it comes to gaming perfomance? I'm in the middle of making decision atm. i7's have allways given a sliiight fps increase. But will the gap betweeni3, i5 and i7 gaming performance increase with dx12 games?
  17. Yeah but it's x86-64 based cpu. and i want to avoid that. as they can't run 16bit stuff natively. only 32 and 64. All the games i will play on this will be pre-2000. the most powerhungry game i will play on it will propably be something like age of empires 2, or heroes of might and magic 3. I might even go all out and get one of those ball-style ps2 mice for the genuine feel
  18. I might. it would be awesome if i could find the parts, to bring this comp to Dreamhack. And bring a beefy, crappy CRT screen. i wouldn't mind just playing old games for a few days. i'm mostly there for the esports and stuff anyways. Never overclocked anything when i was younger. But shouldn't be hard. Can't be that much different from hov oc'ing is done nowadays right? Try something out, stresstest until it crashes and dial it back abit. This is my tv-bench. it would be really cool to have a desk for oldschool pc games aswell. Also virtual machines doesn't fix all the problems. +it kinda robs you from building a ''new'' computer. which is allways fun. This build will prolly be below 200$ if i decide to do it. I prolly will do it when i think about it. i got the idea, and i've been excited about it since it came to mind.
  19. This was supposed to be released when skylake came out wasn't it? And now i can't find any information on when they are supposed to ship at all. Anyone know when this will come out?
  20. i'm tired of trying for ages to get oldschool games to work on newer operating systems and hardware. I'm seriously considering going on eBay and buying an athlon xp 3200+- the best gpu i can find from that era. a FULL gb of ram or something. putting windows 98 or xp or something on it. I want to be able to just put in my gazillionaire deluxe cd and play some of that sweet 16bit goodness. and then just switch to imperium galactica and play that. or dungeon keeper. or red alert. and the list goes on and on. Without having to mess around to get them to work. There's allways easy fixes, but the easy fixes never work. so you do the hard fix. and it's just so tiresome. I'm not sure what i'm going to do for a display though. there were those 4:5 flatscreens. if i could find that in 1600:1200 resolution for cheap i might get it. So what do you guys and gals think? anyone interested in a build log if i go through with this? And does anyone have any suggestions?
  21. or 400$ gaming pc+spaceheater Build a computer, that you can game on AND heat up your chilly dorm room in the winter at the same time. you save space and money on not having to buy a heater.
  22. 500$ usd Gaming LAN pc., including all peripherals. display, even mousepad etc. BUT, the computers+peripherals also need to be portable. and box/bag. or self-built carrying-case with handle must fit in the budget.
  23. getting a laptop with a desktoplga 1150 socket in it. Cooling isn't perfect. and 4790k on full speed and 4.2 Ghz runs at 90-92c on some benchmarks i've seen. Abit much for me But, there are 4790s. Is that just the same as a 4790k just locked at a lower speed? (i.e. will underclocking a 4790k give me the same results, or better). Or is it something actually different about the cpus that makes the 4790s more efficient per watt of heat. It's MXM gpu. so i plan on using this laptop for a while, and don't want to damage the motherboard. or burn my knees off if i take it with me on a train or something . So looking for suggestions for best z97 cpu, that can do gaming with a 980m (and a few more gen of nvidia gpu's) without bottlenecking them. But still not run at 90+c
  24. Looking at 2 laptops. They both use desktop cpu's. one has the z97, and is a bit cheaper. while the other one is an lga 1151. since they are laptops, i won't overclock much. and gaming differences between 4790k and 6700k isn't really big. But, i'm thinking. if i get the one with the 6700k. i might be able to upgrade later. Will later (and better) intel cpu's fit the new socket? The laptops also use MXM gpu's. and would be cool to have a laptop i easily could upgrade in 2-3 years.